The Anti-Angle Argument: She Can’t Win the General

Is there enough time for this line (“The Woman Who Can Save Harry Reid”) — which is TIME online’s echo of this morning’s POLITICO piece (“Reid angles for tea party foe in Nev.”) — to sway the voters and save Sue Lowden’s campaign?

I wondered all last week why Team Lowden was running an ad going after Angle on more flimsy criticisms while ignoring her most obvious weakness:  she’s so conservative on so many issues that she may not be able to beat Reid in the general election.

Team Reid will definitely pummel Angle on that very thing all summer and half the fall.

(It is also worth noting that during the Big Announcement tour last fall, Lowden pledged not to go negative on her GOP primary opponents. But that was when she thought she would easily win and long before the Tea Party Express (and their money) gave Angle a huge boost.)

Hat Tip on the TIME and POLITICO links:  @RalstonFlash on Twitter.

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Speaking of Angle’s conservative creds, this is kinda funny, as Tweeted by Sebelius:

MT @SteveSebelius: Does Sharron Angle think liquor should be illegal?

and ReTweeted and commented upon by @RalstonFlash:

Extremism in defense of imbibing is no vice.

How dare Ralston hijack the great words of Barry Goldwater that way?!  I am outraged.  (No, not really.)

(Actually, I bet a lot of Americans don’t know that Goldwater lifted those words — “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice” — from Roman philosopher/statesman/lawyer Marcus Cicero.)

Anyhow, the linked piece is a post by Sebelius on Angle’s uber-conservative stance on both marijuana and alcohol as expressed in an interview she did a few years back.

Sebelius asks:

Wait, what? Alcohol — which is currently legal — should be treated the same as marijuana — which is currently not legal? Is she serious? A candidate from the state of Nevada, which is practically sponsored by booze companies, is not a proponent of legal alcohol?


But then this:

Despite the 2006 interview, however, Angle’s spokesman, Jerry Stacy, said today Angle doesn’t want to bring back Prohibition. “Sharron doesn’t want to make alcohol illegal,” he said, noting that Angle has never introduced legislation along those lines, and even voted against taxes on booze.

“Alcohol is a legal substance, and adults can choose to imbibe,” Stacy said.

So, for the record, Sharron Angle is not a Prohibitionist.

But as Politico points out, she is still for/against all this stuff:

She wants to privatize Social Security; cut federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars; build nuclear power plants inside Yucca Mountain; abolish the federal income tax and institute a “simpler, fairer, flatter tax system”; “defund Obamacare”; pull the United States out of the United Nations; ban nearly all abortions; get rid of the Energy and Education departments as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and remove all campaign finance restrictions, requiring instead immediate reporting of donations.

And in a state with a large and growing Hispanic population, Angle takes a hard-line view on immigration, siding with the tough new Arizona law that gives law enforcement officials broad discretion to crack down on suspected illegal aliens.

  • Jim Blockey, Las Vegas

    Reid called Angle a female Rand Paul… Well Reid is just a… male Harry Reid.

  • LayOffofSodom

    A female Rand Paul? I would be so insulted if I was Rand Paul.

    I am still baffled by the Scientology huggy cures for prisoners. Angle can’t wait to reintroduce the Scientology prison program and if she is the next US Senator, she can take it nationwide….

  • ConservativeForTruth

    Sharron Angle is a joke. Harry Reid would wipe the floor with her. She’s the handpicked candidate of the Church of Scientology for crying out loud! Watch the video for yourself:

  • Mat

    Sharron Angle has nothing to do with Scientology. That is just a lie created by her political opponents.
    On the other hand Lowden wants our military to pay to bury themselves when they are killed.

  • Jerry

    @Mat can you provide a link (not to a Harry Reid site or reprint) to provide proof?

  • Justin Barasky, Reid Campaign

    Lowden refuses to answer questions on civil rights, hangs up on reporter

  • Kevin

    Sharron Angle is nothing more than a career politician who voted three times to raise her taxpayer funded salary, then lied about those votes!

    We should be working to replace the career politicians in Washington, not sending more like Sharron Angle there to collect a paycheck. On June 8th, tell Sharron Angle to find a real job and get off the taxpayer’s dime!