The Twists and Turns of Term Limits

I’ve never been able to completely make up my mind on the whole term limits issue.

On the one hand, I like the idea of citizen legislatures and think it’s a good idea to limit the powers of entrenched politicians.  On the other hand, historical and institutional knowledge is valuable when running a state and new blood is not always a good thing.  And if voters want an elected official out of a seat, they can do it by way of voting.

Anyway, here’s one for the annals here in Nevada, from Ralston just now:

RalstonFlash–Term-limited senator runs against husband of term-limited assemblywoman for term-limited assemblywoman’s seat

Got that?

Maggie Carlton, a term-limited state senator, is running in a primary against Victor Koivisto, whose wife is Ellen Koivisto, the term-limited incumbent in Assembly District 14.

So a legislator forced out of her current office by term limits is willing to run for a lower office to remain in office while the incumbent apparently is trying to will her seat to her husband to keep her hands in the game (he listed his email when he filed as

Is this what the geniuses who invented term limits had in mind?