Nevada Secretary Of State Says No Evidence Of Vote Fraud

RENO – Secretary of State Ross Miller said today there have been no complaints filed with his office about suspicious voter activity despite email rumors and media accounts that at least some electronic voting machines are pre-programmed to support U.S. Senate candidate Harry Reid, D-NV.

Miller, holding the first of two media briefings on the allegations, urged anyone seeing a violation of election or voting law to file a formal complaint with his office so it can be investigated.

“I know that tensions are running high this election and that emotions are running very strong, but I want to set the record straight,” he said. “This is the entire reason that we have formed the Election Integrity Task Force in 2008. I’m not going to stand for any fraud or intimidation at the polling place, but nor will I stand idly by and listen to rumors and innuendos undermine the integrity of our electoral process.”

Miller said several allegations have been raised as early voting is set to conclude ahead of Election Day on Nov. 2, none of which have been substantiated.

The most shocking allegation came Tuesday from Boulder City resident Joyce Ferrara, who complained to Fox news in Las Vegas that when she went to vote for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, Reid’s name was already checked on the electronic voting machine.

Miller said he first heard of the allegation via a Google alert from Fox news, and subsequently on the Drudge Report. Miller said the voter did not contact his office but went directly to Fox5 News.

Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process. The election is carried out by the 17 county election officials, he said.

While it possible for a voter to inadvertently select a candidate, it is not possible for the machine to automatically select a candidate, Miller said. The electronic voting machine has a verification screen at the end of the process so the voter can see who was selected. Only then is the vote cast, he said.

It is irresponsible and unfortunate that such claims are being made because it undermines the public’s confidence in the electoral process, Miller said.

Other claims in the run-up to Nevada’s election include that voters are being compensated to cast their ballots. The task force has not received any complaint of that occurring and neither has the FBI, Miller said.

The basis of these claims is rumor and innuendo, he said.

“We want the public to come forward,” Miller said. “If someone is compensating somebody by giving a Starbucks card in order to vote for Harry Reid, we want to know about it because that is a violation of state law and a violation of federal law.”

Voters can be given something of value to generally encourage them to vote under Nevada law, he said.

Miller said his office is investigating one formal 44-page complaint filed Tuesday by the Nevada Republican Party regarding differences in the number of votes cast on the machines and the paper voting logs. A secretary of state attorney outside the elections division is doing the investigation.

These differences occur every election cycle and are usually due to common elections procedures, he said. The numbers are always reconciled and all votes that are actually cast are counted, Miller said.

“That said, we’re taking these issues very seriously,” he said.

A final report of the investigation into the issue will be made available to the public.

Washoe County Registrar of Voters Dan Burk said voters have a role in the process as well. If they have a question or concern in the middle of the voting process they need to tell the poll workers right away.

“If they don’t let us know and they go ahead and cast their ballot, there is no way we can assist them,” he said.

Miller said election complaints can be filed on the secretary of state’s website main page in the lower left-hand corner by clicking on the Election Integrity Task Force Badge.

Audio clips:

Secretary of State Ross Miller says despite rumors and news reports, there is no evidence of vote fraud in the Nevada election:

101710Miller1 :28 our electoral process.”

Miller urges the public to come forward if they have evidence of attempts to buy votes:

102710Miller2 :12 of federal law.”

  • Anonymous

    It is amazing what some people will do if they even think there is a chance they may not win…the Angle camp is setting the stage for a re-count if they don’t pull this out…what a joke!!!!

  • Tony’s Take

    The SOS claim mine is the first “first hand report” they have received. There is some kind of a bug in the on-line reporting process and you can’t get anything done just calling them because they tell you to submit complaints on-line… a catch-22.

    So here is a process that works. Go to the site…

    Scroll down a little and you will see a link to this page to report voting problems:

    which will direct you to this page where the form is:

    Now, I couldn’t get anything that told me that the form was submitted when I clicked “SUBMIT,” so I called and was told to print it out and fax it in to 775-684-5718. They now have my report.

    (The Nevada SOS Elections phone number is 775-684-5705 if anyone wants to call)

  • Tony’s Take

    The joke is the Nevada SOS Election Integrity Violation reporting system. We won’t be demanding a recount. We will be demanding a new election with machines that work properly.

  • FREE Cracker

    Time to teach the dems what the second amendment is really for.

  • Alan

    And the SEIU Technicians carefully maintain the voting machines – you left that out of the article. How long has Harry been greasing the Sec. of State? I bet they go back a loooonng way.

  • Conservative Hitman

    I wonder if Ross Miller is a member of the Democrat Socialist party.

  • Lee

    The machines work fine. Common sense has to come into play. Hard to believe someone that would not tell a poll worker there is a problem yet their first phone call is to FOX NEWS. Why did they not file a complaint with the SOS Office? Why did they not tell a poll worker?

    Just like the letter from Ms. Angles attorney. Lots to say but lacked on facts and proof. If you have proof, use it.

  • Staggerlee44

    Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois. Just for starters. Better to start filing now than wait until after the election. I live in Chicago and I know how this crap works. The libs are trying to steal this election and deny us government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. These people will do anything to get through their agenda. Including violate the Constitution. Tuesday is my birthday and I,m not having a birthday party. I’m having the biggest frickin TEA PARTY in history.

  • Anonymous

    An obvious question for a reader of this article would be, Which party does Ross Miller belong to? Turns out, Ross Miller is a democrat. My question to the author, Why not include this information?

  • John M

    Nothing to see here, move along. What a crock.

  • Joan

    What I want to know is if this Secretary of State was bought and sold by Soros. We all know what happened in Minnesota with the AL Franken election.. which was stolen and the Secretary of State was funded by Soros.

    We also know what happened in 2008 in Ohio by the Secretary of State who was funded by Soros. Remember the 2 weeks of early voting and registration from a park bench? That was her decision and there were thousands of illegal votes cast by workers for Obama. These workers came in from out of state specifically to help with his campaign there. They voted and left after they did.

    Do does anyone know if the Secretary of State of Nevada is Soros funded?

  • Joanne

    Having the SEIU repair the voting machines is like, having Dracula to guard the local blood bank.

  • MrReasonable

    I noticed the article did not mention the party the SOS belongs to. Could be kinda important, don’t you think?

  • Slats-Angle-Supporter

    I too thought the article from Angle’s attorney was frustrating. I’m an ardent conservative, but if there’s proof, then use it!

  • Retards For Obama

    The truth will win the day – no matter what the Left tries to do – have faith all you who hold the Constitution near and dear…. and if they still cheat and steal elections, we always have our guns.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Ross Miller is an American politician of the Democratic Party and the current Secretary of State of Nevada. Elected at the age of 30, he was the youngest Secretary of State in the history of Nevada and currently the youngest Secretary of State in the country.[1]

  • Francis

    Mark my words, by the end of this election, illegal aliens will have figured out how easy it is, to check off Senator Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and even Jerry Brown on absentee ballots? This is not just saying Voter fraud is prevalent in the Border States, but every state is equally at risk. Consider the situation that Border States are heavily impregnated with foreign nationals, more so in California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. That Senator Harry Reid has promised them some form of mass path to citizenship, if they vote for him in this midterm. Now when illegal aliens have already committed one offense by entering America, so committing a second crime by voting is certainly insignificant to people after the first crime. The fact that potentially filling out a registration forms to vote at home, opens a gaping loophole in the voting process.

    It is a certainty that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant homes have in that family circle at least one unprocessed person, therefore illegal entrant. That anybody can get from the Post Office, Drivers License Department a voter registration or by canvassers of which Acorn had the monopoly of this vulnerable system. Senator Reid has already proved this, by–BUYING–votes for himself, with free food and drinks. Other questions should be asked about Union who have a past history of voter fraud, should not be allowed any intimate contact with electronic voting machines. or within certain any legal distance near polling sites. Then again, in Orange County Democrats gave illegal aliens the right to prospect for votes in neighborhoods. With majority leader Harry Reid promising-AMNESTY, that any new administration and then–whatever political party is seated–better take note of the public’s fury that the majority of Americans will not sign on to any form of Amnesty whatsoever. IF ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY HAD ANY TRUE COMMITMENT TO HALTING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, THEY WOULD MAKE ILLEGAL ENTRY A CLASS ONE FELONY?

  • Katepatate

    If a state has a Democrat secretary of state watch out for voter fraud. Especially in close elections. Many of them have been bought and paid for and will do anything to get a democrat elected, even a despised one like Harry Reid. Nevadans, you are having your freedom to vote taken away. What are you going to do about it? The country is watching you closely.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Is the Nevada Secretary of State a demo?

  • Herman

    somebody said that this guy is Reid’s son or son in law?? anybody check that,
    the fraud is going to be widespread, and there will be recounts, the dems are really commie scum

  • Tiffani

    Yes Jack. Ross Miller is a democrat. More importantly, he was targeted as part of the Secretary of State project funded by George Soros.

  • LEL MN

    By any chance, would Secretary of State Rose Miller just happen to be a Democrat?

  • Tele65

    Saul Alinsky, “by any means necessary”

  • justavoter

    If the Nevada Secretary of State is a democrat then there is voter fraud. I have not met a democrat yet that does not lie.

  • J

    Sean, is there some reason you neglected to mention which political party Mr. Miller belongs to? Well, other than the useful rule of thumb that when a politician’s party ID is conspicuously absent from an article, they’re a Democrat?

    “Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process. The election is carried out by the 17 county election officials, he said”

    1. Why would this preclude what Ferrara claimed happened? For that matter, what does it have to do with what she claimed?

