Gibbons Makes Rare and Unannounced Visit to Legislative Building, Meets with Raggio, Gansert and Goicoechea

Upon hearing that Governor Gibbons — in a rare and unannounced visit to the legislative building — was in the house, the press corps here in quaint Carson City rushed first to Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley’s and then Senate Minority Bill Raggio’s offices to see what was up.  Word was, Gibbons was meeting with Raggio, Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert and Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea.

The press waited.  Bantered.  Waited some more.  For an hour-ish.  (Tick. Tock.)

My speculation, via Twitter, about what was being said while waiting:

Re: Gibbons/Raggio meeting, discussing RTTT? Gov probly prefers not to veto so as not to give anti-edu campaign ammo to Raggio pal Sandoval.

(RTTT = Race to the Top, which passed both the Assembly and Senate late yesterday and which the governor has repeatedly threatened to veto.)

‘Twas assumed by all that some peacemaking was going on in light of Raggio’s outrage about the governor’s recent allegation that he has not been present at many budget discussions and meetings.

Raggio came out of his office after a bit.  Said nothing other than that the discussion was “congenial” and that he “respected” the governor’s effort to reach out.  Looked tired.

We then waited on Gibbons. Quite awhile.

Tweeted this while doing that (regarding the Monday night confrontation at the Reno airport):

Team KLAS waits 4 Gibbons 2 appear. Will sparks fly? Will Gov cry (or lie)? These are the Days of Our Lives… #nvss

(Click that link and watch the raw video if you missed the governor’s latest controversy.  At the end of the video clip, after lying repeatedly to KLAS reporter Jon Humbert about the situation (as was proven later – you can read about it on the KLAS page), Gibbons heatedly tells Humbert, “You are full of sh*t.”  The whole affair is kind of icky, but: makes for good TV.)

Gibbons finally came out of Raggio’s office and said even less (and nothing unexpected).  Said discussions were “cordial.”  And “negotiations are sensitive.” There are “sticking points.”  They are trying to reach agreement within the GOP and then will move to work on same with Dems.  He wants them done by his Sunday “deadline.”

If the governor and GOP leaders can get on the same page…!?…they could thwart the Dems.

Most of the press stopped at the front door, but Nevada News Bureau capital bureau chief, Sean Whaley, followed Gibbons across the street and had a chance to ask a question about taxes and/or fees on mining.  The governor said he is willing to work with mining on alternatives to his rejected tax deduction reduction plan.

“We will be able to deal with it in another fashion,” he said.

Translation:  We’ll take what they give us.

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