Fiore Says IRS Mistaken About ’06 Taxes, Claims They Owe HER Money, Slams GOP Opponent for His Criticism

From Team Fiore a short time ago, some pretty good spin on that ’06 tax lien discovered (by me) yesterday.

The sum-up?  She doesn’t owe the IRS anything (in fact they owe HER money); this is a classic case of Big Government against Little Gal; she will fight the battle to the death; and her GOP opponent Craig Lake is “careless and dangerous” bureaucrat-in-waiting:


After Four Years, Candidate Still Refuses To Back Down From IRS Dispute

Las Vegas, NV – April 15, 2010 – It’s tax day, and as millions of Americans rush to file their 2009 tax returns, Michele Fiore, Republican candidate for Congressional District 1, is still battling the IRS over a disputed personal income return from 2006.

“I am happy to pay the government what I owe, but I refuse to pay the government what I don’t owe. I can’t imagine any American blindly handing over their hard-earned money just because the government demands it,” Michele said.

“My case is a perfect example of an over-reaching government using its power and bureaucracy to intimidate its citizens. They give themselves the right to apply a lien on all disputed cases, even though when this is finally resolved, the IRS will end up owing me money. The IRS has nothing to lose by dragging this out, hoping that I will eventually roll over. I will never cave. I will stand up for what I believe is right, and I will never back down.

It is unfortunate that my primary opponent doesn’t realize that if elected, an enormous responsibility of a Member of Congress is to represent your constituents and act as a liaison between them and the federal government. Is Mr. Lake suggesting that as a Congressman, when District 1 taxpayers come to their Congressman seeking help in a dispute with the IRS, he will blindly take sides with the feds over the taxpayers he represents? As your next Congresswoman, the taxpayers in District 1 will always have the benefit of the doubt when they visit me on an issue they need help with. If Mr. Lake is elected, unfortunately he will side with Washington, DC bureaucrats. It says a lot about who he is and what kind of judgment he brings to this race.

Mr. Lake is young, careless and dangerous. He did not bother to research my case before hurling wild accusations of some spooky conspiracy to rip off the government. My finances have never been in question, nor has my 2006 tax return ever been a secret,” she said.

Michele also said that, once she takes office, she plans to use her own experience fighting the IRS to push Congress to pass a simplified tax code. “Ordinary citizens shouldn’t have to spend their hard-earned money hiring lawyers and accountants just to sort out their income tax returns. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” she said.

Here is Lake’s press release about the matter (from yesterday) so you can judge it for yourself:

Fiore thinks paying taxes is for other people, not her?

Las Vegas – As “tax day” approaches it appears as though the “anointed one”, Michele Fiore, has not been properly vetted or forthcoming about her personal history.

As the Nevada News Bureau blog is reporting it appears that Ms. Fiore has a nearly $50,000 IRS tax lien. Just what America needs, another politician that does not pay their taxes. Perhaps Ms. Fiore should jump offices again and try to get a post on the Obama Cabinet.

Ms. Fiore has been trying to paint herself as the experienced candidate…well she sure seems to display a level of hypocrisy usually only shown by politicians with years of experience in Washington.

She is calling herself “a successful business woman” and someone who “signs the front of checks not the back”. Well it seems she’s got a little problem with signing the front of checks as well.

With the current economic conditions affecting southern Nevada, voters need to be assured that their elected officials are people that can be counted on and trusted. Southern Nevada voters have a reason to be concerned, because rather than pay her taxes Fiore plans to invest her own money into her campaign to “find a new job.” As she said in a recent interview, “I will contribute and invest as much as I can afford.” The fact is that if Fiore donates one penny to her campaign before paying her back taxes she is contributing to the problem with our economic situation, not the solution.

“Fiore has made the main focus of her campaign her qualifications as a business owner and fiscal responsibility,” said Craig Lake, Candidate for Congress. “Ms. Fiore has clearly not kept her personal finances in order, so how can we trust her to get our nation back on track? Nevada needs a representative who at a minimum pays their taxes and has their personal financial situation in order. They should feel assured that their representative is not looking for a better job, but rather looking out for them,” Lake continued. “I hope as this tax day approaches Ms. Fiore will join with me and the thousands of hardworking residents of CD1 and actually pay her tax bill,” Lake concluded.

If Fiore is willing to tell me more about her dispute with the IRS, I’ll post it as an update.

  • Gary Rogers

    A lot of denials and name calling but no explanation. No explanation as to why she hasn’t told us about this before. Hmmmm

  • LCD Guy

    This is no mistake. The IRS has given Fiore lots of time to pay this tax bill because there’s a chance she decided to skip out on paying for a few years. I wonder how many continuences she’s asked for since her appearance in tax court last November?

    Fiore knows how to spin a good lie.

  • Victor the SnakeMannn

    It’s really amazing, all the words and things she is accusing Craig Lake of saying and I read your articles and none of those words were said by Craig. He only said his opinion on the current matter. It’s like she has dinner at his house on Wednesday night, vows to support him in his campaign, knowing all the while she has already been chosen to run in his district against him, then files on Friday the deadline without telling ANYONE!!! Yeah we really need another Back Stabbing, Vile, Backbiting, Whiny Politician to represent us!!! In all the polls Craig O Lake is so far ahead and she is just wasting money to lose. How much will she owe when this is over? All Fiore fans, way to go backing a loser!!! This race is against Shelly Berkley and that is who we need to spend our time and money running against!!! Go Craig O!!! She is no better than all the dems running here!!!

  • LCD Guy

    @Victor_the_SnakeMannn: That’s the way Fiore operates, she figures if she can shout louder than her opponents, she wins. She has a lot to hide in the way of her finances and this is juat another source of cashflow for her to ‘redirect’ into her own pocket if, God forbid, she ever gets elected. She’s being ‘coached’ right now by her campaign manager because she doesn’t know how politics works, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she just wants that brass ring so bad, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. She doesn’t listen to people who know better than she does, she just figures she’ll fake her way through this campaign like she’s done eveyrhting else in her life. Give it time, there’s more dirt on her out there that has yet to be found.