New Poll Shows Lowden Still Leading, Angle Gaining in U.S Senate Primary

In an automated one-question survey of likely Republican voters conducted for the Nevada News Bureau on April 22 by PMI, Inc., U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden earned 41 percent of the vote compared to 24 percent for Danny Tarkanian, 17 percent for Sharron Angle and 18 percent who prefer someone else.

The poll question read as follows:

This is a one question voter information survey being conducted by the Nevada News Bureau. If the election were held today in the Republican primary for United States senate would you vote for Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian or do you prefer someone else?

For Sharron Angle press 1, for Sue Lowden press 2, for Danny Tarkanian press 3, or if you would prefer someone else press 4.

2,675 individuals participated in the poll, and the survey has a + or – 5% margin of error.

According to a Mason-Dixon GOP primary survey taken in early April in which pollsters floated all the Republican candidates for U.S Senate and questioned 300 Republicans, Lowden drew 45 percent of the vote while Tarkanian earned 27 percent and Angle pulled in just 5 percent.  Chad Christensen earned 4 percent, John Chachas earned 3 percent and 16 percent were undecided.

The Mason Dixon survey had a +/- 6% margin of error.

  • BattleBorn

    Anybody But Reid

  • Robert Yost

    What is the difference between Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle?
    Which one is more Conservative and would better uphold the Constitution?

  • Liberty4U2

    Yes, anybody but Reid, but not quite, as we still need to know which candidate will best protect the U.S. Constitution and work to reinstate the checks and balances of a federal republic based upon some fundamental democratic principles.

  • RightStuff

    Nevada must free itself from the delusional Harry Reid. He is truly bad for this country, and even for Nevada. He will do a lot of sucking up between now and his next election, but he will remain the same one dimensional person he is. He continues to exploit the covetous nature of man to his advantage.

  • newnoni

    Sharron Angle is more conservative than Sue Lowden. Sue has changed her stand to pro-life more recently. Sharron has always been pro-life. Sharron also has a proven conservative record in the Nevada state legislature. Sue served one term in the Senate. She disregarded our rights during the State Convention in 2008. Vote for Sharron Angle. Check out her record on her website

  • NavyWife

    I’m really disappointed that they only give out three options, then lump the rest of the candidates into one category.

    Please take a moment to research ALL candidates in this VERY IMPORTANT election. We as voters, only have ONE SHOT to remove Harry Reid. We need to make sure that our candidate will WIN.

    I am a proud Chad Christensen supporter. He is the only candidate who has not lost in an election. He is also the only current legislator in the race. I would like to encourge you to check out his voting record and website.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Peter P

    NavyWife – You are correct, Chad is a good man BUT he joined this race too late to win it. He also has limited funding and he’s very young. Maybe in a few years he’ll be ready but not yet. The big 3 candidates have raised 10 to 20 times the amount in campaign contributions that Chad has. If you vote for Chad this time, you’ll be helping Lowden win. The only bonafide conservative left in this race that has a chance to win is Sharron Angle. Vote for Sharron this time and not Lowden. Vote for Chad next time.

  • http://community.Webtv.Net/tkwrite/WhyavoteforObama Cali Republican says

    Although I don’t live in Nevada, I read up on your candidates, and I agree that your best bet for a win is Sharron Angle. She is the true Republican and as for Lowden, she is just part of the Good Old Boys club of RINOs controlling our GOP, and are in fear of losing their hold of a government that is controlled by special interest groups and their lobbyists. Vote real Republican and Tea Party Republican, by going with Sharron Angle. She is very much like the Republicans that just passed that great law in Arizona: Go USA and get lost Obama.

  • joe in NC

    Yes anybody but Reid. But please do your homework, lots of people in this country did not do there homework and just vote on party lines. And now we got one Hell of a mess in DC. Especially starting with the President. Many people I spoke to that voted for him actually regret it dearly. So do your homework

  • Bob Hastings

    I will admit Angle did well other than the fake smile plastered on her face all night long. She reminded me of Fireman Bill. That said she will never win Clark County and therefore cannot beat Reid. And please don’t tell me about the 300 person push polls in Clark. If done correctly a poll could be done that would show Reid winning the Republican Primary.

  • Say What in TN

    The email I received from the Tea Party Express stated “Lowden gave money to Reid”. When did this happen? What kind of money? Circumstances? Just trying to verify this before I contribute money. Thanks.

  • FredR

    Check who won the Clark county GOP straw poll. Lowden or Tarkanian? Nope. Sharron Angle did. In fact, neither Lowden nor Tarkanian won a single county straw poll between them – Angle won all of them except Nye!!

    Seems media pollsters don’t poll the active Republicans who vote in primaries!!

    Lowden shut down the state GOP convention last year and stopped the voting, and the national GOP chastised her for it. Is that the kind of free elections you want??

  • JamesO

    Did anyone notice the more respected April 5 Rasmussen poll? Angle came in second, ahead of Tarkanian and just 3% behind Lowden versus Reid.

    And that small 3% margin was purchased with over $250,000 in TV ads during Feb/March. Angle will probably start her TV ads soon, and watch that 3% disappear, while state-wide grassroots support for Angle takes over.

