GOP U.S. Senate Front-Runner Sue Lowden says Reid Will Go Negative in Re-election Bid

(Updated at 4:51 p.m. on April 19, 2010)

CARSON CITY – Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate and front-runner Sue Lowden said she expects a negative campaign from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid if she wins the crowded Republican primary in June.

Recent polls have put Lowden at the front of the primary pack, which also includes Las Vegas businessman Danny Tarkanian, former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, investment banker John Chachas and others.

Lowden said in an interview on Nevada NewsMakers today that Reid, who is shown losing to Lowden and other GOP primary contenders in recent polls, established the tone of the campaign when one of his advisers said last year that Reid would “vaporize” her or any other GOP opponent in a general election contest.

Lowden said Reid’s anticipated $25 million war chest for his re-election campaign gives him the opportunity to pursue all types of tactics, such as having individuals follow her to every event she attends in order to videotape everything she says.

“I’ve been followed everywhere, for instance, with a videocam at all of my town hall meetings,” she said. “They’ve hired a professional to go from town hall meetings to wherever I’m at with a videocam.”

“I’m not intimidated by it, but I think the public needs to know to what extent the Reid campaign is following me and is going to be negative,” Lowden said.

Lowden said she does not know whether her campaign will pursue similar tactics.

But Reid’s voting record is there for public scrutiny and is fair game in an election, she said.

Lowden said it was this use of a video camera that lead to the recent Reid attacks on her comment that people should barter with their doctors on the price of a visit or treatment.

That few seconds clip of her comment, which also led to a joke about the proposal from Jay Leno, came from a town hall meeting in Mesquite, she said.

Lowden did not back off the comment, saying people who have a personal financial stake in the cost of their health care are raising such questions about negotiating with their health care providers. This is already happening in Nevada and other states, she said.

But it is also just one element of her health care proposal that can be found on her website, she said.

In a response to Lowden’s comments, Kelly Steele, communications director for Reid, said: “This campaign will continue to communicate Sen. Reid’s record of delivering for Nevadans in these tough economic times, but we will swiftly and forcefully respond to the relentless attacks of our opponents – be they from Sharron Angle, Danny Tarkanian, or Sue Lowden.

“Ultimately, Lowden should spend less time complaining about what our campaign is doing and more time telling the people of Nevada the truth,” he said.

Lowden said her strong showing in the primary is a surprise since she has never been on a statewide ballot in Nevada. Lowden is a former state senator and former chairwoman of the Nevada State Republican Party.

Lowden said her background as a state lawmaker and years of experience as a businesswoman make her uniquely qualified to go “toe to toe” with Reid.

  • David Phillips

    So Lowden predicts that Reid will go negative…Wow, she predicted that. That’s like predicting the sun will rise in the morning. Well I guess that makes it OK for her to follow suit with her own negative ads, sounds like she is just making excuses for when the time comes, she can say Reid started it…Seriously, that is all they (politicians)do after the primaries, use negative ads. ALL politicians go negative especially those that trail in the polls. I don’t like it, but that is what we see now.

  • Justin Barasky, Reid Campaign

    FACT: There’s no truth to Sue Lowden’s attacks on Reid and #hcr law

  • BattleBorn

    Here are the facts on how Harry Reid’s healthcare boondoogle is going to “help” Nevadans

    “Come 2014, when the law takes full effect, Clark County will begin losing millions of dollars in federal matching funds officially known as Medicaid disproportionate share payments.”

    Read it in the Sun…

    Reid could care less about Nevada. His hardcore support of this worthless healthcare law is madness..

  • talkradiodude

    the searchlight Tea Party drew 10,000. Reid’s re-election kick-off drew 100! Hmmmmm…..

  • VegasVoter