    2. Based on his bio, Miller has degrees in English and Law, which is to say he’s about as qualified to comment on voting machine software and technology as a randomly selected housepet.

    Ferrara may will be a crackpot, but Miller’s non-sequitur in defense of his voting system doesn’t boost my confidence in the integrity of the process.

  • Scott L.


    All this fraud (and make no mistake we knew this would happen in places) and the related games the Demoncraps play are going to have consequences as all behavior does, esp. bad behavior.

  • MrSoftware

    Mr. Ross has just announced to the world that he is a moron of the worst order.

    I write software for a living. If you let me write the code, I can make any machine do anything I want it to. And I can make it do what I want regardless of what some user inputs.

    Saying a pre-vote is not technically possible is beyond stupid.

  • cbinflux

    Highly trained technicians from SEIU have gone over these machines. Above reproach!

    And the paper ballot deliveries from ACORN..? Every one of those hispanic names are Legal; trust them.

  • Chukalukabus

    For those uninitiated on how the left works, here is a clue…

    The DNC of recent years has funneled millions into Secretary of State elections. Why? Because they enforce the legitimacy of elections. Why is this important? I present to you Al Franken.

    It is all about stealing elections folks. Plain and simple.

    Lenin: “it is not who cast the votes, it is who counts the votes.”

  • Oscar

    Well, the SOS is a Democrat, so of course he will act to cover up the fraud by SEIU and the Reid campaign. The Democrat mottos is the same as the Marxist-Leninists: The ends justifies the means. With all the Democrat fraud, elections and therefore our govenrment is rapidly losing it’s legitimacy. When a majority of voters is disenfranchised through fraud it spells danger for our democracy. Will responsible, honorable Democrats around the country stand up and oppose the massive fraud in Nevada and elsewhere?

  • David A

    I have watched voter fraud for the past 8 years. I would do a careful check on the number of people that sign in to vote and the Number of votes counted. Washington state had over a 1000 ballots more than voters. There is many ways fraud can take place.
    Another thing to watch for is does the polling place a report of more votes than the total number of people registered to vote at that polling place.
    Remember the arguement is it is only human error. No one is trying to steal the election while fingers are crossed behind their back.

  • MrLogical

    Ross Miller forgot to mention that he has some land in Florida for sale, as well as a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    Fraud? In Nevada? Nahhhhhhh.


  • cbinflux

    “Ross Miller is an American politician of the Democratic Party and the current Secretary of State of Nevada. Elected at the age of 30, he was the youngest Secretary of State in the history of Nevada and currently the youngest Secretary of State in the country.”

    Harry Reid was their youngest Gaming Commissioner. Both party players are doing quite well.

  • spanman

    The joke is on Nevada. Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process.”

    Does anybody recognize the way Miller dismissed the claim? People went into the booth “with reid’s name ALREADY selected. The next person coming to the machine saw this and reported it. After a person votes and the machine tabulates, the next person voting should see all boxes cleared with no checks in place. One machine selected the democrat 4 times before allowing the republican to be selected. If this does not constitute fraud then nothing does. NObama and all Marxists will do everything in their power to cheat, steal, and lie to maintain power. Libtards are the most dishonest dirty people alive.

  • stevegee

    We The People have two choices on November 2nd:

    Vote for the American principles of freedom and liberty, vote for a free market economy, vote for individual responsibility and opportunity — vote Republican.


    Vote for the overreaching, overspending, overtaxing, overtly divisive agenda of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

  • ZigZag

    RE: MrSoftware. I agree with your comment. I also write software and it is not difficult to circumvent user inputs. It is obvious that Mr. Ross doesn’t know anything about the voting machines or he wouldn’t have made such a stupid statement.

    He worries about public confidence in the voting process but does nothing other then deny it happened without an investigation. Anyone buying that BS?

  • Larry

    Well. Ross Miller is a Democrat…….

  • Subsailor

    How did we get to an “early voting” situation?…”Mail in votes” ?
    How about we demand that the electoral process be REFORMED to what it always was… You get up off your **s , go to the polls in person, present AN IN PERSON proof that you are a US Citizen and then you get to vote. The ONLY exception should be ballots sent to our US Military.

  • http://hotmail daved

    I never heard such GLADHANDING as I read in this article. It is textbook BS. Who was the reported that wrote this bull. No wonder the voter went directly to FOX news, he knew that the board of elections would bury him in goobely gook!

  • Nomad

    It is pathetic when I have more confidence in the Iraqi voting process then I do our own.

    America is slowly becoming a shell of what it once stood for.

  • RichinVegas

    Ross Miller is a Democrat. Remember this first and foremost. Lets not forget the violations of campaign laws he allegedly broke when calling from his office for his re-election, only to claim the calls were for the 2010 census. He is just trying to sweep this under the rug, as Reid is his man.

  • TheLNB

    A half dozen people having a problem with the ballot is not much of a voter fraud scandal. The Black Panther intimidation case and the Al Franken multiple recount case that finally swung in his favor would be real examples of this. The panther case is a clear example of what is definitely illegal. The Franken case made me question how legitimate our elections really are. It seemed like they were saying “Keep counting until our guy wins.” It’s obvious that the voting system itself is partisan and that leaves many voters feeling unsure about it. It’s like Rock the Vote or ACORN, listed as bipartisan but if you go to one of their booths at a concert they will try to talk you into registering as a democrat.

  • Anonymous

    QUOTE: “Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process. The election is carried out by the 17 county election officials, he said.”

    I hate it when the technically ignorant/illiterate make sweeping statements such as Mr. Miller’s above.

    By all means it is possible to pre-program – THAT is why there should be measures to ensure it does not happen.

    To merely state it’s impossible due to a stratified deployment is downright frightening in that is exposes the real issue with computerized voting — the people in charge have no clue what they are doing.

  • Subsailor

    If ross miller is up for election next week, flush him down the toilet along with reid..The entire country of Americans are watching and cheering for our fellow Americans in Nevada ! Go Nevada! Go America !!

  • Caleb

    SEIU technicians service this equipment? Really? No matter who you favor in the election, if this doesn’t sit uneasy with you then you need to study totalitarian governments. If our votes are not legitimate, we have lost our voice and our representation. Mr. Miller is neglecting his duty and abusing his power if he does not investigate these allogations seriously.

  • OnlyInUSA

    Only a half of dozen people may have discovered the problem, many others may not have not caught the problem or may not want to get involved with reporting it.

    I don’t think the intent was to preselect a candidate, I think it was to change the final vote and something went wrong in the software code.

  • Kacie

    How stupid do they think we are?

  • Peggy

    After the elections, if Republicans win the House, Senate, and majorities in statehouses and st. legislatures – despite the massive fraud by Democrats everywhere – then there should be (1) vigorous prosecutions with prison time for Democrats at all levels engaged in fraud, and (2) change election laws in all states to greatly reduce the possibility of fraud: no early voting, only voting in person on election day with photo id, unless submitting an absentee ballot which has passed vigorous scrutiny.

  • Kacie

    Get every sane person you know to vote Reid and co out of office, this crap has got to stop now. Pulling for you Nevada.

  • Peggy

    In Nevada, can voters request paper ballots instead of using the machines, as they can in many states? If so, then begin to alert everyone to ask for the paper ballots.

  • BringReaganBack

    Study the issues and the candidates, pray for wisdom, and then vote like your family’s freedom depended on it.

  • Tina Ferrer

    Mr. Miller, you say “If someone is compensating somebody by giving a Starbucks card in order to vote for Harry Reid, we want to know about it because that is a violation of state law and a violation of federal law.”

    Well Sir, what about Mr. Reid handing out food and gift cards for citizen votes right in front of your nose as indicated in most newspapers? Guess that doesn’t count? WTH is going on?

  • James

    The Democrats are cheating and it is so obvious!

  • Anonymous

    I think we should just vote Ross out now, he’s showing us his true colors. Also we have AG Masto, where is she hiding? Acorn is still in Las Vegas under a new name just in time for the election??

  • formerdem

    For the first time in my life I am going to do aomething I said I never would . . . vote a straight ticket . . . Republican. I am so fed up with the direction of the Democrat party. I put my country and my children’s future before any party, unfortunately a lot of people don’t. It is a shame what they are doing to their children’s future.

  • SourKoolaid

    I have voted a straight ticket many times, and that is because our politicians vote the same way once they get to capitol hill. Most elected officials vote along party line so I will too, at least until they prove to me otherwise.

  • gorp

    my 7.62X39 voting machine will work

  • mr. mac

    Keep the pressure on the sos. Demand action not statements.

  • johninlongmont

    it COULDN’T have ANYTHING to do with ross miller being a DEMOCRAT now, could it?…I mean, I’m SURE miller would be just a adamant about NOT CHECKING OUT THE MACHINES if he were a Republican, right?…nevada, illinois, new york,…the democrat machine keeps cranking these boys out, doesn’t it?

  • spanman

    Cheating is a synonym for dumocrats.

  • nostromo

    So it goes. 10,000 voting machines destroyed in a mysterious fire in Texas some weeks ago, military absentee ballots mailed too late to be returned on time, the usual dead voters turning up again. The Dems are playing with fire this time.

  • spanman

    gorp, mine too and the few always make the ultimate sacrifice for the many by putting our own lives on the line for this precious country. Thomas Jefferson’s blueprint is long overdue.

  • SourKoolaid

    “10,000 voting machines destroyed in a mysterious fire in Texas some weeks ago”

    Only to be replaced with the new and improved version?


