Gibbons Signs Executive Order to Appoint (Free) Counsel for Health Care Lawsuit, State Eagerly Awaits AG’s Response

Governor Gibbons has signed an executive order to move forward on health care via appointing Mark Hutchison, a Las Vegas attorney, to take the state’s case pro-bono and join the existing federal lawsuit in Florida.

As I said yesterday, this looks like a winning issue for Gibbons because according to the latest numbers from Rasmussen 62% of Nevada’s voters now support repealing the health care bill. And the numbers in favor would surely be quite a bit higher if only Republicans (who will decide whether Gibbons makes it to the general election) were polled.

The ball is now in the Attorney General’s court.  The bad news for her?  Whether she fights this or not, Gibbons “wins” with either of these press release headlines:

“Evil Democrat AG Tries to Thwart Noble Citizen-Defending Governor” (if she tries to fight it)


“Evil Democrat AG Realizes She is Helpless Against Noble Citizen-Defending Governor” (if she doesn’t)

The Gibbons press release:


“Nationalized Health Care Plan is unhealthy”

(Carson City, Nevada) – Governor Jim Gibbons today announced he will lead the effort on behalf of the citizens of Nevada to stop the Reid/Pelosi/Obama Nationalized Health Care Law. “This health care nationalization plan is illegal because it is unconstitutional,” Gibbons said, “The arrogance of this Administration to force all Nevadans to purchase something (health insurance from private companies) or face IRS penalties is outrageous and wrong.” Governor Gibbons believes parts of the Nationalized Health Care Plan have merit and are worth keeping, but the law, in its entirety, is wrong. “Every Nevada citizen deserves access to quality healthcare, but this plan is the wrong approach and will not work,” Governor Gibbons said. Governor Gibbons says the Plan will cost Nevada workers and families about $2.4 Billion dollars, including almost $600-Million from state taxes, and $1.8 Billion in federal taxes. Late this month, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services will ask the legislature’s Interim Finance Committee for $500,000 to start pre-planning for the impacts of the new law. The State of Nevada is already in a deep financial crisis.

Governor Gibbons has signed an Executive Order naming Mark Hutchison from the Las Vegas law firm of Hutchison & Steffen as Special Legal Counsel to the Governor to handle this legal effort. Nevada will join the legal action started by Florida and more than a dozen other states. The lawyers working on this matter on behalf of the Governor and the citizens of Nevada have agreed to work for the good of the public without compensation. “I was disappointed that the Attorney General of Nevada refused to fight for the constitutional rights of Nevada citizens,” Gibbons said, “But I refuse to surrender on this issue, we must not allow the federal government to intrude into the lives of Nevadans this way.”

There may be some small costs associated with the litigation (under $5000), but Governor Gibbons believes that the devastating impact of $600-million dollars in new state expenses for Nevada taxpayers is worth the small price of fighting the Nationalized Healthcare Law. (The Governor’s Office has also had several inquiries from people willing to donate money to help pay litigation expenses) “I swore an oath to protect the citizens of Nevada and I will not quit because the odds are against us, I intend to win this battle and get Congress to repeal Nationalized Health Care.” Gibbons added, “The best way to get someone good health insurance is to get them a good job, Congress has wasted thousands of hours and is squandering almost a trillion dollars on nationalizing healthcare, when they should be focused on creating jobs and fixing the economy.”