Tea Party Imposters?

(This post has been updated multiple times since first published.  Scroll down to see the latest.  Last update at 6:25 p.m. on Tuesday, 2/16/10.)

For those of you unaware, a third party called the Tea Party of Nevada just registered with the SOS.  I’ve been researching and emailing around ever since, and here is what I’ve come up with so far:

I cannot find any evidence that any of these principals have ever been involved in any Tea Party activities, until now.  I’ve emailed a number of Tea Party organizer-activists in the state and so far, nobody has ever heard of any of the principals – except for Barry Levinson because he is a Las Vegas attorney.

Here are some snippets from my research so far:

Barry Levinson was part of the “Bush Lied, People Died” cabal (very strange creds for a Tea Party guy). 

Not really core to the story but one of the principals, Larry Lathum, appears to be a 9/11 Truther.  A number of sane Tea Partiers emailed me to say they are concerned about credibility and perceptions and are not happy to see Levinson’s and Lathum’s names on that principals list.

Also, here are some notes from a conservative blogger (Flopping Aces) who is on this as well, along with some “Freepers” who have been researching the principals.

And from another (Nevada) source:

“The party’s candidate Jon Scott Ashjian has connections with Brittain Ashjian; both are listed on each others LLC’s docs with the state.  (Go to http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/CorpSearch.aspx and do an office search on Ashjian).  A lot of the officers and resident agents for Ashjian are also “officers” for the Party.  This just smells…

The Ashjian’s have listings for over 10 LLC’s including the following names:

Bada-Bling, LLC
W.I.T. Bro, LLC AKA AA Paving.
24/Construction, LLC
Two Amigos, LLC
Cajun Express, LLC
Squidman, LLC
The 1720, LLC
TNT Energy Products, LLC
RNC Properties, LLC

Almost all of the LLC’s have various registered agents or officers with address of 4485 N. RAINBOW, Las Vegas.

I’ll keep researching/digging and will post updates as I have them.

Update (4:02 p.m.):  Attorney Barry Levinson, Secretary for the party, returned my call a few minutes ago but declined to answer any of my questions until the party candidate officially announces “within the next few weeks.”

Also, Jon Ralston included this in his daily Flash a few minutes ago:

HAVING A TEA PARTY: As paranoia runs rampant among Republicans – both that Tea Party candidate Jon Ashjian could siphon votes and that Harry Reid is the Earl Grey of this group – the plain fact is that these folks are relatively unknown (and that is fueling much of the paranoia). I still haven’t been able to contact any of them – yes, it is a holiday – but Ashjian definitely is qualified for the ballot.

The question is what happens next. He will have to declare his candidacy and file when filing opens in two weeks. The Tea Party also could submit a slate of candidates in other races during the filing period and they would have to file, too. But because of the hostile third-party laws the major parties have passed here – and there even is some confusion because the laws are not updated yet on the legislative website – they would have to get 9,000 signatures by May 6 for the slate to qualify. Ashjian qualified himself under another part of the law but any contenders in other races would have to get the slate qualified because that deadline was Feb. 4.

Yes, they have made it confusing and difficult. The secretary of state’s minor party guide is helpful, although a typo or two won’t help assuage the confusion.

The national media is all over the story — even though one local outlet has yet to mention it more than 48 hours after I broke the story Saturday. NBC’s Chuck Todd, on his MSNBC program, “The Daily Rundown,” said what a lot of folks have said, which is even someone with dismal poll numbers such as Reid could survive if Ashjian can draw some votes.

The Nevada News Bureau has been doing some digging and Elizabeth Crum has posted some interesting info. What I find hilarious is that you can distinguish between sane Tea Partiers and these folks, who apparently have angered the “sane” Tea Partiers by daring to actually file documents of organization. My goodness.

Hoping to get a Tea Partier on the program this week….