    The election of ’08 and now this one are looking more and more like those we see in third-world countries where the results are prepared for publication prior to any elections being held. This all started with this black candidate for president and Acorn along with other socialist organizations. It is only going to get worse each election until we have eradicated all of the unions, organizations and cheaters. How does it feel to live in Somalia?

  • Anonymous

    what can be more outrageous than voter fraud and the democrats do it all the time.

  • Thunderstorm Patriot

    What is really joke is Ross Miller saying it is impossible for the machines to be pre-programmed to select a candidate. The machines are computers with touch screens that are programmed to display a presentation of a ballot. There is NOTHING impossible about programming them to preselect a candidate. Maybe the process and auditing make it difficult, but it is NOT impossible.

    Maybe Ross miller needs to spend a little less time playing CYA and a little more time working the problem. He has had reports of this happening in multiple situations. It is not one isolated voter that went to a news source as he claims.

  • john

    Somebody in Nevada claim to be a democ rat and say the voting booth selected the republican automaically. I’ll bet you get someone attention then! ANYONE. ANYONE convicted of vote fraud should do HARD TIME in the PEN! Five Years minimum.

  • cisco

    He must be one of George Soros’s plants from the SOS project. Don’t ever trust a Democrat!

  • doug

    It’s amazing some of the ignorant comments on here. My favorite is the idiot who says there is not proof and that the person who complained of this went straight to fox news and said nothing to the people in the polling station. Really were you people there. Are you sure this person didn’t say anything or relying on the word of people that potentially could be involved in voter fraud.

    To say that the machines can’t be rigged is asinine. This whole voter thing needs to be overhauled and in a major way. We need to get away with this early voting nonsense. There also needs to be a requirement for identification to shown when voting. If we did this Al Franken wouldn’t be in the senate right now.

    In addition. It wasn’t one person who complained of Harry Reid’s name populating itself on the ballot it was multiple unrelated people.

  • James – Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas Panhandle

    If a Texas secretary of state attempted to white wash an electronic election process, he or she would be tarred and feathered.
    If this 30-year old whiz kid in Nevada is a Democrat, you can bet he has been paid for by the Democrats and the Marxist plutocrat George Soros and send a bucket of chicken from Harry Reid’s SEIU thugs.
    Flood the polls with Tea Party and Repubicans voters and sick the criminal element in Nevada, the Democrats.

  • Jim50

    “Miller said it is “technically impossible” for someone to pre-program software in Nevada’s voting machines because it is not a centralized process.”

    OMG! It’s SOFTWARE. Of course it is possible to pre-program it! As for how, maybe we could ask the SEIU technicians. What kind of incredible fool is this moron?

  • Anonymous

    Five Years in the PEN isn’t harsh enough. I say anyone who is convicted of voter fraud has committed treason. Execute them and let that be a deterrent for future violations.

  • Phil

    Listen up America! All close elections in states with democrat Secrtaries of State, will be won by DEMOCRATS!Get used to it.

  • tucker jb

    Ross Miller may someday want to run for a higher office. We will remember his name connected to UNAMERICAN.

  • Anonymous

    The only way these bastards can win elections is to cheat at the ballot box. God, Democrats, you got to love them. Obama sees those that disagree with him as “enemies,” That alone should send chills up your spine. He is one racist individual.

    ( source: his interview on Univision the other night) Check it out if you don’t believe me.

  • Shawn

    “…I’m not going to stand for any fraud or intimidation at the polling place…” From the mouth of DEMOCRAT Ross Miller. Too funny. The lies of Barry Obama and his party are too blatant and numerous to even try to count now. ANYONE that tries to deny that is either living in a fantasy world; blindingly, mentally ill partisan for the Democrat Party; or a bald faced liar.

  • M A R

    Their is no evidence to supstanicatge the voting machine glitch in Boulder City Nevada! The complaintsdid not make a formal complaint ot the

  • Jeff1234

    You guys are so funny – typical liberals, you have everything upside down as part of your propaganda.

    Who has been the party of “recount” over the last few years? Does the name Al Franken mean anything to you? Al Gore? Christine Gregoire?

    Please don’t say that Angle is setting the stage for a recount. The recount thing is a Democrat tactic from start to finish.

    And if you support paying people off with food to get them to vote, you obviously do not care if the election has fraud or not. I am still waiting for the AG guy to say he actually checked the machines that the lady complained were pre-selected for Reid. What he actually said was that she did not file with his office. THAT is not very reassuring.

    Ross Miller better get his sh-t together, or he is going to be in some big-ass trouble. We are sick and tired of being manipulated by these fat rich pricks who run and own everything, from both parties. Time to toss some tea into the bay folks, adn I’ll see you at the top of Bunker Hill.

  • JAG

    At least we know who to send the complaints to now. Before they were just calling the SEIU technicians. Glad he cleared that up.

  • John Skookum

    WAKE UP! Democrats are the enemy! They have always stolen votes from the rest of us and always will. That’s what the Soros Secretary of State Project is all about.

    Anyone who has seen the paranoid machinations inside a Democrat Party primary in any big city knows this is true. They don’t even trust each other not to steal votes in their own party primary, and they do it again and again and again to Republicans. When was the last time a Republican candidate for national office gained votes in a recount?

    It’s treason, and should be dealt with as our noble ancestors would have dealt with traitors. Sharron Angle is right about Second Amendment solutions. Be ready at any time to seize your country back from these un-American vermin by any means necessary.

  • Catfish

    This election has already been stolen… The planets have aligned…. Reid, his son who is directly involved, the Clark County Democratic machine, SEIU, etc.

    We’ll get ‘em in 2016

  • John Skookum

    Here’s how you fix this:

    Birth certificate and photo ID to register to vote.

    No absentee ballots without a doctor’s note or proof of distant travel.

    No early voting.

    Dip every voter’s right index finger in purple ink on Election Day.

    Paper ballots marked by hand.

    Anyone who opposes these common sense security measures is a communist traitor who wants to steal your vote and give it to a poor, ignorant, dependent illegal who will always vote for more Democrat handouts.

    These people are your ENEMIES! Time to quit thinking of them as friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans. They are not! They are your enemies and want to enslave you and your grandchildren.

  • M A R

    Their is no evidence to substantiate the voting machine glitch in Boulder City Nevada! The complaints did not make a formal complaint with the County Elections Department or Secetary of State, they called a radio talk program, why? This stinks as well as the report that the machine repair technicans belong to the SEIU, so what. They are Clark County government workers and SEIU represents them. What if they were in Teamsters Union or Republicans or Democrat party members, does make them dishonest, NO. Lets have less hysteria and better reporting, just the facts please..

  • Whatever

    Miller is yet another Democrat hack, what did you think his “investigation” would show?

  • Jeff1234

    Getting them in 2016 is not good enough, and you are a sophomoric moron for saying so.

    The theory of the preselection being a glitch may well be what is going on. The software may have been designed to show you your final voting choices at the end, upon which you select, however the other choice of Reid is the one that ACTUALLY gets entered into the database.

    I work in high tech too, and this Miller guy is a liar and a fool to make a statement that fraud could not happen. Truth told, these dems are tacitly supporting illegal votes and fraud, because it works in their favor.

    Friends, you may believe and hope that the new people taking over congress will respond to this fraud – don’t hold your breath. Once they get to DC, something strange happens, I have seen it over and over. A sitting President NEVER rescinds a previous president’s executive order, no matter HOW idiotic or unconstitutional it is. Congress NEVER reverses anything the previous contress did.

    i.e., we have been trying to get these damned RINO’s like McCain to commit to repealing the Obamacare abortion, and hardly any of them will do that. Reason is, the republicans AND the dems in DC both have the same bosses behind the scenes.

    Our only shot is …hmm, that gives me an idea. Our only shot is taking the shot. Way overdue.

  • Juan

    Dem Secy of State says: “Nothing to see here, now move along!”

  • fedup

    these people can not be reformed, don’t let them take away your guns as their are trying so hard to do. There is a very good reason they want gun control, because one day they know the public is going to wake up and figure out they have been stealing elections for years.

  • Whatever

    What we have here is a case of a fox watching the hen house. Now we know that Ross Miller is just another member of the machine.

  • JHames

    If they continue to rig the election and rob us of our rights then maybe violence IS still on the table.

  • LakeBob

    It’s not fraud if it helps the Democrats.

  • e. cowan

    What do they think Miller is going to say? That his fellow dems are committing vote fraud?
    If there is a problem, you can bet he won’t verify it until after the election is over.

  • NCMike

    Only the uniformed, the unconcerned, and the immature, delude themselves with the notion that “they all cheat.” Experience, evidence, and consciousness show that Democrats cheat, lie, and steal elections. Not a word passes over the lips of these liars that isn’t false. Their moral relativist philosophy convinces them that the end justifies the means, and that their opponents are, as Obama says, “enemies.” Like the totalitarians that preceded them, Democrats have convinced themselves that their “enemies” are somehow less than human, and undeserving of respect, fair play and equal treatment.There is no honor among these thieves. The sooner they are booted out of office, the sooner this country will emerge from this nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    So just because there have been no FORMAL complaints then nothing is wrong? That is the stance they are taking. Also throwing a fit about people going to the news first is asinine.

    This should be investigated by a REAL impartial group and not the socalled one that state has set up.

  • Skeptical

    Huh. No evidence of fraud. That could mean two things:
    1) The machines are operating exactly as they were intended to….which means that either there was no problem, which I don’t believe, or that they are operating by pre-selecting Harry Reid because so many people are going to choose him, contrary to the polls, which I also don’t believe OR
    2) There genuinely is no evidence of fraud and they are quick to point this out. Keep in mind there was no evidence of fraud surrounding ACORN despite the arrests and convictions of several people utilizing illegal tactics for registering voters, etc. I find it interesting that there was no evidence of fraud found when I heard about the fraud yesterday. They concluded an investigation in one day? Not much of a researched process.

