Team Tark Looking for A Few Good Men, With Cash

From Team Tark this morning, a claim that they are in “a virtual tie” – and the only “true outsider” in the race! – along with a solicitation for funds ($100 from 200 folks) for a final ad buy (bold text is mine) that will help Danny go down in history:

Dear Friend,

Danny Tarkanian is on the cusp of a remarkable victory in Nevada. Sue Lowden, is in steep decline due to a series of missteps and questionable campaign activities. His other opponent, Sharron Angle, is still seen by some as a candidate that cannot muster enough support to beat Harry Reid. Internal polls continue to show Danny in a virtual tie, and when the dust settles next Tuesday, Danny Tarkanian will be the Republican standard-bearer for what will be an historic campaign against Harry Reid.

One of the benefits of a long and expensive primary is the chance to prove your candidate’s character and demonstrate the resilience and longevity of your campaign. We can tell you that no candidate has worked harder than Danny. It has not always been easy – Danny has had to contend with a dozen candidates running for Senate and a slew of out of state special interest money spent on his opponents. Despite it all however, Danny is the only true outsider in this race, and he has managed to fight his way to the top.

Many of you have contributed generously to Danny’s campaign. Even though some of you cannot vote for Danny, you have seen his potential, have understood the enormous impact that his election to the U.S. Senate would make, and have trusted in his message. Your support has made the difference and next Tuesday you will be among those standing proud. In this final week, Danny is hitting the campaign trail hard, but he needs our help one last time. The campaign is prepared to make a heavy television buy for the final few days, but we need your support to be seen and heard. If just 200 of you contribute $100 or more, Danny can run our final television buy and make his last appeal to Nevada’s people. It could make all the difference on Election Day next Tuesday.

Join with us in this historic moment. Be a part of a campaign that will re-write the political landscape. Help Danny Tarkanian when your contribution will matter most. It only takes a moment to make a valuable contribution online.


Team Tark

Not sure what kind of game-changing statewide ad buy you can get for $20,000 right now…?  Will have to be targeted to get bang for that buck, I think.

  • Bob Hastings

    For those considering Angle or Lowden please read:

    According to Carl Cameron (Fox News) Tarkanian has moved into 2nd.

    Lowden: Quite Simply a Trainwreck.

    Angle: On an April 5-7 poll Angle was getting 5% of the vote. 6 weeks later she is pushing 30%. What has changed? Endorsements and money. I don’t believe the endorsements would have catapulted her forward on their own. Two endorsements, Tea Party Express (Sacramento) and Club for Growth (Washington) have put Angle in the position of spending like Lowden. Estimates are Angle (with help from the TPX/ CFG) will outspend Lowden $852,000 to $255,000 on ads/mailers over the last two weeks. Look at what Angle had to say to KOLO on May7 regarding Lowden:

    “ There’s a little evidence someone is trying to buy a senate seat rather than earn it.”

    Now we know who that person is. Sharon was barely on the radar screen before these groups from outside of Nevada dumped $1,000,000+ into her campaign. Had they not done that Angle would still be barely on the radar. The TPX/CFG money cannot go through Angle’s campaign but is that money any more private than the money Lowden has that Angle claimed was buying the race?