Other CD-3 Candidate Has YouTube Attack Ad on Joe Heck

Considering that early voting has begun and Joe Heck is assured to be the CD-3 GOP primary winner barring some major disaster twixt now and June 8, Republican candidate Steve Nohrden has picked an odd time to come out with this YouTube ad (posted on May 19).

If Nohrden cannot afford to get the ad up on TV, as one assumes he cannot, why bother?  Ad making practice?

More stuff to file under Too Little Too Late.

  • Angela

    You call that an attack ad? Rather mild, if you ask me. Halseth-Nolan-Rape-Defense – that’s what I would call an attack.

  • http://www.Nohrden4Congress.com Steven Nohrden

    I am Steven Nohrden. That was not that bad of an attack. I didn’t mention any chickens. As a journalist why not just call me before you report something? That ad is on Fox News, Discovery, Ch 8, Ch 5 and Ch 3. As far as who will be nominated on June 8 we will have to wait. The people are tired of the same old politicians. I know this because, that’s why I’m running.

  • http://www.Nohrden4Congress.com Steven Nohrden

    If you think that was an attack you must see the ad done by Ed Bridges just recently.


  • Steven Cohen


    You must be a Heck supporter, so much for the “independent news service”. Your as bad as the lame liberal media.
    You either can’t get the facts straight or you just lie, I saw the ad on TV. You call that an attack, your as thin skinned as joe biden.

    This is the last time I check with Nevada News Bureau, more stuff to file under lame biased media.


  • Elizabeth Crum

    Good grief, Dear Readers. I post campaign ads all the time. If they go negative on the opposition, they are legitimately “attack ads,” even if relatively mild.

    This ad accused Joe Heck of being part of the cause of the Nevada recession, which I would say is a pretty serious charge considering the present state of our economy.

    But my post was less about that, and more about the late timing of the ad, with Heck polling so high in that district.

    As for why I did not contact Mr. Nohrden, I thought it wasn’t necessary, as the ad spoke for itself – but I do apologize for saying the ad was only on YouTube when it was/is up on network.