  • Mark

    Where there’s Democrats there’s smoke and where there’s smoke there’e fire. Isn’t it coincidental all these “glitches” seem to be voting DimOcrat.

  • Anonymous

    Running a script to select Reid when you first receive the ballot doesn’t make much sense because most people would notice and change the selection.

    The best way for this to appear as a legitimate ballot would be to run the script to select Reid just prior to sending your final vote to the database.

    The programmer coded the script to run at the wrong moment in the process.

  • Dozer

    If they’re Democrat, they’re crooked


    funny it only happened in So. NV where most of the FREE LOADERS and 3/4ths of the state population lives. He (Reid) knows he can not carry Northern NV he never has so I doubt we will see anything like pre-programmed voting machines, maybe a few Starbucks cards.

  • The Future is Democrat Free

    Ross Miller is a Democrat.

    That’s all you gotta know.

  • Whyiotta

    Report any fraud you see. Photograph or video any funny business and investigate anything after the fact at the neck tie party.

    California 9th circuit court overruled the people of AZ again. We must have valid ID for any voter or there is going to be violence if it comes out that the Democrats were stealing votes.

    For Obama to come out and accuse the Chamber of Commerce of funneling money into Republican campaigns is the hight of hypocrisy as this was EXACTLY the same thing that was done to get him elected in 2008 with the “bundling” of money from foreign sources. It is a smart move to “get out in front” of something illegal.

    When the Republicans take over the house we will then have the ability to indict shady democrats again. We can’t do that with Dingy Harry running the show. Anyone found guilty should be taken out and summarily shot so we can watch it over and over again on the View and the John Stewart show.

  • tymtrvlr

    Like this ross clown has any credibility, even the marxist libturds know their clowns lie. ross is a domoncrap, do you have to say anymore? Then you have those commenting here like they are holier than thou, and that the rest of us are the paranoids. Your BS does’nt work anymore, Americans see you libturds what you are….LIARS!

  • Mark Matis

    And of course the MLVPD is the Great Enabler for this fine individual. The stench is overwhelming!

  • Peggy

    John Skookum writes:
    “Here’s how you fix this:
    Birth certificate and photo ID to register to vote.

    No absentee ballots without a doctor’s note or proof of distant travel.

    No early voting.

    Dip every voter’s right index finger in purple ink on Election Day.

    Paper ballots marked by hand.”

    Wow! That must be our platform going forward – demand that the new republican majority address vote fraud immediately. Without honest elections, govenrment loses its legitimacy, and society will devolve into civil war.

  • Bob

    I was on a board of elections and I can assure you that it is possible to pull this off. It is similar to saying your computer cannot get a virus because it has an already existing operating system. All you need to do is find someone with the keep to the warehouse with the voting machines. You then pull out the computer chip from the machine. You then find someone with knowledge in computer programming. Then you rewrite the software to start up with a candidates named checked. I was a computer engineering major in college so I can tell you it can easily be done, especially if the top elections official is a democrat and has the keys.

  • IN Credulous

    And the STRIP SCANNERS at the Airport CANNOT save images… yeah right…

    AMERICA is dead. Our ELECTION process has been ACORN-HOLED. And no one with a gun seems to care about enforcing the law.

  • IN Credulous

    There is no evidence of voter fraud…

    But there is a SH-T load of ELECTION fraud happening.

  • IN Credulous

    Do we REALLY need to wait for Mr. Obama to ask the U.N. to come and monitor our elections before we have a hope of a chance for a CHANGE to an HONEST election process, free of Communist collusion, and Democrat manipulation?

  • Lying Sack O crap

    If Ross Miller is lying, then lets prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, and place him in prison with the other scumbags!

  • not shocked

    Nothing to see here folks … just move along.

    Eric Holder protege’

  • Brewster

    It doesn’t take a degree in computer science, or an MD in neurological surgery to figure this out, folks. A few simple questions:
    1- Which party has CONSISTENTLY blocked any attempts to require valid photo ID to vote? Why would that be?
    2- Which party has CONSISTENTLY tried to force-feed computerized voting systems on us? I don’t do programming, but I do know that what a few who do already said is true.
    3- Which party has CONSISTENTLY tried to drop residency/ID requirements from the voting process? Why would that be?

    The allegation by an early responder (a union worker on company time, no doubt) that the GOP was setting the stage for a recount is humorous, considering the party most responsible for getting the courts involved in settling elections was the … DEMOCRATS in the person of one Albert Gore, and perfected by the likes of Al Franken and a few other cretins whose names escape me right now.

    I agree completely with the responder who said there should be NO mail-in or early voting except for VERIFIED handicapped, military (we know why the Dems don’t want the military to vote, don’t we?), or out of town voters with a verified excuse why they can’t vote at home. Photo ID MUST be required. Ability to read and understand English MUST be required. Certificate of residence and CITIZENSHIP MUST be required. Then there should be a national database of qualified voters that check all ballots before being counted so all those wonderful Sunbirds can’t vote in 2 or 3 states – like NY has it’s Floridians who have ADMITTED they have voted here in NY and again in FLA with an absentee ballot.

    Absent any of these safeguards the only alternative is … “lock and load.”

  • Jay Staley

    Ross Miller, “the youngest Secretary of State is Nevada’s history” is a Democrat. What do you expect? An honest election? Check on the link to his website and check out his background. It has liberal Democrat written all over it, except the word “Democrat” is never mentioned. Then go to Wikipedia to learn more. Looks like an Al Franken deal all over again.

  • Lee

    I see a great deal of speculation and negative opinions here but how about some facts?

    Why has no one reported anything to any poll worker at the time of the so called fraud?

    Why have NO OFFICIAL complaints be filed?

    Why has NO ONE shown any proof of anything?

    Why are people forming opinions based on someone calling Fox News but provides no valid information?

    Ms. Angles letter stated Mr. Reid providing food for voters yet has not be able to provide no proof. She filed no complaint. All she did was write an email to raise more money. Facts and proof lacking. Begging for money works I guess.

    Anyone have answers?

  • Brewster

    And by the way … what the HELL is wrong with the voters of Nevada electing a damned 30 year old as Secretary of State anyway? Or … electing and re-electing a cretin like Harry Reid Senator?

  • KG1

    How would you Democrats feel if Halliburton was servicing the machines and counting the ballots?

  • spanman

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one (((people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,))) and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind (((requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.)))

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –(((((That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.)))))) Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to ((((((right themselves by abolishing the forms))))which they are accustomed. ====(((But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.)))))–Such has been the patient sufferance of these independent Sovereign States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their current corrupted Systems of Government. The history of the present government of these United States is a history of repeated injuries to the Sovereign people and grotesque usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world. GO AHEAD FOLKS, LIST THE GRIEVANCES this tyrannical government is forcing upon the people of this nation. Then time to act is NOW before they send all of us to the Beach Grove Indianapolis death camp.

  • Mix-Cracker

    Notice every charge has been liberals breaking the law. They lie, cheat and steal – and their supporters are liars, cheaters, and thieves…

  • spanman

    I will say this directly, Marxists are literally the Enemy of all red blooded patriotic constitution loving Americans. There is no way to couch this. We all know what must happen to regain our God given inalienable rights. This government no longer serves the people. The people serve it! Thomas Jefferson gave us the blueprint and told us it is OUR Right and OUR DUTY to throw off this tyrannical oppressive government. That obviously makes Jefferson a terrorist. God Bless America and the few men who will save her!

  • Bohemond

    And Ross Miller was elected by George Soros’ Secretary of State Project, with the heavy backing of ACORN and the SEIU.

    Oh, no. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

  • Jim Kress

    Ross Miller is a Democrat. Would you really expect him to investigate the fraudulent voting practices of his own party?

    His statement on the blatant acts of voter fraud happening in Nevada are disingenuous at best, unadulterated lies at worst. His avoidance of investigation just proves he is an accomplice to this ongoing criminal activity.

  • NCMike

    All right class, it’s Lee’s turn to talk:

    “I see a great deal of speculation and negative opinions here but how about some facts?

    Why has no one reported anything to any poll worker at the time of the so called fraud?

    Why have NO OFFICIAL complaints be filed?

    Why has NO ONE shown any proof of anything?

    Why are people forming opinions based on someone calling Fox News but provides no valid information?

    Ms. Angles letter stated Mr. Reid providing food for voters yet has not be able to provide no proof. She filed no complaint. All she did was write an email to raise more money. Facts and proof lacking. Begging for money works I guess.

    Anyone have answers?”

    I’ll try. Liberals like you only whine about facts, proof, evidence, etc. when you’re squealing about Democrats caught tampering with the electoral process. No facts, proof, or evidence is needed when Obama whines about foreign money from the US Chamber of Commerce, police officers acting stupidly, opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque being bigots, Tea Partiers being racist, yada, yada, yada, and you certainly need no evidence of citizenship to vote or birth certificate to … whatever. The answer is you’re liars, cheats, and excuse makers for the most corrupt group of gangsters to gain control of the US government. The other answer is you’re ill-educated, misinformed, incapable of rational analysis, irrelevant, inconsequential and just plain wrong about everything. Grow up.

  • Tom

    Keep your powder dry.

  • Ten Megaton

    Yeah, right, whatever. Reid, the SEIU, and Miller you get caught your going down…hard.

