Gov. Gibbons Establishes Commission To Find Solutions to Criminal Activity In Nevada

CARSON CITY – Gov. Jim Gibbons today signed an executive order creating the Nevada Crime Commission with the charge of examining existing and emerging crime problems statewide and seeking innovative methods and solutions to combat those crimes.

“Public safety is a primary purpose of government and is one of my top priorities,” Gibbons said. “The Nevada Crime Commission will help bolster law enforcement at all levels of government in Nevada to make sure our law officers are properly trained and equipped to deal with new crime trends.”

Gibbons also noted: “As I have said in the past, the economic crisis means particular attention needs to be paid to criminals and crimes committed against businesses and government programs. If people are illegally profiting from the misfortune of others or at the expense of others, I want it stopped and I want the perpetrators punished.”

The commission will act as an advisory body to Gibbons. The commission will promote communication among law enforcement agencies to formulate solutions to crime problems. The commission will also bring together community and government leadership that will research, evaluate, develop and recommend solutions to build public awareness of the impact of crime on our communities.

The Nevada Crime Commission is comprised of law enforcement officers from all levels of government in Nevada, as well as state and local prosecutors, business leaders, community leaders and activists, representatives of crime victims groups, and others.

Federal agencies including the FBI and ATF will also be invited to participate.