New Mason-Dixon Poll Shows Lowden Up Over Tarkanian, Reid (but Tea Party Candidate a Factor)

The RJ this morning has the results of a new Mason-Dixon poll.

Lowden beats Reid 52-39% in a head-to-head with Reid and is now up over Tarkanian in the primary 47-29%. (In the primary match-up, Angle got 8% and Chachas got 1%.)

Tarkanian beats Reid 51-40% in a head-to-head.

Both Lowden and Tarkanian win more than 50% of the independent vote, with Reid at 31% against Lowden and 38% against Tarkanian.

The poll shows Reid drawing 36% of voters vs. 32% for a/the GOP candidate and 18% for a/the generic Tea Party candidate.  BUT as I’ve said before, though a/the Tea Party candidate will absolutely drain some support from a Republican candidate, we can’t know how much until we get a better look at the candidate.