  • Kurt

    Someone should tell Ross Miller there is only evidence of fraud or software tampering if one looks for it. Have an independent agency (Not Holders FBI)check the programs in the places there has been complaints. We have a New Jersey Union Official on tape here in the East describing how phony polling places were set up and ballot crammed machines, when there were no voters. were picked up at the end of the day.Hey Miller – they call them programs because you can program them to do what you want.

  • americafirst

    Can someone please inform the Secretary of State that if WE have evidence of fraud we will sue his office, his staff and his ass personally for damages to Nevadans. No evidence my ass. If he’s on the handout he will be liable along with the rest of the treasonous bastards.

  • toray99

    Just who services these machines ? Doesn’t the service tech’s belong to SEIU ?

  • Anonymous

    One line of code…different object variants for other programming languages, but just as simple.


  • Colin

    odd that this article fails to mention that Ross Miller is also a Democrat and up for reelection this year

  • Peter

    If Reid wins, despite polls showing he won’t, it will have had to have been by cheating.

  • Bob Tussey

    Ok lets assume the voter just touched the screen by mistake. Then why is it that every mistake is a vote for Harry? I have heard of no one touching anyone else by mistake. Sounds like something is fixed to me.
    A misplaced fingure is a vote for Harry?????

  • Pre-Boomer

    Ross Miller is just small potatoes, a real piker, without the brains to find his butt with both hands. The guy that really should scare the stuffings out of you is his mentor George Sore-ass. Georgie boy was a Nazi sympathizer in Greece during WWII. He made most of his first billion dollars manipulating currency exchange market rates. He is the founder and shadowy figure behind Move On dot Org and other slimy nefarious anti-American groups. His most recent move against conservatives has been to file lawsuits against middle-class, senior aged, Caucasian poll-watchers for “hovering” near alleged low-income voters in polling places located in the lower income areas of some cities. This guy has more money than he will ever be able to spend and he wants to use a lot of it to destroy our Republic and replace it with a national socialist state. Geoorgie-porgie Sore-ass is the guy that should make you break out in a cold sweat and lose sleep at night – he’s scary beyond belief!

  • Thunderstorm Patriot

    I can see that M A R and Lee are here to attempt some damage control. But I have a little news for the two of you. We read EVERYTHING you said in the article. Repeating it in your post is not going to make it any more plausible.

    I heard a person talking on the radio that was interviewed about the voting problem they had in Nevada. They said that the poll worker had to restart their voting process several times before the machine would not start off with a vote for Harry Reid.

    So examine this situation for a moment. The person asked for the help from a poll worker. The poll worker then proceeded to perform the process to restart their vote and THE POLL WORKER encountered the same problem several times. That is not a case of people who do not know how to use the equipment unless the poll worker is also incompetent.

    I would also assume that such problems that are encountered by poll workers are REQUIRED to be reported to the election officials. Since this problems was reported by several people in different locations that are not related to each other, that is not likely to be collusion. But it does sound like the poll workers are not doing their jobs in reporting the irregularities, or the election officials are burying the reports.

    In either case, a diligent and competent Secretary of State would have followed up on the reports with more than rhetoric. It is the very fact that Ross is not taking it seriously and elects to discredit the reports rather than investigating that helps to give them credence.

    The integrity of an election should be taken so seriously that even allegations should be investigates. Elections are the foundation of our republic and there is no amount of care that is too much when ensuring the integrity of the process. PERIOD! NO EXCUSES!

  • Elizabeth Crum

    Colin – Good point. We forget, sometimes, because we cater primarily to a Nevada audience, that we do have some out of state readers and they do not just know these things. We will do better with specifying parties and related details in the future.


    Angle loses. Reid stole the the election. Angle is ahead in all the polling. OJ is locked up in Nevada. Reid and his associates should take turns being his cellmate. Problem is, Reid would enjoy it tooooo much!

  • Fahrtenmaster

    Clearly, Democrats are by observation an enemy of freedom and the Republic. Thus, they should simply be executed summarily. Thier time is coming. Let this election cycle be thrown, and they will be put to rest, the commis baastards.

  • John Keoni Jackson

    (Positions on Issues Political Action Committee)
    6998 Appleton Dr. #4
    Las Vegas, NV 89156
    702 737-1934

    October 27, 2010


    Las Vegas: Over the weekend two incidents involving Asian-Pacific Islanders and people with Reid for Senate t-shirts on.

    On Saturday, October 23 at Chinatown Plaza around 11am. Early voting was at ChinaTown Plaza and a Rally for Rory Reid for Governor and a FREE Lunch for Harry Reid voters and other candidates endorsed by AAG (Asian American Group).

    There were some Hawaiian’s with some signs about Obama & Reid. Nothing derogatory only that Hawaiian’s are American Citizens & Illegals are not “special”. As some people passed they called the Hawaiian’s and their supporters “TeaBaggers”, etc. Slant Eyes go back to your country, etc. Oh, the Hawaiian’s were all wearing Angle Shirts and other shirts representing some of Aloha Consulting’s Candidates. One African-American , as he walked by pushed the Hawaiian Flag out of the way and mumbled something. He, then told one of my people, ‘You cannot stand here in an Angle shirt. When I confronted him, he said “Johnny don’t kill the messenger” I was told to tell your people that. He wouldn’t tell me who said it, but I have an idea. Most of the Asian-Pacific Islanders that were there know me and will take our suggestions on who to vote for. It is sad that the Dems would resort to this. But, when you are getting beat every which way you resort to desperation. I also wish to say that Congressman Mike Honda from California was very respectful to us. Even though he is a Democrat. He & I walked with our arms around each other and talked and laughed. I have known him for years and he is always fair.

    On Sunday, October 24 at the Early Voting trailer at Pecos & Flamingo, we had another incident. We have people at Early Voting sites giving out candidate information. I get a phone call from one of workers, Bernadine Kamai, saying “ Johnny a van just pulled up and dropped off a bunch of African-Americans and people are pulling into the parking lot and seeing them and driving off without voting. Also, one was harassing her.

    When I got there along with my 3 grandchildren and my daughter I noticed all these people in the parking lot. Bernadine was there as a ‘Blocker” for people trying to get a petition signed for a new arena. These people said they were there to get signatures. I explained to this one person, you have a job to do and so do we, so please stay on your side and we will stay on ours. He then said F-You white boy what are you going to do about it!!! I just about lost it, and said a few words myself. I walked away and went to the Voting trailer and told them what was going on. A person there stated, they are 100 ft away so we cannot do anything. I said, they are intimidating voters again she stated they are 100 ft away, call Metro if you are having problems. I couldn’t believe it. I went back and tried to reason with these people, the name calling continued. Cracker, White Mother-F, etc. Then I noticed all my candidate signs were missing. I noticed one of the women who was there had half of a Angle sign and was using it as a clipboard. When I asked where did she get the sign, she said she found it. As I was walking towards my car some other people came over to me and began yelling, Angle is a whore, F-You. One “white guy got in my face and began taunting me. It took my daughter to step between us before I lit him up. In front of my grand children these people used this profanity to intimidate. I then called Metro, and waited and waited, they never showed up. I then left.

    Obama did say there will be hand to hand combat. I guess it has started.

    John (Keoni) Jackson
    Exec Director

  • spanman

    Time has run our for America. This is the last election cycle that will matter. Too many people have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, and too many businesses have been closed. The suffering and anger is palpable. Washington DC is thoroughly corrupted, beyond repair. Both parties destroyed the country but the Marxists are now in full control and they mean to take us down all the way. The middle class will be completely eliminated leaving only the poor and wealthy. Liberals steal elections and we do nothing about it. Sad. Very Sad.

  • Sparks66

    Not only should Reid be considered an enemy of this Republic, but the SEIU members as well.
    Now is the time to take names and remember where they are. The Great Socialist Extermination is approaching.

  • spanman

    Freedom must be fought for or lost forever.

  • Fights4Freedom

    I had to do a web search for him not once but TWICE to find out that he is a Democrat or now more common amongst us conservatives a demonrat. “Nothing to see here, move along.” What a load of CRAP! These creeps will stop at nothing from stealing ANY close election. May God NOT have mercy upon their souls.

  • IndependentFromChicago

    I’m an independent in Chicago who votes about 50% D and 50% R.

    I will tell you right now that if I had seen something suspicious going on in the polling place here I would not complain to the workers, I would not complain to my SoS. I would find me a smpathetic reporter, which might even mean a local Fox reporter but a national one and tell my story.

    It’s the best way I know to make sure that the problem is looked into while still having my garbage picked up and not having a building inspector suddenly appear at my door.

    I think that what most of my neighbors wouyld do too.

  • Tom Darby, Newstalk 780 KOH

    Local media outlets are reporting that Senator Harry Reid appeared at a rally today (10/27/10)in front of UNR’s Joe Crowley Student Union. The student union is a polling place according to the Washoe County Registrar of Voter’s Office. This follows claims from Sharron Angle’s legal counsel Cleta Mitchell, who says one of two voting irregularities included Democrat’s holding rallies nearby polling places, a charge that has not been answered by Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

  • Taxpayer550

    If you’re going to vote next Tuesday, make sure that the voting machine you are assigned to has no boxes checked before you make an entry. If you enter the booth and a box(s) is already checked, snap a cell phone picture of it, and report it to the poll workers on site, AND the State Division Of Elections. You can try reporting it to your local board of elections, but I doubt that they will do anything about it.

    Secondly, make sure that when you make a choice, the box next to your choice is the one that illuminates.

