State GOP Chair Resigns

As I told you was gonna happen (right here on Friday night), Chris Comfort has now very tenderly tendered his resignation citing both family and business reasons.

Uh huh.

I suspect Comfort may have waited until today just to spite everyone — I’d been told The Big Quit would happen yesterday — because one of his many demands of the Executive Board last week was that they keep quiet and allow him to exit gracefully (and control the message) with the timing and content of his resignation letter.  So I imagine he was none too pleased to have the story broken on Friday.

The fact is, four reliable sources called me between last Wednesday and Friday to tell me the resignation was coming and that it was just a matter of working out the How and When.  I waited until I was absolutely sure it was gonna happen and then clicked “Publish.”

Sorry, Chairman, but secrets just don’t keep that long in Nevada politics.