Organizers to Henderson Tea Party Event Attendees: No Signs Allowed – ?!

Um…  Since when do Tea Party rallies have a “no signs allowed” rule?  Where’s the fun in that…?

And what is the deal with saying it’s because of “security reasons concerning Ann Coulter”?  Are they afraid someone’s going to try to beat her to death with a “Taxed Enough Already” sign?

(And is this related to her recent trouble and canceled event in Ottawa?)

Found out what little I know about it (so far) from the Angle campaign today:

Important Update

Please, No Signs at the Henderson Pavilion Event

Friends of Sharron Angle,

After sending out our last email, “Good Guys Make Their Own Signs,” we were informed by the organizers of the Henderson Pavilion “Take Back Our State” Event, this coming Saturday, that signs would not be allowed. The organizers are taking this step for security reasons concerning Ann Coulter, the keynote speaker, and her safety.

We ask you that you please respect the organizers policies on this matter.

However, they didn’t say anything about Stickers! So take a marker to a lapel sticker and write – “I’m for Angle!”

We will see you there,

Friends of Sharron Angle Campaign

  • Ned Barnett

    OK, so the organizers of the Tea Party Express event in Henderson are banning signs. Are they kidding?

    I hadn’t planned to bring a sign – but if they think they can tell me that I CAN’T bring a sign, then I’m going to bring a BIG (blanking) SIGN and if THEY think they can tell me, a free American, what I can or can’t do at a grass-roots rally, they’re out of their (aheming) minds.

    If they try to enforce this, they will also give the mainstream liberal media a great story that will distract from what the Tea Party Express is really supposed to be all about.

    A dispute between activists and organizers will make a great liberal media story – the “tea party” movement is falling apart, etc., yada yada yada. I told the organizers of the Tea Party Express, and I hope that they’ll have an attack of common sense and change this stupid policy.

    I don’t know who is organizing the Henderson event, so I can’t tell them they’re nuts directly, but they’re nuts. I’m going to the Henderson event, where I’ll Live Free or Die Hard (so to speak) with a sign that says “I’ve Got A First Amendment Right To Carry A Sign!”

    Who do they think they are, Obama? Jeesh!


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  • Ned Barnett

    I just had a long talk with the guy from the Republican Party Finance Committee about his side of the rules that he says the Henderson Pavilion plans to try to impose on freedom-loving Tea Party activists on Saturday.

    He called me after reading some of my posts on the problems of telling Tea Partiers they can’t have signs, and initially he was wondering why I was attacking him (I didn’t even know he was involved – I was objecting to the nonsense of trying to impose Free Speech restrictions on Tea Party Free Americans). He said he didn’t schedule the event for the Pavilion, (he didn’t say who did schedule it at the Pavilion) but he was funding it and organizing it.

    At first, he said it wasn’t a Tea Party Express event at all; later, he agreed that it was half Tea Party Express and half Republican party event – with that part aimed at mobilizing people to get involved in local elections.

    I don’t think that people who plan to attend see this as anything except a Tea Party (and probably a Tea Party Express) event – they will stay for Ann Coulter (who he said will be talking about local elections, not national races or the Tea Party movement), but I think they’re going to be there for the excitement and freedom and free expression of a Tea Party event, not for a Republican party rally.

    I told him this was a mistake and it was courting disaster. The hostile liberal media will be there, and they’ll be looking for any story that makes the Tea Party look bad – and if security tries to stop people from going in with signs, and if security tries to throw people out if they sneak signs in – the Left Wing Media will be all over it.

    Scott Ashjian, that Fraudulent Harry Reid False Flag candidate, told Ralston tonight that he’ll be dragging CNN to the tea party express events, looking to cause bad publicity for the Tea Party he pretends to represent. Other hostile media will also be there, looking for trouble. This is going to give them exactly what they’re looking for.

    I’m not trying to cause problems (I think the problems are already there, I’m just talking about them), but this whole idea of a bunch of anti-First-Amendment rules being imposed on a celebration of the First Amendment’s rights of free speech and free assembly is bass-ackwards. That is what SEIU and ACORN does – everybody comes in official T-Shirts, everybody’s organized and under control. Mind-numbed robots.

    But Tea Party people are by nature Free Americans who do not like the government telling them what they can and can’t do.

    It’s too late to change the venue, but it’s also too late to tell people with tickets that there are a bunch of rules that, by their very existence, will make this NOT a Tea Party event. I don’t think that the freedom-loving Americans who are part of the Tea Party movement and who think they’re coming to a Tea Party Express event are going to go gently into that good night of Follow The Rules Just Because They’re Rules.