    Finally, make sure that before you press the button to cast your vote, all of YOUR choices are lit, and others are not.

    Camden County and NJ’s entrenched democrats will do anything to get elected or re-elected, ANYTHING!!!

  • Osamas Pajamas

    MIller is a dope or he thinks that we’re all dopes. If there’s a Democrat running in an election, then THAT IS EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD! Cheating is like an addicitve drug for Democrats! They’re sick in the head!

  • Billsocal

    Is this guy one George Soros (Schwartz) SOS Secretary of State Candidates. We saw what happened in the Al Franken Senate election. Is this going to happen again. Sen Reid is such a slime ball.

  • Prophet2525

    I just wrote Ross Miller ( and informed him that I am now buying his affirmation that voting machines cannot be rigged. We need to deluge him with messages that we will not stand up for corruption and that we do not buy his “man with integrity” act.

  • John Harnes

    What is this nonsense?

    If this actually happened all the voting machines in that voting place need to be impounded and non union investigators who are true experts need to be brought in to see if the machines have been rigged.

    If they have been rigged – Secretary of State Ross Miller needs to resign for making the statement that it is impossible to rig this voting system.

    If there is no evidence of rigging the GOP needs to apologize before election day.

    If rigging is found every voting machine in the state has to be examined and people have to go to jail on RICO charges for a long time.

    But until these machines are impounded and examined this whole set of stories is just hot air!

  • Bwana

    …even better, machines can be hacked to overide your selections…for example, the touch screen shows your final selections, but behind the screens other selections are submitted…got it?

  • dtchdigger2

    These are the same people who work on the slots, and I got a bridge for sale ya need one? Morons.

  • John T. Party

    As Stalin, another fine example of a Democrat stated “It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes.” From Saul Alinsky “By any means necessary”. See how this works folks? Let enough communists into office and America is stolen from you. Now your vote no longer counts. Time to load up and take back America.

  • Josef

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

  • Dave H

    Quoting the Nevada News Bureau: “Ross Miller is a democrat. More importantly, he was targeted as part of the Secretary of State project funded by George Soros.”

    I reckon that pretty much says it all.

  • eproflab

    Uhmm.. what!? “… technically impossible… because it was a centralized process…” Does he know what he is talking about!? Really. Does not make sense. I have been a system level of software developer for more than 14 years. Assuming what he said was legit, I have to guess he meant the software run on those voting machines are run at a centralized location, like a server. Then the voting machines are only dumb terminal. EVEN if this was the case, it is 100% possbile and not hard to treak the software to preselect. More so, the software could have easily randomly selected a time to pre-select and make it look like glitch. IT IS EASY to do. What makes it even more possible is that the “server” which runs the code is controlled and run by WHO!!! Let me guess, Democrat-controlled!? Well, need I say more!?

    What this Ross Miller said made him sound beyond technically dumb.

  • Zypldot

    Remember: a close win is as good as a loss (can you say “Al Franken”?)
    Don’t let the Democrats make another monster by stitching together votes in a run-off!
    Vote FOR the Constitution.

  • SgtShel

    Hey-how many ‘gift cards’ Miller got?? Or did she just get a lump sum pile of cash?

  • SgtShel

    Hey-how many ‘gift cards’ Miller got?? Or did he just get a lump sum pile of cash?

  • ricardo maxwell

    The real story here is that Soros and the Democrats are pouring money into states to get Democrat Secretaries of State elected. !…..vertically integrated voter fraud!
    We need to neutralize Soros.

  • Lawrence

    Did people file complaints of vote fraud only to have the government officials reject them? If yes, perhaps these people should contact the news media and go together to file the compliants so that will either intimidate government officials into accepting the complaints, or have them on record as rejecting the complaints. If rejected, these people should start a civil lawsuit.

  • Roger

    “No evidence of fraud…” The perfect crime. There has been voter fraud for so long it ranks right up there with prostitution and politicians! Ill seems to have been the lightning rod for the benefits throwing Kennedy the election (yes, it was that close) and I’d be willing to bet that this year, with so much on the line, corrupt officials and organizations (read: ACORN and the like) will get their fingers in the pie and try to twist the results. America is up for sale and corruption is rampant. ONLY ONE real way to fix all this…

  • Dave Medsker

    I own three businesses in Nevada and vote mostly Republican. Ross Miller has done a great job with his office including a tricky online website redo that hit it’s deadline, there are many states of the Union that can’t get their back office in order. This is the state that leaves OJ Simpson and several judges and county commissioners languishing in jail. We just banned Paris Hilton for getting caught with illegal drugs. We put people in jail for writing bad checks, when’s the last time your police department did that? I just went through the DMV for plates and a driver’s license and the people were friendly, helpful and had me out of there in an hour. I’ll put Nevada’s integrity and competency up against any other state. These allegations of election fraud are suspicious, and most of these 154 comments are rhetorically incorrect and unintelligent. Have some pride in your country and your state.

  • BRWils

    As the Minnesota recount showed, a recount is meaningless when the system is corrupt. I remember one ballot in particular where the election judge had drawn a line through all of the elections except president, because the voter was in the wrong place to vote, but was an American citizen. Result: Another Vote for Franken!! And then, shortly after the election, it was disclosed that Franken had received over 300 illegal votes from convicted felons (more than the margin of “victory”). And what happened? NOTHING, except one of those NFL-like bad officiating apologies to the Coleman camp. With the election of the most corrupt president in the history of the USA, we have seen our last free election, and even that one was tainted by the traitorous Democrat machine.

  • OneTwoDeathpunch

    This is sooo NWO, Common Purpose it’s nowhere near funny.

  • anon2.0

    Of course he found no evidence… he didnt LOOK

  • Mr. Strider

    Ross Miller is associated with the Secretary of State Project – a Gerge Soros funded 527 using money to control the SOS’s across the country to influence the outcome of close elections in favor of Democrats. Go to their site, they proudly show Miller as one of thier success stories. Lean about the Secretary of State Project – he took money from them.

  • Mark D.

    Don’t see any Evidence?? Is he related to Mr. Magoo? Oh well, Nazi Stooge George Soros’ dirty money, evidently reaping rewards with his Secretary of State Candidates.

  • Programmer

    What does he mean, you can’t program it to pre-select a candidate?

    Of course you can.

  • TomS

    What must we to do? Call for United Nations elections observers. Because these Democrats are turning America into a Third World country.

  • Mark M

    Interesting… if you look at the campaign contributions to Ross Miller, you’ll find out that Harry Reid’s son is on the list. Hmmm…. seems like maybe a conflict of interest?

  • Thomas Jefferson

    “what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Tom Shea

    The next thing Ross Miller will tell you is, he’s Shocked! Shocked, To find gambling going on in Nevada.

  • vern

    There’s no fraud in Al Franken territory either – nudge nudge, wink wink…

  • GrannyRob

    Ross Miller is a democrat through and through — did anyone really expect him to be impartial in this election and perform with honor as Secretary of State? Democrats intend to win elections every crooked way they can. Watch for dems to pull “Al Frankens” all over the country. That’s the reason no one should ever vote a democrat into government office — they’re just plain bad in politics no matter how you look at it.

  • Thomas

    Of course there is no “voter fraud” in Nevada. Who made the allegations? Some one votiing against Harry Reid, a Democrat who is supported by the union SEIU. Who investigated the alledged voter fraud? Ross Miller, a Democrat who is supported by the union SEIU. Who represents the poll workers and their technicians? The union SEIU.
    Get the picture? Call it what you will,it’s not “voter fraud.” It’s business as usual for SEIU and those that they support.

  • JungleCogs

    The woman went to FOX News so she wouldn’t get a run-around from Mr. Miller’s office. The honest truth is most Americans trust FOX more than their own government. Next Tuesday, maybe we will begin to change that.

  • The Bobster

    ACORN and the warmers at East Anglia investigated themselves too and found nothing wrong. Well, that’s good enough for me.

  • win

    Actually it was more then one voter, and the local voting authorities did know because that was mentioned in the article. They helped those people recast their vote.

    They claimed it was a problem with the voting machine calibration.

    Which is it?

  • Nana

    USA = Banana Republic; Feel sorry for the youth of America


    This Ross clown would not recognize Dem voter fraud if it leapt up and bit him in the scrotum. There is going to be election fraud (Dem) all over this country come Tuesday and has already been happening with this third-world practice of “early” voting–vote early and vote often is the Dem’s battle cry.

  • http://nevadanewbureau Richard K

    I would like to state that any Secretary of State, Secretary of Elections in any State of the Union has any form of fraud or suspected of fraud and does not address this problem and is currently up for election should be voted out of office. If not currently up for election, the next election should be a priority.

  • win

    Slashdot has an article on this.

    The problem is valid, it is a tecnical issue with the user interface programming.

    Touch screens are not the most reliable in the first place.

  • Superpower

    Somebody tell me why anybody should listen to Ross Miller? Simply being Secretary of a State doesn’t make you trustworthy or honest….let me guess, Miller is a radical moderate.

  • Jeff

    I have been trained on these machines and it is quite possible that the machines in question may have been used for demonstration/training purposes and were never reset for the election. That being said, all the suspected cases of voter irregularities would have benefited the Democrats. Coincidence? Hang on to your hats, kiddies. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  • Mark

    Demand transparency in our election system and take the corporations out of the voting system. Ban electronic voting machines. They mask the process and are easily manipulated.

  • Jesus

    Who is still actually voting for Reid? If you are an actual Reid voter then quick question for you… Really? REALLY?

