Team Gibbons: Let’s Stop the Drama Now! (His, I Mean…)

Too funny.  Perpetual Drama King Governor Jim Gibbons is calling for an end to the drama.  Obama’s drama, that is. (He’s a poet now, too, I guess.)

Here’s the release:

Let’s Stop the “Obama Drama” Now!

June 3, 2010

Dear Nevada Voters,

Hello, this is your Governor, Jim Gibbons.

The “Obama Drama” in Nevada has started, and we have all heard “Spend-it-all” LIE about his liberal “Tax-us-all” agenda.

“Whinin’ Brian” is saying anything, and doing everything to cover up the “Spend-it-all” Seven Year Tax Hike he rammed down our throats, just like Obama did with the Reid/Obama/Pelosi Nationalized Health Care fiasco.

“Spend-it-all” Sued Nevada Voters to Raise Our Taxes, and we are still paying his tax hikes today!

Join me, Governor Jim Gibbons, to stop “Spend-it-all”, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Liberal Progressives.

Get a friend and get to the polls. Your future and the future of Nevada depend on it.

I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE. Let’s protect our way of life, protect our Constitution and stand by our true conservative values.

God bless you, and let’s get to work.

Warmest Regards,

Jim Gibbons

I love campaign season.  Really.

But I’m confused.  Is Brian Sandoval “Whinin’ Brian” (so much for being a poet) or “Spend-it-all”?

In this release, “Spend-it-all” is a modifier for “Seven Year Tax Hike” in one sentence but a nickname for Sandoval in the next.

And it’s not very clever in either case.

Is it June 8 yet?

  • concerned citizen

    We are not voting for a Poet Laureate but the most conservative Governor this State has seen in many years. Do you want more of the Governor Quinn years, (Talk about a Rino)if you do just vote for Sandoval. If you want a conservative that doesn’t have the needed experience yet then vote for Mayor Montandon. With the upcoming deficit we only have one choice. Governor Gibbons!