Lawmakers Move to Repeal Law Creating Antiquated Metric System Advisory Panel

CARSON CITY – Nevadans may soon be safe from the agonies of being required to figure out how hot it is Celsius or how many kilometers per hour they are driving.

The Legislative Commission this week voted to draft a bill to repeal an old statute creating the state’s Advisory Council on the Metric System. The bill will be considered in the 2011 legislative session.

The seven-member council was created in 1981 when the federal government was moving forward with a program of getting the states to convert to the metric system. Congress in 1975 passed the Metric Conversion Act to plan for the conversion.

That effort was derailed in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan eliminated funding for the conversion effort.

Donald Williams, research director for the Legislative Counsel Bureau, recommended a bill be drafted to repeal the law.

“So since 1982 the federal government has not been actively promoting the conversion to the metric system,” Williams told the commission.

The state advisory council, placed under the authority of the Department of Agriculture, has not met since the mid-1980s.

Under a state law requiring a biennial review of state statutes to look for outdated and antiquated laws, the Agriculture Department identified the metric council as one example of such a law. The required review of statutes was approved by the Legislature in 2003.

Commission Chairman and Assemblyman John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, said the recommendation “seems reasonable.”

The motion to draft the bill passed unanimously.

  • Carolynne Walker

    This is pathetic. Perhaps Mr. Williams should focus on issues of dire importance as opposed to a metric system in which Nevadan’s spend zero time “agonizing over converting.” Nevadans, and the rest of the country, are already well adjusted to using the Farenheit and mileage metrics that are supplied to us. I don’t know of a single person that “agonizes over converting” these metrics. The much larger issue here though should be education. For Example, those who have traveled to Europe know they must convert the system since kilometer and Celsius metrics are primarily used. They are also aware of the immigration policies used in other countries. Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Williams’ intention is to breed illiteracy so he can use the media to snooker the public more-a popular strategy used by the Democrats. Yeah, hats off Mr. Oceguera..

  • Daniel

    Why does the US need the metric system? American businesses that want to use it simply can do what they have been doing since Ronald Reagen was president. That is close the factories in the US and move the work to a metric country.

    Then everyone is happy.

    The company bosses who don’t have to train American workers to use metric units then have them rebel and complain. The companies can simply give the work to people elsewhere who know only the metric system.

    Americans would be happy because they won’t have to worry about some boss forcing them to speak metric all day.

    OK… so what if Americans are unemployed and homeless? Isn’t that an acceptable small price to pay to keep the metric system out? So what if the products once made in inches in the US are made in millimetres somewhere else? As long as they label the product with a false declaration of content that Americans accept, who would know the difference?

  • Seares

    I just don’t get it! The rest of the world uses metric, NASA uses metric, the US military uses metric, scientific work is exclusively metric. And how much simpler it is- eg 1 litre of water weighs 1kg, 1 tonne is 1000kg, 1km is 1000 metres, etc.
    Why does the US so want to stick with an antiquated system- it must be that many US citizens never get out of their own country to see how the rest of the world works. As for Fahrenheit- how stupid is it to have a freezing point of water as 32 degrees, and boiling point 212. Not logical, as Mr Spock would say… Oh yes, Star Trek is ALWAYS metric, and look how far they’ve got!

  • BeholdersEye

    Nevadians, you bunch of idiots, your currently ARE using the antiquated measurement system it is called the English/Imperial/American measurement system. Why don’t you join the Twenty-first Century with the rest of the World.

    Thanks, for keeping America in the Twentieth Century. Thanks for forcing blue collar workers to purchase two different sets of tools, just to work in America. Thanks for making American companies to spend huge piles of money to keep two sets of hardware in inventory/stock. All other countries only need and have one system. How is that cost competitive with the rest of the World. It is no wonder America is on the decline as an Economic Power.

  • Mike Joy

    Nevadans sure know how to shoot themslves in the foot pretty accurately. Must be the strong beer there.

  • Mark Lucas

    Hello Nevada Politicians,

    HOW pathetic are your responses to the Use of the Metric System.
    Have you looked at Carton of Milk lately, or a bottle of wine, how about your relish jar, or soda bottle. Even the laundry soap containers are now made in METRIC sizes. GEE! no need to convert there?

    It is just a fact about the FEAR Some people have about change. Just convert “OUT-RIGHT” to Metrics. NO NEED to convert. IT just IS>

    YOur comments about conversion are pretty lame.

    It is happening already. Wake up NEVADA!!!!

  • Tjlinville

     I’d do anything to get away from the US customary units of measure. No more fractions, no multiplying by 12, 16, 32, 8, 3 etc. Maybe some of our jobs would come back if we built things that were compatible with the rest of the word. Ronald Reagan hurt this country by de-funding the metrication efforts in this country. Did we shoot ourselves in the foot with a .38 or a 9 mm?