Rory Against, Gibbons and Sandoval for AZ-style Immigration Law

(Dear Rory:  I do hope you don’t mind me calling you Rory, but there are seven months between now and the general election and I am already SO tired of typing “Rory Reid” and “Harry Reid.”  This will just be so much better for me.  And you, too, maybe!  Love, E.)

Rory’s remarks against the new dealio down in AZ:

LAS VEGAS, NV – Rory Reid, Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement regarding passage of the new immigration law in Arizona:

“Instead of a common sense approach, what has occurred in Arizona is a wrong-headed approach to a serious issue – and that’s why Arizona law enforcement leaders, civil rights advocates, religious leaders and business groups oppose the bill,” said Reid. “It’s also evidence of what can happen in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.”

“On its face, this ill-conceived law opens the door to racial profiling and the violation of the fundamental civil rights of all Americans,” he continued. “You can’t determine whether someone is undocumented simply by the way they look, dress or speak.

“This law will also breach the important trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect, and divert resources away from critical incidents, where police are most needed.

“Nevadans can count on me to be a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and common sense solutions to this complicated issue.”

Ok.  What’s the comprehensive, common sense plan?  And will we hear about it before or after November 2?

And Gibbons:

(Carson City, Nevada) – Governor Jim Gibbons today demanded that President Barack Obama and his Administration take immediate steps to enforce federal immigration laws. “Guarding the borders of our great Nation is a federal responsibility that this Administration is ignoring,” Gibbons said, “Federal inaction is compelling states like Arizona to take state action and forcing state taxpayers to foot the bill.”

Recent statements from President Obama suggest he is trying to make immigration enforcement a political issue. “This President and this Administration, including Congressional Leaders Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are shamelessly pandering for political gain, “Gibbons said, “These people should start acting like leaders and start enforcing federal laws”, Governor Gibbons said, “Instead, they blame others for their own ineffectiveness.”

Governor Gibbons noted the Administration is out of touch with society today. “Clearly the immigration system in this country is broken and is costing taxpayers billions of dollars,” Governor Gibbons said, “The Obama Administration must wake up and fix our immigration problems at the border.”

Gibbons believes the immigration laws in the United States must be modernized to reflect advancements in technology (facial recognition technology, biometric ID cards) and the changed world we live in today. “There are people crossing the border committing violent crimes and others who want to harm America through terrorism,” Gibbons said, “President Obama, Reid and Pelosi are ‘asleep at the switch’ and they must take action now or America families will continue to suffer.”

Did not see a press missive from Sandoval, but he said he supported the AZ law in Friday’s debate in Reno.

Update (7:43 PM): Statement from Sandoval:

“As a former federal judge, I believe it is important to follow the law. In this case, the law is very clear. Racial profiling is illegal and I do not support it. Also, if you are here illegally, you are breaking the law and should be subject to the consequences.

“The federal government has failed miserably at its responsibility to secure our borders. States like Arizona are now forced to deal with the results of that failure.

“That said, I do understand the Hispanic community’s concerns about this law and believe Arizona officials must pay close attention to the implementation of the new law.”

Not sure on Montandon; will update here if/when he chimes in (missed the gub portion of the debate so didn’t hear).

  • shawn

    Everything Sandoval says on the issue is a wash. He recognizes racial profiling is illegal, but also recognizes that illegal immigration is illegal (Duh). Angry at the feds for not doing anyhing, but understands that the Hispanic community is angry. stop saying the obvious and tell us what you really mean and feel and where you really stand. It’s time.

  • GeorgeWillFan

    What possible plan can Rory have for illegal immigration? He has stood by and watch the problem (no sane person can argue that it is a problem) grow worse under his leadership of Clark County.

    Gibbons has been better than Reid on the rhtoric front, but not on the “doing-something” front.

    Sandoval is the only person with the experience and smarts to get something done on this issue in the best way possible.

  • Shawn Wasley

    I’m sorry George, but if Sandoval has the “experience and smarts to get something done on this issue” as you say he does, tell me what qualities you think he has after watching this video I just found.

    I think Sandoval has the “flip-flopping, vagueness, and irresponsibility to get nothing done on this issue”

    check it out here

  • Richard Scotti

    Shawn, the answer that Sandoval has is simple . . . the immigration laws have to be vigorously enforced, but law enforcement must enforce the laws in such a way to carefully avoid racial profiling, which is prohibited by the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Consitution. Hispanics, as well any any ethnic group, must be protected from harrassment. To stop and detain a person, and ask for proof of legal residency, law enforcement must have a reasonable susspicioun of illegality that is wholly unrelated to race.

  • Brian Kominsky

    I didn’t see Gibbons supporting an AZ style measure for NV in his press release. Go back and read it carefully. And I saw Sandoval dancing madly in place trying to say nothing and something at the same time. Taking these statements together with others the two have made on the subject, things are now completely as clear as mud.

    So, either we should support Richard Scotti for governor because he seems to be able to enunciate the ideas clearly as well as translate for Sandoval. Or we should admit that the candidate we need for governor is likely still supine on his or her chaise lounge, sipping Long Island iced tea by the pool.

    In this entire debate, I have yet to see anything said about the Mexicans that wasn’t said about the Irish, Italians and every other group of immigrants that ever came here. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to turn them into real free market loving, solid Americans instead of wringing out hands all day. But that’s impossible since we don’t have any of those here to show them as examples. Better to up the ante on our surveillance state by issuing the rest of us really dangerous “tamper proof” ID cards and maybe monitoring systems in our cars. You know, like Gibbons wants. Wonder what Sandoval thinks of those things?

    And there is just one other question. I see in the Constitution where the feds have authority over “naturalization” but I see nowhere do they have any over “immigration.” Probably just an oversight by the founders. Yep, that’s probably it. Maybe Mr. Scotti can help me with that one. Because Mr. Scotti would try to answer the question honestly, while the one he supports and the one he doesn’t probably would not.