Raggio-Gibbons War of Words Heats Up, Senate Minority Leader Reads Statement on Floor

Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio kicked off the morning by reading a floor statement slamming Governor Jim Gibbons.  The remarks are in direct response to statements made by Governor Gibbons to the RGJ and repeated on the blogger conference call moderated by the Nevada News Bureau yesterday morning.  Here’s the statement:

February 24, 2010

I am both puzzled and amazed the governor’s statement which was reported in the RGJJ.com indicating that I did not “show up” at most of the meetings the Governor’s office held concerning the budget process prior to the start of the Special Session.

Either the Governor’s memory is failing or he has been misinformed, or he is intentionally distorting the facts.

Prior to the Session we have had at least 8 meetings between the Governor’s staff and Legislators and our Fiscal Staff.

I personally attended 2 at the Governor’s office when the governor was also present.

I attended another one at the Governor’s office when he was not present.

As to the other 5 held in the Legislative Building with the Governor’s staff and the fiscal and budget personnel, I was present for all of them and the Governor did not personally attend any.

I don’t understand why he wants to pick a fight with me – unless it is for political reasons because I am supporting his primary opponent – but my commitment has been at all times to have the Legislature work together with the Executive branch to reach a consensus, if at all possible, on how to deal with the excessive shortfall of $890 million.

  • JLR

    RINO Raggio needs to go. Maybe term limits are not such a bad thing after all.