T.D. Barnes: The Man Behind the Land in Searchlight

T.D. Barnes is the president and one of the owners of Startel, Inc., the company that owns the 160 acres where Saturday’s big “Showdown in Searchlight” Tea Party rally is going to occur.

Barnes said he was approached by the Tea Party Express for the use of his land, but that he doesn’t know enough about the Tea Party movement to determine if it satisfies his political concerns.

“I have not attended any rallies, nor am I active in grassroots,” he said.  “I do, however, support anything that will expose and curtail the agenda of the current administration.”

Barnes did say the Tea Party movement appears to be “shining light on what the House, Senate, and Obama administration are doing to circumvent the wishes and needs of the voters.”

“Our citizens need jobs, not more government control, give-away programs and debt that future generators will have to pay,” he said.  “In my opinion, fault lies with both parties and with a society turned passive and willing to accept a free ride.”

Barnes plans to attend the rally and said people are welcome to come down and camp on the land the night before if they wish.  He said Tea Party Express coordinators have arranged for the provision of porta potties and trash receptacles on the land.

Barnes’ company, Startel, has a landscape rock operation operated by Vista Landscape Center of Henderson and which produces much of the crushed rock used to replace lawns and conserve water in southern Nevada. In addition to their rock operation, Startel is seeking to start up a solar renewable energy operation.

Barnes is also the Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame and President of Roadrunners Internationale which consists of ex-CIA, Air Force and other military support personnel who built and flew the CIA U-2 and A-12 spyplanes at Groom Lake (Area-51) in the 1960s.  (FYI:  The A-12 preceded the SR-71, but remained classified until recent years.) Two years ago the CIA declassified the identity of Barnes and the others who worked on the A-12 Oxcart project.

Barnes and his wife, Doris, last week celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.  Following is a photo taken of the two at the A-12 dedication:

And here’s a photo of the Searchlight site (taken in 2003 when Startel was providing material to the state for the widening of I-95):

  • http://arosscl@sbcglobal.net Cheryl

    We are coming by car. Will signs be posted in
    Tea Party MemberSearchlight to direct us to the rally?
    Tea Party Member

  • jim

    will arive fri.afternoon available for vol.work as needed

  • Debbie Hartwick

    arriving friday evening late can help as needed.

  • terry avton

    I cannot be there for this event, but have followed all the clips regarding same. I wanted to thank T. D. Barnes and his family for their generosity in hosting such a large event. Another good American! RESET 2010.

  • http://jpg9@cox.net JO GONZALEZ


  • Pam

    This is a great thing that you are doing! I won’t be there, I’m on the East Coast and have to work, but a suggestion.. For ones that aren’t familiar with the area, what about GPS cordients?

  • LT Norton

    Thank you for letting the Tea Party Express use your land for such a great event. Couldn’t get any better than this… Harry Reid’s back yard!!! I wish I could be there in body, my spirit will be there!!!

  • http://www.TeaPartyExpress.org Joe Wierzbicki

    Thank you Mr. Barnes for the graciousness and genoristy you have shown the Tea Party Express, all of our supporters, and all who will come to the “Showdown in Searchlight” event.

    You have helped provide a forum for Americans who are upset with the current path our government is taking us to gather and speak out against that which is hurting this nation.

    You have earned a commendable place in the history that will be written about this great event.

  • http://Facebook Lorraine and Bob

    Dear Mr Barnes, May God bless you and your wife for your generosity. Thank you so much for allowing us to make history on your land. We may be able to make our voices be heard because of you. Lorraine and Bob of Las Vegas and the first state of Delaware.

  • Kristine

    Thank you Mr. Barnes. You are a true, brave American Patriot. May God bless you and your family.

  • http://cuzifit@msn.com Mark

    Thanks for your generosity. Perhaps “Harry” will get the message, he “Betrayed The People’s Trust”.

  • Lee Fogle

    Thank you so much for the use of your land for this historic gathering, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes.
    I wish I could be there today.
    God bless you!

  • Donna

    Thanks for all you are trying to accomplish. A friend of my is working so hard to help defeat Harry. Go get him.

  • Cathy Mills

    Thank you for helping we, the people, be heard! God bless.

  • Jane

    Thank you! My prayers are with you all!

  • http://gfren1@toast.net Gary French

    Thanks so much Mr and Mrs. Barnes and congratulations also on your anniversary. Sincerely, Gary French. Evansville, In.

