A Look at GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Endorsements Thus Far

Here’s what I have on endorsements of Republican hopefuls in the race-to-beat-Harry-Reid so far:

(Note:  This is not an exhaustive list for all candidates. I will post updates as I find them or as campaign staffers politely email to inform me of my oversight.)(Ha!)

– Jeri Thompson, wife of former Senator and 2008 presidential candidate Fred Thompson, today endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate Sue Lowden via a column in American Spectator online.

– Lowden also has a fundraiser luncheon on deck (see here: Lowden_Fundraiser_Invite) that features former Thune campaign manager Dick Wadhams and lists supporters including:  Bill and Dale Raggio, Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, Senator Randolph Townsend, former Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich, former Governor Bob List and Mayor Bob Cashell, among others.

– Sarah Palin’s dad endorsed Tarkanian earlier this month (on/around March 15).

– Erick Erickson of RedState fame had endorsed Danny Tarkanian on February 28. (Lowden had expressed surprise when told about that endorsement, saying, “Well, I don’t know Erick and have never even talked to him, so I’m a little surprised by that.”)

– Former Michigan GOP chair and RNC chair candidate Saul Anuzis endorsed Lowden in a column cross-posted at both the Spectator and The Corner on National Review Online on February 5.

(Note:  I get daily calls and emails from out of state people asking “who can beat Harry Reid” and “who do you like?”  For the record, the Nevada News Bureau does not endorse candidates, and neither do I.)