    However, Elizabeth, it seems that your initial assertion that the no-sign rule had to do with security for Ann Coulter is not true – it’s an established rule of the Henderson Pavilion, apparently a very inappropriate venue for a Tea Party event.

    We’re looking at a disaster unless the people who think they “own” this event and think it’s a “Republican Party” event rather than a Tea Party event decide to back way off and let people freely express themselves. I told him that, and I hope he’s listening.


  • Ned Barnett

    From: Bill H

    Sent on: Thursday, March 25, 2010 10:19 PM
    What’s the story? You say you don’t know who’s running the event in Henderson but you have responded to Grassroots Nevada Meetup, ( the sponsoring group, that you will attend.

    Bill – the answer is simple, and its complex.

    I got a ticket at that site, because that’s where the tickets were. But the guy from the Republican Party I spoke with says he’s paying for it – as a member of the Republican Finance Committee, not as part of grassroots-Nevada. He implied that someone within the party (he wouldn’t name that person) had booked the event at the Pavilion … but I’m absolutely sure that there was no big discussion among the Tea Party groups in Nevada (there are at least 20 of those groups) debating the restrictions imposed by the Pavilion and why that was a horrible choice for a Tea Party event.

    However, if you realize that the Republican Party thinks that it’s THEIR event because THEY are paying for it, then you realize why they might not have thought about talking to tea party groups. HOWEVER, this is a Tea Party Express event (which he denied half a dozen times before finally agreeing that it was one of their events, but the Tea Party Express “circus” was only half the event). The people coming to the event think this is a Tea Party event – which means signs and the exercise of free speech and other God-given Rights. Most of the people coming (I suspect) think of this as a Tea Party Express, which it is, and will expect that they’ll have signs and coolers and (if they have a CCW) a legally-concealed weapon, the right to which is again given to us by God and acknowledged by our Founders (the Right to Keep And Bear Arms shall NOT be Infringed).

    If there was a statement at the ticket sign-up spot that told me I was surrendering my God-Given Rights of Free Speech and Free Assembly and my other God-Given Rights by signing up, I didn’t see it. If I’d seen it, I would have ignored it, because I was born with these rights – given to me by God, not by the United States or the city of Henderson or the managers of the Pavilion.

    However, if you read the Pavilion’s self-imposed rules (as I just did), you’ll see that the Henderson Pavilion THINKS it has the right (or the fascistic power) to tell me I can’t exercise my God-Given Rights, that I can’t EVEN have a sign in the PARKING LOT. Here’s what it says:

    Signs and Banners: These items will NOT be allowed inside the Pavilion or outside the Pavilion at the event parking sites.

    So the claim that you can’t have signs inside because it will block others views is bull-pukey.

    These neighborhood fascists seem to think they have the ability to deprive each of us of our God Given rights of Free Speech and Free Assembly … who do THEY think THEY’RE kidding? I am an AMERICAN by birth, and By God, and I have the God-Given right to Freely Assemble, and Freely Speak, to Keep and Bear Arms, and no Pavilion (or government body or meet-up group) can deny me those rights.

    So, Bill H, that’s the story you asked about. One meet-up group is handling registration. One Republican Party finance-committee official thinks he’s paying for it (and he’s probably right). Another Republican Party official chose to have this in the Pavilion instead of a park, without (apparently) asking grass-roots tea party activists how they felt about having a Tea Party event at a place where signs were against the rules.

    Sounds like a heaven-sent gift to the Liberal Mainstream Media who want to twist coverage of the tea party movement to make dissention the story, instead of free speech.

    It also sounds like a formula for disaster, unless (of course), somebody in “authority” comes to their senses and tells the Pavilion security guards to take a coffee break when it comes to signs and such.

    Ned Barnett (not Ned B – I don’t mind people knowing who I am)

    Ned Barnett, APR
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  • Ned Barnett

    First, I was wrong in ascribing information about these rules to Elizabeth – she was quoting the Sharron Angle campaign.

    The more I learn about this, the more I become convinced that this is going to be a disaster – and one that will take place right in front of the media. Nobody can tell the tea party members that they can’t have signs – that’s a defining characteristic of the Tea Party movement. Yet the Pavilion’s rules say you can’t even have a sign in the parking lot. Do they remember the First Amendment, or do they not care?

    Imagine the reaction of thousands of Tea Partiers who are confronted with the fact that someone thinks they’ve given up their God-given rights of Free Speech just by showing up … at a Tea Party Express event.

    It’s almost like someone who wanted to sabotage the event scheduled it at the Pavilion, which (because of their rules) has to be the worst possible venue.

