Will IE Campaign Against Sandoval Lead to Blowback on Rory in the General?

It is often said that all’s fair in love, war and politics, but  the always feisty and often irreverent blogger at Maven & Meddler apparently doesn’t see it that way.  She has written a scathing post about Dan Hart’s “cheesy front group,” aka www.DontBetOnSandoval.com.  Here’s her opener:

Don’t let anybody say that I only walk the talk on a single side of the street. In this case, a former Reid operative is pissing me off with this campaign against Brian Sandoval – the guy who would be Governor Jim ‘Crazy Pants’ Gibbons replacement.

Out of sheer cussedness I think I’d vote for Sandoval, were the election tomorrow. If I could re-register as a Republican temporarily to vote for Sandoval in the Republican primary, I would do it in a heart beat.

Is the Rory Reid campaign listening?

They ought to be.

The rest of the post includes a passionate defense of Sandoval, some choice words about Hart and his ads, and a few little gems for Rory, too.  (Language warning, so those with delicate sensibilities oughta brace yourselves — or skip it.)

If other Democrat and/or Independent voters see things through the same lens Maven does, and if Sandoval wins the GOP primary, it’s possible Hart’s Sandoval-bashing campaign could ultimately have the opposite of its intended effect:

Keeping Rory Reid out of the governor’s mansion.