  • http://gfren1@toast.net Gary French

    Thanks so much Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, and congratulations on your anniversary also. Best regards, Gary French, Evansville, In.

  • Anita

    I will not be there,i live in Mo., but have been following news about Searchlight, we thank you for making the land available,I will see the Tea Party express in Little Rock. Mo Tea Party (or terrorist,thats what we were called yesterday):)

  • Sandra

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barnes – you are GREAT Americans.

  • http://www.tqba.com Alan D. Vera

    Thank you Mr. Barnes. You are a true patriot. May God bless & reward you for your generosity.

    Alan D. Vera
    Houston, TX

  • audrey

    retired and live in fla and can’t attend that particular event BUT i want to thank you for making available a site so everyday AMERICANS can come together to voice our frustrations. Unlike the guy who owns malls around the country , who i can boycott, i wish there were something you had that i could purchase to support your endeavors.

  • Ali

    Thank you Mr. Barnes, you are a true Patriot, we cannot be there in person, but we will be there in spirit. Let’s keep this momentum going. We need to remember to vote in November, 8 months is a long time

  • michigan patriot

    thank you T. D. Barnes!

  • http://Facebook Karen Richardson

    Mr Barnes, Your kindness is so much appreciated! May God bless you and your family and may God bless this great Nation, we are trying to save!
    I am from Kentucky and we are standing our ground out of love for freedom loving Americans.
    With out great Americans like yourself, what would we do. Many thanks, many, many, thanks!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    Thank you for your generosity. People like you make America Great! God Bless you and your family! I will not be in Nevada but in Phoenix. Thank you again, Cindy

  • tammy

    thank you so much u are a true american. we deserve our voices to be heard and thank u for allowing that right!

  • http://Facebook amy

    A TRUE PATRIOT is what you are. Thank you so much for standing along side those of us who believe in what AMERICA should stand for.


  • monica

    Dear Mr. Barnes,
    my family and I want to thank you for your help with this very important rally, I live in Nevada, and I am very concerned with the way our country is going. God Bless you, and your family !!!

  • http://decalsrock.com Donna M

    Thank you Mr Barnes for your service to our country and thank you for allowing the Tea Party the use of your land. I have not had the opportunity to attend any of their large rallies but I believe they are doing what the constitution requires us to do and that is to stand up to anyone who is trying to take over our country and change it into something that is not America.
    This is a trying time in our country and if we can’t stop this takeover now we will never be able to do so. Thank you again. Donna

  • dave

    Thank you Mr. Barnes! You are truly a great American!

  • Robert Tocci Sr

    Thank you Mr Barnes for the opportunity to use your land as our gathering point. I am sure that your political views and concerns of the current administration are the same as ours of the americians that make up the Tea Party Express. The current administration has challenged us, and pushed us far beyond their realm of authority and the authority given to them under the constitution. We will answer the call to protect our children and grandchildren so they will not have to suffer the consequenses of todays actions.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • http://confessionsofaninternetaddict.blogspot.com Right Wing Extremist Potential Terrorist Threat

    Mr. Barnes,you are what is still good in this country.My roommate and I attended the Washington State Tea Party rally last Nov. and there were 5000 good Americans who showed up to voice our disgust in our politicians and their anti-American agenda(there were 5 people protesting our right to assemble outside the fairgrounds).I hope you surpass 50,000 people there in Nevada with Sara Palin and give Harry Reid an earful will ya please?

  • Mary Werner

    Mr. Barnes, thanks so much for hosting the Tea Party Express kickoff party. I cannot make it to Searchlight, but I do plan on meeting the bus when it arrives in Springfield, IL, Rockford, IL. and Milwaukee, WI. This great country of ours needs more patriots like you and your wife.

  • Patriot Diva

    Dear Mr. Barnes, Thank you for providing a place for the Tea Party to meet. I saw the mayor of Searchlight on T.V. last night bemoaning the fact that the Tea Party is headed there to “criticize” his “good friend Harry Reid”. Perhaps the Tea Party should pay the mayor a little visit.

  • Dave Vukmanovich

    I cannot be there, but have followed all the clips regarding this meeting. I wanted to thank T.D. Barnes and his family for hosting this event. This reminds me when the South Dakota Plumbing got cleaned out not too many years ago. Thanks again T.D. Hope Everyone has a great time and safe stay!!

  • S Weber

    Thank You Mr. Barnes….nuf said!

  • Sandy Boone

    Thanks for your generousity. I will be there in spirit, supporting the cause.