    That this problem seems to have been created by the Republican Party will only serve to drive a wedge between the Republican Party and the tea party activists … which echoes what Scott Ashjian is doing. I don’t think anyone is consciously trying to sabotage the Tea Party Express, but through ignorance or just not paying attention, that may well be the outcome.

    I think it’s instructive to carefully read the rules that Sally Minster posted to the Glenn Beck meetup group:

    Henderson Pavilion Rules & Safety Guidelines
    (The Take Back Our State event March 27th at the Henderson Pavilion is a PRIVATE, CONTRACTED event.)

    NED-NOTE: This is a Tea Party Express event, yet the guys paying for it are calling it a “Take Back Our State” event. No mention of Tea Party or Tea Party Express. Seems the Republicans who are paying for this venue and who are bringing in Ann Coulter want to capitalize on the Tea Party Express but they’re nonetheless doing everything they can to shut out the Tea Party Express.

    Permitted Items: One unopened bottle of water per person and a blanket.

    Prohibited items: Coolers, bottles, cans, weapons, laser pointers, chairs, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, illegal drugs, outside food and beverage, pets, umbrellas and any items deemed inappropriate by management are prohibited from entering the Pavilion.

    Sale, Distribution or Promotion: The sale, distribution, promotion or dissemination of any materials will NOT be allowed inside the Pavilion or outside the Pavilion at the event parking sites.

    NED-NOTE: The Tea Party Express covers its costs by selling books and programs and other items licensed and approved by the Tea Party Express – it is inconceivable that anybody who’s really planning to “include” the Tea Party Express would promulgate this rule.

    Signs and Banners: These items will NOT be allowed inside the Pavilion or outside the Pavilion at the event parking sites.

    NED-NOTE: The Tea Party movement is all about free speech, and the creation of home-made signs is a defining element of Tea Party events – it is inconceivable that anybody who’s really planning to “include” the Tea Party and its members would promulgate this rule.

    Recording and Video devices: Recording or Videotaping is NOT permitted.

    NED-NOTE: The Tea Party Express has a TV network and routinely and officially videotapes and broadcasts Tea Party Express events … also, all Tea Party Express events are open to the public AND THE MEDIA (who are exercising their Freedom of the Press – another of those pesky God-Given Rights – it is inconceivable that anybody who’s really planning to “include” the Tea Party Express or the media (or even the Tea Partiers who want a record of the event) would promulgate this rule.

    Other Rules: No refunds of donations. Smoking is only permitted in the designated area. Shoes and shirts are required.

    Please note that all bags are subject to search at anytime and Management and Grassroots Nevada reserves all rights to change its rules and procedures.

    NED-NOTE: The Grassroots Nevada group which is issuing tickets says it reserves the right to change the rules, but nobody seems willing to even consider changing the above-mentioned restrictions – it is inconceivable that anybody who’s really planning to “include” the Tea Party Express would promulgate these rules – and, once they realized the problems they’re creating, allow those rules to stand. But it seems that they are hell-bent on denying participants (and the Tea Party Express AND the Media) their God-Given rights of Free Assembly, Free Speech and Free Press.

    I also think it’s worth reading – critically – the notice that was sent to the Candidates.

    Remember, this whole thing began as a Tea Party Express event … and remember that real grass-roots Candidates (not a fraud like Scott Ashjian, but real grass-roots candidates) are welcome and involved in the events.

    This is really over-the-top, at least in my opinion:

    Notice to all Candidates – Prohibited Items at the Henderson Pavilion

    The event at the Henderson Pavilion is a PRIVATE, CONTRACTED event. Grassroots Nevada (but NOT the Tea Party Express) will NOT allow campaign or other materials to be distributed, promoted, sold or disseminated in any manner inside the Pavilion or outside the Pavilion or at the event parking sites.

    NED-NOTE – how is it conceivably Constitutional that the display of campaign materials can be banned from public locations such as parking lots or “outside the Pavilion” … if you think about it, “outside the Pavilion” is the ENTIRE WORLD. Who do these fascists think they are? Have they never heard of the First Amendment, which our Founders said came from God, not Man, and therefore Man cannot take away what God has granted to us as Americans.

    Also, signs and banners of any type will NOT be allowed inside the Pavilion or outside the Pavilion or at the event parking sites.

    NED-NOTE – Same Point: how is it conceivably Constitutional that the display of signs or banners can be banned from public locations such as parking lots or “outside the Pavilion” … again, have they never heard of the First Amendment, which our Founders said came from God, not Man, and therefore Man cannot take away what God has granted to us as Americans.

