FreedomWorks PAC Endorses Sharron Angle

FreedomWorks PAC and Chairman Dick Armey have today announced their endorsement for Sharron Angle which will include a Get Out the Vote effort via their 4,400+ Nevada members.  Here’s the press release:

Washington, DC – Today, FreedomWorks PAC announced its latest “Champion of Freedom” endorsement as part of the Take America Back in 2010 campaign.

Sharron Angle, a Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, has won the endorsement because of her firm commitment to a strict, limited government, fiscally conservative agenda. Her record as a Nevada State Assemblywoman demonstrates she will not drift from these fundamental free market principles.

Angle routinely helped lead fights in the Nevada Assembly against big government power grabs during her tenure from 1999 to 2005. Most notably, in 2003 she was instrumental in putting the breaks on an $800 million statewide tax hike. Angle fought this big government boondoggle all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, ultimately ensuring its demise.

FreedomWorks PAC will support Angle in her election bid through an intense Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program that its 4,455 members in Nevada will lead. The primary elements of this campaign will include door-to-door literature drops, phone banks, and yard sign distribution.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey commented, “The Nevada Senate contest presents the limited government movement with the biggest opportunity to ‘trade up’ this election cycle. In no other race in the country can you find a wider divide between a big government incumbent and a courageous upstart challenger. When the dust finally settles, Harry Reid, one of the most entrenched and powerful liberal politicians on the national scene will be out of a job and Sharron Angle will give limited government conservatives not only in Nevada, but all over the country a key ally in the Senate.”

Tabitha Hale, a media coordinator and spokesperson for FreedomWorks, said their members will be actively calling GOP voters between now and Tuesday and that they will use polling data to target key areas for door-to-door lit drops and sign placement.

  • NevadaOrBust

    Oh, yeah, Dick Armey and Freedomworks have never seen a gravytrain they did not want to jump in from of.

  • CL. Holm

    If I can help you defeat Harry Reid in any way, let me know. Thanks!

  • Bob Hastings

    For those considering Angle please read:

    According to Carl Cameron (Fox News) Tarkanian has moved into 2nd.

    On an April 5-7 poll Angle was getting 5% of the vote. 6 weeks later she is pushing 30%. What has changed? Endorsements and money. I don’t believe the endorsements would have catapulted her forward on their own. Two endorsements, Tea Party Express (Sacramento) and Club for Growth (Washington) have put Angle in the position of spending like Lowden. Estimates are Angle (with help from the TPX/ CFG) will outspend Lowden $852,000 to $255,000 on ads/mailers over the last two weeks. Look at what Angle had to say to KOLO on May7 regarding Lowden:

    “ There’s a little evidence someone is trying to buy a senate seat rather than earn it.”

    Now we know who that person is. Sharon was barely on the radar screen before these groups from outside of Nevada dumped $1,000,000+ into her campaign. Had they not done that Angle would still be barely on the radar. The TPX/CFG money cannot go through Angle’s campaign but is that money any more private than the money Lowden has that Angle claimed was buying the race?

    This election is being bought by the Tea Party Express and Club for Growth for Sharron Angle. Tarkanian is a viable candidate doing it the right way – by earning it. If you don’t believe me believe the Tea Party Nation and the Tea Party Patriots who have called the Express on the carpet for getting involved by endorsing candidates. People need to realize the Tea Party Express was created and is run by the Political Consulting firm of Russo, Marsh and Rogers in Sacramento. This is all about them making money. Additionally, the Club for Growth has spent $335,000 on ads and mailers attacking conservatives.

    Do we as Nevadan’s want California and Washington controlling our elections? Vote Tarkanain.

  • Shirley Brown

    How do I get a Sharron Angle Yard Sign? Thanks