  • Claire Hill

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Barnes,
    Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting this cause by allowing the folks to have a gathering place. And even more, thank you for your service to our country in all the ways you have done so.

  • Randy in Virginia

    Thoughts and prayers are with this gathering this weekend; here’s hoping that there are not any fringe or progressive planted ‘nutjobs’ to spoil an otherwise awesome display of American patriotism against big government, excessive taxes and unbridled spending.
    God Bless your rally and God Bless the USA!
    Randy Schmidt, Lt Col USAF (ret)
    Yorktown VA – - home of another revolutionary event against taxes and arrogant tyrants who didn‘t listen to the American people.

  • Rich Laing

    Thanks Mr. Barnes. You are a part of the solution and a great American!

  • http://www.barrettken.com Ken Barrett

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. I am a Democrat (hanging my head in shame) and strongly support the TEA party movement. You are quite correct in that both sides of the aisle have it wrong. Unfortunately our government has become more about self promotion, accumulating personal wealth, and getting re-elected. It’s time we gave them all a wake up call.

    Also, congratulations on your anniversary. 55 years is quite an accomplishment. I wish you and your family the best in life.

  • Johnny V

    Will be there Friday afernoon and anticipate an overflow of patriots. Want to be in line to say BYE BYE HARRY. You cramed us with OBAMACARE, we are wishing you the rocking chair and welfare.


  • Beth M

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Barnes,
    Your generosity in providing a meeting site for Tea Party patriots this Saturday is profoundly appreciated. It is critical that the voice of all Americans be given a hearing and this venue makes that possible. You are true American patriots deserving to be honored for your contribution! I am not able to be there, but my prayers will be with you and all Tea Party patriots.

  • Leslie Reed

    Thanks for your selfless gift to allow this event to transpire…you are true patriots…

  • http://sylvial1120@aol.com Sylvia and George

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Barnes,

    Thanks for your generosity and may the patriots that are participating in this kick off event truly show the spirit of what this country was founded on.

  • Rebecca and Joe

    Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. Thank you so much for allowing American patriots to use your land to express their free speech rights (as long as we still have them)in order to protest the Obama administration’s destruction of this country.

    This demonstration will be peaceful and not leave a mess. We are grateful.

    God Bless You and God Bless America

  • ronnie benjamin, fairfield california

    May God Bless you and your family and all your business endeavors. may you prosper for God’s honor and praise. May He bless with long years and abundant life.
    thank you for your help. It is well appreciated.

  • Linda M

    Mr. Barnes, Your kindness is not going unnoticed. I know tea partiers will respect your land but I am worried about “the other side” for everyone and everything there. Dear God, please keep us all safe.

  • Val and Denny, Montana

    Thank-you sir. How we wish we could be there, we do promise to stay diligent about removing our sour apples in Montana, seems we have lots of them. Our prayers and gratitude are with everyone tomorrow.

  • Susan

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barnes for allowing the use of your land for this cause. You are true Americans! And happy 55th Wedding Anniversary!

  • Anthnoy & Lois

    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Barnes for your generosity and graciousness. Thank you, sir for your service to our country. God bless you and you family. Happy Anniversary!

  • Celina

    On behalf of my later father/ret. army, my mother–naturalized US citizen, myself & husband, my children & future childen-in-laws/grandchildren…..Thank you and God Bless You and Your families Mr. & Mrs. Barnes. Happy 55th Anniversary, my hubby & I celebrate 22 years TODAY. Somewhat ironic, the birth of my marriage and the re-birth of our nation. I a honored to share this historic date.

  • Robert R.

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. The country needs more Patriots like you!

  • Jean

    Thanks for supporting our country!!

  • Freemom

    Thanks for your patriotism and generousity. Blessings to you and your family.

  • http://Nevadanewsbureau Jerry

    thank you thank you thank you MR. BARNES for the use of you land for the TEA PARTY event. BLESSING TO YOU.

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much for the use of your land, it is very appreciated. The Showdown in Searchlight was such a huge success.

  • Roger

    By George you did it! Sorry I couldn’t make the BIG EVENT. Congratulations on making your property available. You are indeed a fine fellow and we all salute you. GO RI.

  • Paulenihan

    The Tea Party, oh ya, the Neo-Nazis. I’m just glad you lost the ghost costumes guys. I’ll donate my property for the next one… somewhere in Cambodia… I think a few weeks out there will give you plenty to complain about. The aftermath of the Pol-pot regime will put some hair on your chest… excuse me, some hair on your tea bag.