  • GG

    Someone stated that Miller’s statement about ““technically impossible for someone to pre-program software” was stupid. It was not stupid. Miller is not stupid. He is highly educated person and deals with computers all the time. He may not know how to write code. However, I am sure, he understands the concept. He lied. His statement proves that Miller is a scumbag that has no morals (typical politician) and will say and do anything to get his person elected. He should be fired for making this statement.

  • A. Levy

    Of course, Mr. Miller is a Democrat, which explains his not seeing anything wrong. Democrats believe voter and election fraud are intergral parts of the process. For them.

  • WallyG

    So a democrat says there isn’t any voter fraud and YOU believe him?

  • Bob A

    By definition, Democrats are NEVER guilty of voter fraud, only Republicans can be guilty of voter fraud. Just ask the racist Kenyan in the White House!

  • brassia

    Harry Reid’s 3 sons and son in law _ALL are lobbyists and raking TONS of money……

    Secretery of state is bought and paid for…Need I say more????
    Nevadians, it is your patriotic duty NOT TO LET them steal this election.
    We are counting on you staying strong, determoned and unafraid! This is the first and most important step to take our country back.

  • Ornley Gumfudgen

    Why not put Nevada’s gaming commission in charge of these electronic machines? After all, they seem ta do a good job insurin that slot machines are not tampered with an honestly, when ya really get down to it, thair ain’t much difference in th electronics of an electronic slot machine an an electronic votin machine.

  • Freddy

    Well look like Mr Ross Miller’s daddy was out last week campaigning for Harry Raid.

  • EddiesDad

    From the George Soros funded Secretary of State Project website. The whole purpose of the SoS Project to steal elections as they did in Minnesota. Ross Miller was backed by the SoS Project:

    To Our SoS Project Supporters -

    Since we launched in the fall of 2006, we have engaged in eleven races and have backed the winning candidate in nine states, including: Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, NEVADA!!!, West Virginia and Missouri. We lost only in Michigan and Colorado (and there by a tiny margin). (Caps and emphasis added)

    In 2008, we ran a sophisticated, highly targeted campaign in Montana which made the difference in a major upset – ousting the incumbent Republican Secretary of State. Most analysts anticipate a tough 2012 Senate race in Montana, and it is critical to have a fair Secretary of State in place. In Oregon we helped beat back a late unexpected surge to capture a critical open seat.

    We are proud of our 2006 victory in Minnesota, where long time reformer Mark Ritchie pulled off a major upset with our support. He was later under fierce media and legal scrutiny as he oversaw the recount of the Franken/Coleman senatorial race. Ritchie operated with transparency and integrity, such that the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold the extremely close election results, finally sending Franken to the Senate where his vote has been much needed.

    With your support, we have made a major difference. We can be sure that the conservative Republicans and opponents of honest elections will try triply hard to regain lost seats and capture seats held by reformers. You can fight back – join our thousands of members by donating now to our great candidates! With less than a week to go and the polls showing close races, every dollar counts.

    – The Secretary of State Project

  • Mister

    Just Google “George Soros Secretary of State Project”

    Minnesota SOS Mark Ritchie(D)is a product of Soros’ Secretary of State Project and they successfully stole the Senate seat for Stuart Smalley.

    This is a SERIOUS threat to the future of this nation!

  • Ilene

    If the secretary of state is a democrat put in by soros’ money—-trouble!

  • Curt

    This is exactly why the Democrats/Progressives focused so much money and energy to get their people elected as Secretary of State in past years. That way they can ensure there is never any hard look into their election fraud! Ever hear about the Secretary of State Project funded by…George Soros! Funny how his name always seems to come up when you dig into all these socialist organizations that support the Democrat Party isn’t it!?

  • Odins Acolyte

    Anothery lying politician soon to be retired. Crook.

  • David Smith

    Democrats are rotten good for nothing liars who will stop at nothing to keep their power. How can you be an honest person if you support a political premise that’s a failure… of course you can’t so you must lie. Its gotten so bad with them that they tell us what we are seeing is not really happening. Their like that guy in Iraq during the war when his city was being blown up claiming they were winning…the Bagdad bobs. Disgusting people run by disgusting union doing disgusting things.

  • AngryVoter

    I find is depressing and somewhat curious that the Secretary of State has *independent* reports of voting irregularities and, perhaps, criminal fraud. This stopry has gone all over the world and Europe is wonder what the heck we are up to, allowing union partisan’s access to voting machines with no independent oversight. Now, I think we need international observers from at least three Europen countries – the UK, Denmark, and Germany. It is THAT bad. There really is vote fraud going on right now and it is in full public view. The Secretary Of State’s office appears to be a part of that fraud, so we need outside and independnent oversight. After that, we need criminal investigations of both that office, of the Reid campaign, and SEIU.

  • Geoff

    “Proof of citizenship” law in AZ overturned.

    The fraud will continue until the other side does it better. Start practicing.

  • Mister

    When Republicans take back the House, I expect massive investigations into the past 4 years of the corrupt Pelosi/Reid Democrat “swamp”.

  • Mick

    So Ross Miller — a DEMOCRAT — says there’s no evidence of fraud. This before any formal investigation of any sort, even before he’s contacted all those who witnessed irregularities with their own eyes.

    And you people BELIEVE this nonsense?



  • faamecanic

    Interesting…. Saul Alinsky’s model? Or even worse Stalin? “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

    A historical source has been found for one variant of this quote: Boris Bazhanov’s Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary, published in 1992 and so far as I know only available in Russian. The pertinent passage, which appears near the end of Chapter Five.

    But then again… over 50% of idiot americans couldnt bother to read 0Bummers books, where he pretty much spells out he is a socialist and racist… so why would they ever have knowledge of communist practices from history.

  • JS

    There should be a full investigation despite Ross’ (D) claim.

  • Anonymous

    Voter fraud should be a felony with a minimum, mandatory five year sentence. Time to get serious people. Trust BUT, verify.

  • Anonymous

    If they don’t listen when you vote in the ballot-box, they will listen when you vote from the roof-tops…

  • Mister

    Criminal inside-trader and hedge fund sleazebag George Soros has been banned from many countries after almost destroying the British economy by massively shorting the Pound.

    Now he “owns” the Democrats and his puppet, Obama.

    Soros is trying to destroy our republic by stealing elections with his dirty cash — Soros is an enemy of the state and needs to be swinging from a tree with his head in a noose.

  • mrsharfer

    Secretary of State is a made up position invented by liberals to control the vote. Look it up! If they didn’t lie, cheat, steal and intimidate, they would NEVER win an election! Time to pull your heads out and confront democrats for the evil they are. Never trust ANYBODY that says they voted for the obamination.

  • mrsharfer

    Where is the lout, jimmy carter, when voter fraud is a problem in his own country? Like all cowards, he is hiding!

  • Art

    Well, they hope to God there’s not evidence. Otherwise they would be in jail!!

  • JJ Jones

    I am a software engineer and this claim is bogus. Any application like a voting machine with a user interface can be programmed to do just about anything. Pre-select a candidate is a piece of cake and would take a couple of lines of code.

    The fact the SOS is dismissing this out of hand with such a lame excuse tells me there is something to this story.

  • jimbo

    Does any of this surprise you ? Harry Reids camp giving out free food and gift certificates and all the promises he is making to illegals…. we need to have paper ballots as proof of our vote .. or find something better. Most of the comments on here are against Harry Reid so dont tell us he is going to win this thing legitimately… Obama and his radicals step all over our Constitution and get away with it so whats a little voter abuse in Nevada ???

  • Huuf Arted

    There should be a DEATH PENALTY for anyone daring to tamper with an election. It should be SWIFT and SURE. Elections are the only thing standing between Anarchy and Rioting when one side loses.

    Take the notion of Fairness and Honesty away the election process and one side or another will determine that only FORCE can bring their wishes into being.

    Fair and Honest elections must be restored and protected at all costs or this Republic will fail…

  • barney frank

    Anonymous says:
    October 27, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    It is amazing what some people will do if they even think there is a chance they may not win…the Angle camp is setting the stage for a re-count if they don’t pull this out…what a joke!!!!


    Unions thugs just might have tampered with the machine….you are nothing but a hanging chad leftover!

  • http://Drudge Carolynr

    What I want to know is this: According to the software engineer…when they kept hitting Angle’s name and it appeared for Reid…did that register a vote? I’d like to make the State’s show a printout of the vote. I know…too much money…but our country is at stake and with Mr. Truthful in the WH along with Reid and Pelosi..our poor country can’t stand anymore of this. I’d like an answer to that…does that vote register…and can it be programmed to register even though the person has not hit “commit”.

  • desert

    Yeh, except one problem…the Secretary of State that is responsible for the counting of the ballots…just HAPPENS to be a lowlife dumocrat…..hell, he wouldn’t allow corruption would he? naaah, !!!! imo

  • Jan Hus

    Miller’s a democrat. He won’t do a thing. Liberals feel that they’re justified in cheating because they’re doing it for the good of the country. It doesn’t matter what the people want. If the people aren’t liberal, they don’t count anyway. Three ways to solve this:
    1. A national voter ID Card
    2. No more mail in ballots
    3. No more automated voting machines. Paper
    ballots only.

  • JJ Jones

    Carolynr says:
    October 28, 2010 at 9:52 am

    What I want to know is this: According to the software engineer…


    You can program it to do just about anything.

    There is software that says when you press “COMMIT VOTE” (or whatever the label of the button says) the vote registers for everyone you selected.

    The software could just as eaisly be written to always vote for Harry Reid. That would be too obvious. So instead it could be written to vote for Harry Reid every 10 times. Or Change a vote to Reid from Angle every 20 times. Or between 12:30 and 12:35, every vote goes to Reid. I think you get the point.

