Straw Poll Results from Friday’s KDWN-hosted GOP Debate

A straw poll was taken during the KDWN GOP Debate help Friday night at the Orleans. 595 ballots were returned out of 800 distributed. The results (winners in bold text):

CD 1

Fiore 12.7 %

Lake 29.6 %

Tatner 57. 7 %

CD 3

Bridges 27.1%

Heck 72.9 %

U.S. Senate

Angle 27.1%

Chachas 21.3%

Christensen 10.6%

Lowden 16.1%

Tarkanian 24.9%

  • Steve Montez

    I am glad Sharron Angle won the straw poll she will have my full support, if nevada does not support her all the way because of the lack of funds on her part they can keep Scary Reid. I will not vote for anyone else and I will not vote someone in just to get reid out. Sue Lowden acted like she was stuck up and Danny Tarkanian can’t run on his own merit had to have mommy and daddy there. john moved here for the oppurtunity at an easy win against reid,and chad just has not done anything worth mentioning. sorry,for bad spelling and punctation.

  • Anthony Wojcicki

    Sharron Angle all the way. In my opinion, she is the only intelligent choice. Surely there must be a black hole out there in outer space that can suck up the RINO’s, and tax and spend Democrats.


  • FredR

    So much for Mason-Dixon! Who the heck do they poll? “likely voters” my eye!

    People who actually get up off the sofa, drive to a debate venue, and listen to candidates are much more representative of GOP primary voters than random phone calls.

    Go Sharron!! And for those uninformed, go to her web site and listen to Mark Levin practically propose to her!

  • Mike

    Sharron has worked the hardest to get where she is, she hasn’t inherited anything, no money, no family buisness or anything like that. She knows what its like to start from the ground up and knows the meaning of “hard work pays off”.
    I am impressed that she is out on the road making a name for herself instead of relying on family name etc. She doesn’t have a huge coach bus with her face on it, she doesn’t have millions of dollars but she has something you don’t see from every other candidate, heart!
    Sharron has got my vote and the other supporters know what i’m talkin bout. Vote for Sharron Angle, the right choice!

  • Sylvia and George

    Sharron has our wholehearted support!