Since Ralston suggests here that there are no sane Tea Partiers — or, at least, that one cannot much tell the difference — who from the existing Tea Party movement and/or the new Tea Party of Nevada wants to volunteer to go on his show this week?  I guess either to prove him wrong, or right…

Update (5:51 p.m.): A search of the Contractor’s Board website rendered these results re: a complaint and pending hearing & action re: Tea Party of Nevada candidate Jon Ashjian:

License Number: 0038420

Current Date: 02/15/2010 04:36 PM(mm/dd/yyyy)

Business Primary Name: JON SCOTT ASHJIAN DBA

License Monetary Limit: $250,000.00

Fictitious Business Name: A & A ASPHALT PAVING COMPANY

Business Address: 4485 N RAINBOW BLVD,  LAS VEGAS, NV 89108

Phone Number: (702)891-9111

Status: Summary Suspension

Status Date: 02/03/2010 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Origin Date: 11/02/1994 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Expiration Date: 11/30/2010 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Business Type: Individual




Principal Name Relation Description:  ASHJIAN, JON SCOTT Owner Qualified Individual


Bond Type: Surety Bond

Bond Number: FS7782036



Bond Amount: $15,000.00

Effective Date: 09/15/2006 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Cancellation Date: 03/28/2010 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Disciplinary Actions

Date: 12/29/2009 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Discipline Type:

Discipline document:   Pending – Disciplinary action is pending against this licensee in the form of a Disciplinary Hearing.

Number Of Complaints: 1 complaint is associated with this action.

Notice: The pending action alleges the following violations. Upon final adjudication some violations or cases may be found to be without merit.

Violation(s): NRS 624.3013(3) Failure to establish financial responsibility, NRS 624.3016(1) Fraudulent or deceitful act

Action(s): Pending Adjudication.

The information contained on these pages are provided as a courtesy and may not reflect recent changes or updates. Neither the completeness nor accuracy is guaranteed. The Nevada State Contractors Board shall have no liability or responsibility for loss and damages arising from the information provided or retrieved from these pages.

No telling if this is legit or not until the Board makes their final call.  Will keep an eye on it and keep you posted.

As reported by Ralston over the weekend and as shown in that list of LLCs above, there is also a Jon Ashjian listed as the resident agent of TNT Energy Products, LLC.  The address for that entity is the same as for A&A Asphalt Paving Company.  Which is the same as the address for the office of Barry Levinson.  Which doesn’t mean anything, necessarily, except that Levinson’s law office appears to the resident agent for some of Mr. Ashjian’s business entities.

Update (8:32 p.m.): Here’s another blog post by Levinson.  Would seem to put him in good company with Tea Party peeps on a few issues.

Update (11:32 a.m. on 2/16/10): From a RalstonFlash email a few minutes ago, some comments from attorney Barry Levinson, Tea Party of Nevada Secretary:

Tea Party of Nevada spokesman: “It’s real”

Barry Levinson, a well-known Las Vegas attorney, had that response when I contacted him today about the new party that will have a U.S. Senate candidate on the ballot in November. Levinson is the secretary of the Tea Party and said he was drawn to a third way by many of his clients going through bankruptcy, his “fight for the little guy,” as he described it.

Despite insinuations by those close to GOP Senate candidates that the Senate majority leader was somehow involved in erecting this party, Levinson immediately scoffed, “Harry Reid has nothing to do with it.”

Levinson said the party members have agreed not to say much until filing opened. When I asked if Jon Ashjian, the Senate candidate, would actually file, Levinson responded: “I guarantee it.”

Update (6:25 p.m. on 2/16/10): From Ralston’s newsletter this afternoon:

I learned a little bit more today about Jon Ashjian, who will be filing against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Some morsels to chew on:

—I have little doubt that he will file, and he scoffed (via e-mail) at the notion he is a stalking horse for Reid:

“I am not for Harry Reid, I have never been supportive of Harry Reid, My candidacy is real, The Tea Party is real, and we are not going away.”

—Ashjian, who goes by Scott, not Jon, is the second (count ‘em!) Armenian in the race (Danny Tarkanian is the other) and is from a large family of Mormon converts. I also understand he is quite wealthy and has a ton of business dealings, which inevitably will cause some controversy.

—Ashjian and Tea Party spokesman Barry Levinson, as Flashed to you earlier, are waiting for filing to really open up about the effort. But if what I hear is true, and if he decides to spend his own money, this could be a real nightmare for the GOP – and if the Tea Partiers qualify their slate, not just in the Senate race.