  • Carol F

    There is something very wrong with this poll if Rasmussen has Sharron Angle in #2 position and closing the gap. Your poll has absolutely no credibility. I saw the unenergetic and wooden Sue Lowden last evening at the Action is Brewing debate in Reno. Compared to Sharron Angle’s energized and enthusiastic remarks, Sue Lowden won’t be in #1 position very long. Sharron Angle is the true Conservative Constitutionalist… we’ve gone so far astray from that thinking that we are approaching a Socialist way of life. We desperately need to get back to reading, studying, knowing and abiding by our Constitution.

  • Kathy Sneed

    Sharron Angle has shown she believes in the US Constitution so she has my vote!

  • sunrise

    Actually, they all looked good at the debate. However when one knows the actual history the most qualified one looks like Sharron Angle to me. A parrot can learn the right things to say if rehearsed enough. But all they can really do is eat and dirty the newspaper in the bottom of the cage. Angle has actually upheld the conservetive effort in her every legislative engagement.

  • Red Dog

    It is just amazing to me how the RINO in the group is leading in the polls? Come on…Ms Angle’s substance of the issues out weighs Ms Lowden’s rhetoric! I was at the 2008 GOP State Convention and was not impressed by Ms. Lowden’s leadership as State party chair. How will she lead as a US senator? My vote is with Sharron Angle!

  • Lu

    Sue is more of a RINO than a conservative. She and her husband donated thousands to Harry Reid and then voted for him. They also donated heavily to Jimmy Carter. She was pro choice before she was pro life. AND she shut down the state convention because she didn’t like the person who was about to be nominated. Then she left the republican party over 200K in the red. This Reid style of behavior is not what we want representing us in Washington DC.

  • Nevadanative77

    There are only two true, PROVEN conservatives in this race that have reliable records. Chad Christensen and Sharron Angle. The rest can’t back up anything they’re saying. The problem w/ Angle is winning Clark County. This is where Chad will bleed Reid the most. He is very popular in Clark. Plus Chad is Mormon and Reid has relied on those votes for years. Chad is a better option to face Reid.

  • Dave Haskins

    Sue Lowden was in charge of the last State Convention debacle that got her reprimanded by the RNC machine that keeps losing ground to un-Constitutional liberals. Sharron Angle is for everything the GOP used to be for, less government intrusion, lower taxes, local educational control, states sovereignty, equal opportunity for all people, strong national defense, and above all, the rule of law as embodied in the Constitution, not what some politician thinks about government.

  • Mickey

    Whoever stands for the Constitution and the American people and defends against international bankers preying on our economy and our livelihoods, they should be elected.

  • Phyllis Ross

    I think SL’s remarks damage the whole Republican party, especially after reading the comments about it. I hope you can find a way to counteract this. You’ve got the smarts so I’m sure you can.

  • peter

    I am a Constitutional Conservative and probably agree with 99% of those who identify themselves as such. I have spent a LOT of time examining candidates, and I have found Danny Tarkanian to be the CLEAR CHOICE for us. I like Sharon too, but when I imagine someone being in DC and having to FIGHT for US, I want Danny Tarkanian as our representative. He seems (by a long shot) the best equipped intellectually and earnestly devoted to wanting to go fight for Constitutional Conservatism with NO EXCEPTIONS or RINO comprimising.

  • nationalrazor

    sharron angle is the most conservative candidate in the race however she CANNOT WIN. she would NOT defeat reid and she will not defeat lowden. in 2006 with endless club for growth money she couldn’t win a congressional district. in 2008, with countless far right endorsements, she couldn’t even win a state senate district. ONE endorsement from ONE pac isn’t going to do diddly. it might move her into second place thereby knocking tark out of the race but she would need 2 million dollars and a ground operation twice the size of the lowden machine to be able to come close to beating lowden. it ain’t gonna happen. angle isn’t going to win. game over. sharron angle is a serial office shopper and she will be able to add this defeat to her long, long list of defeats.

  • Jake

    I am not sure which debate you all watched, but Sharron kept parroting “constitution” in an effort to win some sort of Google weighting score, Sue tried really hard not to hurt herself further after a rough week taking “chicken abuse”, Danny looked as sharp as his 3×5 cards would let him, and Parson came off looking like a kook that has spent too much time locked in a bunker in the hills. The only candidate that showed up and had answers was John Chachas. He may not have all the support people to go post on websites and such, but he made real sense with real answers. Go watch the debate again. Really, I think everybody posting on here must work for the campaigns of the candidates — any objective parties should see through this charade.


    I am amazed at what I am reading here. Exactly why is Sue Lowden a RINO? Is it when she fought against the unions while a state senator and voted to keep NV a right to work state? How about when she was on the tax committee, and didn’t allow any new taxes to come through? Do these things make her a RINO? Please. You Ron Pavlians can’t believe your fringe candidate did not win, and continue to blame Sue s if it is her fault he got destroyed in the republican primaries. He didn’t even win NV, and you all are making an issue out of it. Keep in mind most Ron Pavlians hold to the “birther” and “911 Truther” movements as well. Now I don’t think Ron Paul is that bad actually, but he’s far from perfect. I hope you know he does stuff in a lot of pork into bills, knowing they will pass, but then votes “nay”. I guess that’s how he can get by with criticizing everyone else that vote “yay”.

