Nevada Senate Majority Leader Picks Census Bureau Liaison To Serve In Top Administrative Post

CARSON CITY – Nevada state Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford announced today he has selected David Byerman to serve as the secretary of the Senate beginning Aug. 30.

Byerman will replace former secretary Claire Clift, who Horsford asked to step down earlier this year. Horsford said at the time he wanted a change but offered no further explanation for his decision.

The search for a new Senate secretary took two months and considered 200 applicants. The salary was advertised as between $100,000 and $110,000 a year, which is unchanged from the previous secretary.

The secretary of the Senate is elected by the membership of the Senate and serves as the Senate’s chief administrative officer and parliamentarian. Byerman will serve in the position pending formal approval by the Senate in February of 2011.

“I am very confident that David will bring fresh ideas and vision to the office of secretary of the Senate,” said Horsford, D-Las Vegas. “His varied background and wide-ranging experience will serve him well in this challenging position.”

Byerman, 38, currently serves as the chief government liaison for Nevada for the U.S. Census Bureau. In that capacity, he has traveled extensively throughout the state establishing partnerships and promoting participation in the just-concluded 2010 census.

Byerman served as the primary media spokesman for the Census Bureau in Nevada and is widely credited with the success of the statewide campaign.

Byerman earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Redlands, with a double major in political science and history. He earned a master’s of governmental administration degree from the Fels Center of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.

He served as a policy advisor to former Gov. Bob Miller on environmental, transportation and technology issues. He also formerly served as chief of the Program Development Division for the Nevada Department of Transportation, where he managed intergovernmental relations.

Immediately prior to his two-year stint with the Census Bureau, Byerman served as director of communications for MGM MIRAGE, the state’s largest private sector employer.

Byerman is a former president of the Sparks Chamber of Commerce, a former three-term chairman of the State of Nevada’s Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy, and was appointed by the late Gov. Kenny Guinn to the state of Nevada’s Advisory Committee on Natural Resources.

“I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Nevada as secretary of the Senate,” Byerman said. “As I leave federal employment, I would also like to thank the 6,200 members of our Census 2010 team throughout the state. As Nevadans, we will all be realizing the benefits of a successful census for the next ten years to come.”

Byerman is married to Caroline and they have two children, Amanda, 10, and Will, 8.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Senator Horsford….I would have thought the selection would have been a candidate who had experience within the legislative process, legislative rules, state government at a variety of levels and agencies, state budgeting, etc. so that the entire package was there to be a benefit during the upcoming session. Instead, there appears to have been a ‘chosen one’ all along. Good luck during session !!!

  • Anonymous

    This will also change as Dems lose control of the Senate. 2012 will be the real year of change. Sadly are country is be run by the unexperienced on both platforms.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with both comments so far….experience is going to be the key going into the upcoming session and that necessary kind of experience isn’t there for the incumbent based on what is needed and what has been shared with the public about what he has done. There were individuals who could have hit the ground running easier and not had quite such an uphill battle; but they never even got an interview. Sorry for the Senate…

  • http://nvnewsbureau michael

    1. Time is soooon to be here that HUGE decisions will be made because we have the largest budget shortfall in the U.S. and by a factor of 3 times the national average. Most money is spent on people and pensions so the wh0res who sold out Nevada to the unions will have to admit the gravy train stops here. The state will no doubt steal $ from the cities and counties and those wh0res will have to admit to the public unions that the gravy train stops here.
    There are easy ways to fix this problem but it takes brains and not arrogence.
    I could explain the simple fix for revenues but U will never get there if U can not start w/ salaries, pensions, illegas and the wh0re politicians
    2. Nevada’s largesse to public unions, the highest in the U.S. costs 1 billion dollars every year over what the private sector receives. STOP IT NOW
    BANKRUPTSY must be decared, all gov. employees contracts and pensions must be nullified.
    public employees need to be fired en mass and rehired at the national average (no execeptions)
    NV needs a law for illegals like Arizona as those illegas are on the move and coming here
    We are 3 billion short and loose at least 1 billion because of illegals alone, if u can’t start with the obvious u will NEVER get there

  • Anonymous

    How is this new Senate Secretary going to perform the job appropriately commuting from Las Vegas?