14 Vote Republican Stonewall on Deck in Assembly?

Just after the Assembly adjourned after unanimously passing AB-4 and AB-5 ,four Republican Assemblymen said “yes” and nodded in unison when asked if we could expect 14 “no” votes on various (or all) Dem tax/fee proposals.

A member of the conservative caucus referred to the “no new taxes” GOP budget plan put out on Thursday evening and quipped:  “If all the numbers are not going to add up in the end anyway, why vote for any of it?”

On the tail end of all that, the governor emerged from a GOP meeting and reiterated “no new taxes” as he headed over to Buckley’s office.

Also, here’s AD’s morning post on two Republican legislators who are trying to adjust the mining claim fee deal because (they say) jacking fees too high will harm the smaller mines:

With the details of a final budget agreement still in flux, rural lawmakers are working to change the deal to increase mining claim fees.

They contend spiking the fee to $125 from $10 to $15 won’t hurt the big mining corporations, most of whom are represented by the Nevada Mining Association, which agreed to the fee increases. But the increase will burden the smaller mines.

“It’s killing the little guys,” said Assemblyman John Carpenter, R-Elko, said.

Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea, R-Eureka, said large corporations will continue to explore, while the fee hike would hamper smaller exploration efforts.

If that happens: “No more mines,” Carpenter said.

The pair are hoping to convince legislative leaders to impose a tiered fee increase, charging big corporations as much as $300 and reducing the hike for smaller mines.