    It is also boggles my mind that in order to be a candidate for a party, you believe a person must have NEVER supported a candidate from another party. Nor do you believe a person can change their views like things on abortion. Well guess what, I once supported and voted for a democrat, and once was pro choice. Although a republican, I may one day in the future, support a democrat for office. I am now pro life, and have given lots of money to the NRLC to make retribution for my past sins. I better not run for office as a republican with a pro life platform than, huh?

    Now let’s take the candidates. I heard the top three speak (Sue, Sharron and Danny) in person before I made my decisions to support Sue. She was the one that seemed less like she needed the job, but wanted it the most in order to help NV. I did like Sharron Angle, but when her entire speech was about her past in the legislator, and how she did a lot for home school, I was left waiting for something else, but never got it. Also, when you mention the word “Constitution” 25 times in a 10 min. speech, it begins to sound like rhetoric, and I am a Constitutionalist. Danny just didn’t do it for me at all.

    Now we all know Sue has the best chance to defeat Dirty Harry, and every poll to date, including this one, shows it. And PLEASE do not bring up straw polls. People only bring them up when they are grasping at “straws”. Anyone who knows anything about the 2008 election, knows that Ron Paul when almost every “straw poll” there was, his followers were saying the same thing Sharron’s followers are saying now, and he got destroyed. Straw polls really mean nothing.

    If you truly want Harry Reid gone, and someone in Washington who will help NV and create jobs, vote for Sue Lowden.

    GO SUE!


    Sentence in last paragraph should read:
    knows that Ron Paul WON almost every “straw poll” there was

  • nationalrazor


    excellent point about chachas. he did come across the best in the debate. problem is, he’s a carpetbagger. period. nevada doesn’t take kindly to carpetbaggers (paging jack carter and tessa hafen) and all of his money and billboards hasn’t moved the peg one bit. he’s a distraction. that’s it. personally, i would like to see chachas run again in 2012.

  • tbag

    Put Cluck Cluck up against Reid and you’ll have a chick in every pot. And that chick’s gonna stew bigtime (as fu cheney would say).

  • mherron111

    If any of you believe that Lowden is going to beat Reid on an election, you’re out of your fking minds.

    As far as 2012…The Republican party needs to do what is in the best interest of the country and elect Ron Paul. Paul can beat Obama.

  • Steve

    When will they consolidate behind a single opponent to Reid? We won’t have Sue and Sharon splitting the conserative vote will we?


    mherron111, I think you are out of your mind, considering every poll to date says otherwise. And please, stop with the Ron Paul nonsense, he will NOT be a good president. He has some good ideas, but a lot of them are off the wall.

    Steve, only one will win the primary. I highly doubt the loser will run independent. That will be the only way to split the conservative vote.

    tbag is obviously a lib..

  • Bo

    A vote for Sue is a vote for the same ol same ol, may as well vote for reid.—-Sharon Angle is the proven conservitive in this race , she has fought hard to hold down our taxes . dont blow it again NV

  • Bruce

    Come on – donations from Lowden (Sue) occured 18-23 years ago. Times have changed since then. And please don’t confuse the wife from the husband. Even the Schwarzeneggers in CA. are Republican / Democrat husband and wife. Lowden is a longtime Nevada resident, philanthropist and an award-winning news reporter, anchorwoman and businesswoman. One of Sue’s greatest achievements and most notable public service comes from her philanthropic work on behalf of many important charities and causes. Sue is currently a Member of the Board of Directors and National Treasurer of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). She is an accomplished, award-winning businesswoman. As a Nevada gaming licensee, she serves as a Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary-Treasurer of Archon Corporation, a gaming and investment company. She is the former President of Santa Fe Hotel and Casino and former Executive Vice President of Sahara Hotel and Casino – both in Las Vegas, Nevada. For her work, Lowden earned a Women of Achievement Award by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce – Nevada’s largest business organization.

    Tarkanian acknowledges that his mother was a Democrat (which means Tarkanians contributed to the Democrats also). Again – we are in different times. While in his coaching career, Tark denied NCAA allegations that he turned a blind eye to academic fraud in the case of a former statistician who admitted to completing coursework for several Fresno State players. Fresno State, however, admitted to academic fraud and imposed penalties.

    Lowden is a proven leader with a track record of success, who has earned every opportunity she has had. Many don’t realize that Sue is the daughter of a former coal miner. She and her husband both come from humble backgrounds but have succeeded in business.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Sue Lowden is a solid conservative doesn’t know her.

    Angle has the scientology rumors following her career and will most likely not win over the Las Vegas Area (even with the National Tea Party Endorsement – not to be confused with the other 8-10 other Tea Parties in NV).

    No candidate is perfect, but all three are conservative enough to bring about the change required in Washington and dethrone Harry. My vote will go to Sue.