    So for the SOS to say it’s impossible to be done is an outright lie. It is just software and you can write software to do just about anything.

  • spanman

    Look folks, there is absolutely no proof of fraud perpetrated here. You don’t really see with your own eyes Reids name ALREADY checked off on the machine. You don’t really see Reid giving away free food and gift cards. You don’t really see the lie that computers can’t be programmed to vote for the Libtards automatically. It’s a software program and as such can’t be manipulated to don such things. The sun is really up at midnight. Dark is light and light is dark. Lies are truth and truth is a lie.

    Time to vote the “special permanent” way.

  • voltron

    Cry babies, all of yous.

  • MO voter

    It is worse in Missouri as our Sec of state is also a candidate for the senate seat. Does anyone think Robin Carnahan will excuse herself from overseeing the election between herself and Blount?

  • Ghostmech

    Come on now…let’s get real! A Nevada Democrat verifying that no fraud exists….in favor of a sitting Democrat Senate leader? That’s like the fox guarding the hen house.

    Miller is a sham and a liar

  • CanofSand

    Anyone who says it’s “impossible” for a device as sophisticated as an electronic voting machine to be rigged is not fluent enough in technology to be talking about it. Some things are ridiculous, like, say, a hacker driving by and tapping in to a device that isn’t even connected to a network, but to say it’s “impossible” for an individual machine to be rigged? Sheer ignorance, perhaps, but that’s probably assuming more innocence than these guys deserve.

  • Zax

    Someone commented…”How stupid do they think we are”. It has passed so far beyond that now. At this point they no longer care if you are stupid or smart. We are at a point where the democrats are willing to do whatever they have to do to steal the election and then worry about the fallout later. The primary goal is to first take the election…winning this election is the primary objective……once they have taken the election they will worry about spinning the accusations of fraud. They know that the typical republican voter will get mad and write a few letters but that’s about it. If the democrats continue to rig elections we may all have to take to the streets to take back our country.

  • sandman

    Here we go again…election fraud being committed in Florida, Nevada, Illinois, who knows where else….and these progressive idiots want illegals to get voting rights…in Nevada the SEIU thugs have control over the machines….how convenient…for 2012 we need ads contrasting the Chilean’s president handling of the mine disaster with our brainiac and the Gulf oil crisis…let us not give these liberals another chance to distroy our country….it’s very close this time.

  • Mike

    How do you tell if a republican is lying? Their lips are moving. No way the box was checked. No way. The voter is making that up, either for her 15 minutes or at the direction of her higher ups. Republicans will stop at nothing and stoop to unimaginable depths to get their way. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is just a catch phrase to them. Remember, the Constitution is just a $%#$@# piece of paper to them.

  • Horice Sheets

    Really…. No Fraud?

    Ross Miller is a Democrat. What would you expect him to say since it the Democrats that historically stuff the ballot boxes and cheat their way into office. Look at Washington Govenor Gregoire who lost the ballot count twice, added ballots against the state constitution and is now govenor. Look at Michigan and Chicago Democrat politics. Democrats cheat? ALWAYS!

  • Spoc158

    The real joke is Nevadans, who voted for Harry Reid over and over again. You are the real criminal pieces of crap who subjected the whole country to Dirty Harry because of your stupidity. Thanks Nevada for screwing up the country. You twits did your part!! Hey, maybe you can go marry a hooker now in Las Vegas.

  • jossch

    I really hope the American citizen will soon realize how severe this countries national debt has become and the problems associated with this much debt. We have unfunded social security and medicare, pensions and much more and yet these politicians are spending money like we are not broke. Please, at least vote these politicians out who got us where we are. You know who they are!

  • HermanMiller

    If the electorate are mad enough, the 5-8% of the vote the democrats usually maintain for the fraud vote should not matter.

  • Kenny West

    Hey, Democrats don’t cheat – like hell they don’t. In 1998 when Reid ran against John Ensign, Ensign was ahead all day. Late in the day in Washoe County, there was a sudden, unexplained “computer crash” and there were no election results for a couple of hours. When the computers came back up, Harry was ahead!!! It was a miracle! Republicans held a protest march the next day, but the election stood and Harry when back to Washington. Look for similar fraud in Washoe or Clark county this election.

  • Carl Z.

    My Grandfather tried to vote Republican in 1972 back when NY State had mechanical levered voting machines. The Republican levers were locked and didn’t work, so he didn’t vote. I asked him why he didn’t complain; he lived in the SE Bronx and was intimidated by the people running the place, being the last Euro-American in the neighborhood and knew he’d get beaten one more time despite not coming home with groceries.

  • tailgunner

    Soros has a special project intended to elect Democrat Secretaries of State in all 50 states.

    The plan is for his puppets to certify every phony, fraudulent stolen election in the Democrats’ favor.

  • AZCoop

    I believe the answer to the pre-programmed machines has already been given. Just everybody reset your machine 3 or 4 times before you vote. Simple. That’ll screw up the process and the poor Dumbocrats will get upset and start getty pissy and cause a ruckus. Demand that recalibration be done each time a mysterious event occurs. Especially in Washoe and Clark Counties. I want to see this on the national news. Take back your own turf, people, or Harry gets another miracle. Hey, it’s only America that’s at stake here, nothing important. Boycott Harry Reid NOW, before it’s too late. Put him out to pasture, PLEASE. It’s time to edit/undo 2008, starting next Tuesday. God be with our Republic forever. Amen.

  • dr. led peint

    its nice everyone knows about this fraud, but ie anyone prepared to do anything about it? we should stop this from becoming a duplication of the al Franken fraud. we all knew that the fraud was perpetrated by the election officials, the secretary of state, the fraud courts, and by Soros. the fraud was flagrant and in the open, but no one stopped it. we have Franken in Washington even though everyone knows he shouldn’t be there. someone must stand up and make sure sorts and the democrats are not allowed to send harry Reid back to Washington. someone must fight for our country or else it will be gone!

  • Jack Kennedy

    no more Franken fraud ………… dems/libs got away with the voter fraud that elected franken, but no again ………… the real Americans are on duty now and dems voter fraud aint gonna git it done

  • Abe Rolling Over in Grave

    So, why is Reid getting away with this fraud, again? Oh yeah, the White House controls who they look into. I am sure Obama will clear Reid of any crimes.

  • paladin kcs

    SEIU workers what the purple shirt thugs working on voter machines like having ACORE Babysitting your girls, If nothing found the person looking must be on the payroll or incompetent,If it happen more then one time it not a glitch its the communist thing to do.Franken and the rest of the elitist defeatist party of communist need to crawl back under the rocks the slithered out from under and NV. Can not expect any help from D.C. voter laws only apply to black victims not the rest of America

  • Americanfirst

    Quit venting..
    You just CAN’T FIX STUPID…but you can VOTE IT OUT!
    Miller is OUT
    Reid is OUT
    SOROS your ass is next!
    Just get all of them out….NOW!!!

    Enough of the BS!!

  • John Garnett

    And what should we expect from a Secretary of State who is a Democrat, the truth? It’s a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse (with the help of SEIU).

  • JP

    They broke into CASINO slots software, they can do that on voting machines!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linko

    Why don’t all the globalist by a chain of islands with all the tax money they swindled from us.Take all you people that want to be ruled and give up all your freedoms to serve them. This country belongs to anyone that wants to live free.The american people will not submit to tyranny ever

  • GrammiSami

    I do not understand the voters that are making these claims. Why are they not immediately reporting what they think might be fraud. It reminds me of the operations of the Pendergast Machine when I lived in Missouri. I am sure it is happening because of what I saw when I left after voting but I didn’t go over and investigate. My bad. I really did not realize that something wrong might be happening. I am sure that Ross Miller will react in the same way as he did to the Acorn fraud in Las Vegas.

  • Daryl Hunter

    Food for thought

    In 2001 I had moved to Nevada from Idaho for 6 months, I guess I registered to vote because of motor voter.

    I moved back to Idaho in august of 2001 having never voted in nevada yet before the 2004 election I had a absentee ballot show up at my home in Idaho.

    I never asked for an absentee ballot and I did throw it away but I know many wouldn’t. I don’t know who was responsible for sending me an absentee ballot but I think that this process should be looked into.

    Maybe this is how Harry Reid always pulls a rabbit out of his hat at election time.

  • Brett

    I know it has been said, and I am not sure if this has been said. As far as programming these machines, it doesn’t matter what they select, any programmer can make it select any candidate regardless of what the screen shows.

    Voting should not, I repeat, should not have sofware in any way shape or form. Any software can be written with the intent of the programmer. More importantly, software can, and do things that are not expected of the user, whether that be due to program error, or due to programmer involvement.

  • MarvLS

    Mark Ritchie in MN, despite allowing Al Franken to steal a senate seat, insists that vote fraud is insignificant. He is currently playing games with the 2010 Governor’s race.

    Ritchie is part of the SOS project: created by Georse Soros to get left-wing Secys of State elected to oversee elections, and make sure vote-integrity intitatives are stopped while initatives that make Democrat cheating easier are promoted.

    There are still 20,000 ballots counted in the 2008 Frankenfraud race that have not been reconciled to the registration lists. Marke Ritchie refused to give a full accounting of this, and the Democratic State House let him off the hook.

    Whenever people complain of vote fraud, the fraudsters complain of vote suppression and accuse the complaintants of sour grapes. Yet they can’t prove suppression, and they can’t refute fraud or irregularity allegations.

  • rehammmagdy