Chairman of State GOP to Resign

Three reliable inside sources have told me that Nevada Republican Party chairman Chris Comfort will be resigning shortly. The details have been more or less worked out since yesterday afternoon; now it’s all just a matter of nicey-nice letters and fluffy marshmallow press releases and kumbaya songs around the GOP campfire.  That will probably all happen on Monday.

This has been brewing for a week or two amidst conflict within the party and its circles and more or less coincides with the hiring of brand new Executive Director Cory Adair, an experienced party operative and former ED of the Mississippi Republican party who arrived in Nevada early last week.  The state party had been without an ED since Brent Husson, who had done the job as a volunteer for four months, left in February.

No word on who may replace Comfort as chair.

More details as they become available, plus some analysis once all the dust settles.

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