    These rules have been adopted for many legal and practical reasons. Please RESPECT our security team and the Henderson Police officers who are required to make bag checks at the entrance gates and to enforce these rules in the event parking sites. PLEASE INFORM everyone on your team to RESPECT these rules and make everyone’s VOLUNTEER efforts and this event take place without incident.

    NED-NOTE – under what Constitutional or Statutory ruling is a PRIVATE EVENT able to tell the Henderson Police that they are REQUIRED to conduct unconstitutional searches (remember the 4th Amendment, our God-Given Right protecting us from unwarranted (i.e., no warrant) search and seizures, in a building or out in public? Do the Police really think they can prevent Free Speech in public? I hope not. Where are the Oath Keepers when we really need them (for those who don’t know, the Oath Keepers asks police and military to not enforce unconstitutional laws or regulations like this.

    Anyone who wishes to discuss this policy can contact me directly.
    Jamie Costello

    NED-NOTE – I spoke at length with Jamie Costello tonight. He told me he was representing the Republican Party and its finance committee. He did not tell me he was with grass roots Nevada (apparently, he IS Grass Roots Nevada). He suggested that his hands were tied regarding rules, but above, he reserved the right to change rules.

    JAMIE – I suggest that before this whole thing disintegrates into a complete Goat Rope disaster … with you expecting the police to enforce clearly unconstitutional bans on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Assembly (as well as Freedom from unwarranted searches and seizures) … that you change these oppressive, fascistic “rules.”

    The media will be there, and watching. Your rules will create chaos, and the media will observe that.

    The Tea Party Express, a great organization (and not a “circus”) is going to be damaged, financially, reputationally and with the media. All for no good reason.

    The Tea Party movement in Nevada will be damaged.

    Finally, when Tea Partiers realizes that the Clark County Republican Party is behind these oppressive rules, there will be a backlash that will hurt the Republican Party and undermine your goals of getting people organized for local elections.

    JAMIE, you have time to change this. Do it or there will be chaos that will be laid at your door. Nobody – least of all me – wants to see that happen. I’m writing to try to get your attention and fix the problem before it erupts like a Liberal-Loving Volcano.


  • Ned Barnett

    Casey Hendrickson asked me what kind of idiots were churning up all this nonsense, sabotaging the tea party movement. Here is my reply, which, like your comments, is intended to clear the air:

    Have you considered “big fish in little pond?” Here’s what I’ve learned about this:

    1. Jamie Costello is both a CCRP Finance Committee member and head of grass roots Nevada. When he called me last night to try to cool my jets, he presented himself as the CCRP guy, made no mention of GRN.

    2. Peeling away the BS, he is using the Tea Party Express to get a crowd for his own push, to get tea party members involved in local political campaigns.

    3. Like Peter denying Jesus, Jamie denied that TPX was even involved in Henderson THREE (3) times, before finally admitting that they had half the program (the “circus” he called it).

    4. Clearly, he’s contemptuous of the tea party movement – his rules (which he admits he can change, but won’t) deny every part of the core of the tea party (signs, recording events, selling stuff to fellow members) – he’s just co-opting the audience to sell his own message.

    5. He told me that he’d instructed Ann Coulter to not mention the national campaign or the tea party movement, but only to talk about how people should get involved in local elections. Local elections are a worthy cause, but you don’t screw allies to try to steal their constituents for your own uses (at least not in my world).

    6. Because he’s paying the freight, Jamie thinks he can say frog and the tea party people will jump. He’s wrong, and a revolt is brewing (lots of Oath Keepers plan to sneak in signs and banners, then see if the cops and security guards have the stones and the stupidity to throw them out for exercising their First Amendment rights).

    7. This will create controversy outside the event (as people with signs or stuff to sell are turned away, and people with cameras have to take them back to the car) that CNN and the MSM are salivating over.

    8. This is just like Ashjian (who’s taking CNN with him to Searchlight so they can photographing him trying to sabotage the real tea party in the name of his “Here’s how I Elect Harry Reid” campaign). If Jamie C wanted to sabotage the tea party and the Tea Party Express, this is exactly how he’d do it.

    Does this answer your question? Hope so.


    Sally, beyond that, Bob Ruckman made it clear (believably so) that CCRP is NOT part of the Henderson event. Jamie Costello created that impression in his call to me last night, but apparently he was intent on deceiving me, just as he tried to deceive me about the TPX’s involvement in Henderson (before finally admitting it).

    I think his rules – which he can change, it says so in the rules you posted – are designed to sabotage the Tea Party Express so he can recruit dissatisfied tea partiers to his local-election crusade. He apparently thinks because it’s his money he can do what he wants (which is very Ashjian of him), and he doesn’t mind using the “circus” to get his way.

    I hope all this further clears things up.


    Ned Barnett, APR
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