For the record, I never said that Ashjian or the Tea Party of Nevada had anything to do with Harry Reid.  I did link to a Flopping Aces blog post that at one point speculated about a possible association — and then trusted you, Dear Readers, to decide what you thought for yourselves.

I’d also like to state that my post headline — “Tea Party Imposters?” — was meant in a half-serious, half-playful way because I had received SO many calls and emails and questions about the new party and its principals.  The “buzz” was significant and people were throwing around the term, so I included it — with a question mark.  Once you have all the facts, you can decide for yourselves what the legitimacy/credibility of this party and its candidates(s) is/are.

Lastly:  This has become a very long blog post so the next time I write about this, it will be in a new post.  Look for it.

  • Reed needs to go

    I think this ashjian guy is a good guy with some good ideas. we need some new blood in the senate and i think this guy could be the answer

  • Ashjian for Prez ’16

    I can see it now 6 years in the Senate to get his base set in DC then making a run for the W.H. with the full support of the TPN and the rest of us disenfranchised voters.

  • Stu

    Great work Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter if Ashjian is a Reid plant or a legitimate Tea Partier, he is still meant to be a disruptor. Interesting to find out what the real story is.

  • Mitch Odom

    Thanks Elizabeth. Great work. Keep us posted if you come up with additional information.

  • James

    Barry Levinson sure doesn’t write very well for a lawyer.

  • Ashjian is a hero!

    Jon Ashjian is the son of John Ashjian Sr. He was the founder of the Juvenile hall in Fresno, CA and was the best probation Officer the County of Fresno has ever seen. Jon is running in honor of his father

  • Ernie

    Un-freakin-believable!! Just what we need. Another self-righteous political group of vigilantes taking votes away so we get stuck with another 6 more years of Reid. Sounds very similar to, oh yeah!! Ross Perot.

    Just for your info Mr. Levinson, you don’t speak for me or my wife, even though we too are going through a bankruptcy. And I could give a crap what Mr. Ashjian’s father founded. I wouldn’t care if he founded “Victoria’s Secret.” (Which by the way my wife and more specifically me are especially enormous fans of.) If Mr. Ashjian feels compelled to run for office, let him start off at the State legislative level like anybody else would. Asking for this Reagan-Conservative registered REPUBLICAN’s vote will never happen for such a meager little position such as….U.S. SENATOR!! Are you guys freakin serious!! I don’t give a damn how much tea Ashjian drinks.

    The Tea Party Movement would have and could have been more powerful as a social movement. Congratulations on joining the ranks of the establishment guys. Or as the famous song goes, “Meet the new boss….Same as the old boss.”

  • ic

    That Tea party lady who is running for Texas governor had her interview with Glen Beck who seemed to support her. Then he asked about 911, and found out she’s a Truther. It was so funny.

  • Dave

    This is highly disturbing, and diabolically clever. I seriously doubt anyone in the real tea party is considering third party runs, especially when Reid was down 20 points or more in the polls to any of the Repub candidates.

    How much advertising dollars would the real TParty have to spend to get to all the voters and make sure they know this isn’t them?

    disruptor is right.

  • SamIam

    DNC affiliated false flag operation. First of many we will see in November to dilute the conservative vote.

  • jgreene

    This is obviously a left wing group attempting to cause dissention and disinformation about the Tea Parties.

    The only solution is for one of America’s Patriots to visit Nevada and eliminate them with extreme prejudice. Bada Bing! These scumbags deserve to be treated very directly and though I would never suggest violent action it wouldn’t surprise me if they bring it upon themselves.

    After all, in the Original American Revolution there were traitors and individuals who deserved to meet a violent end and they did.

  • bill-tb

    Hey who would have thought that Harry and the Chicago mob would run a false flag candidate to re-elect dingy Harry.

  • rrr

    Your suggestion that Levinson’s “Would seem to put him in good company with Tea Party peeps on a few issues” shows that you’ve created a caricature of the Tea Partiers with little regard for what they actually think. All hail you for setting up the straw man.

  • http://www.classicalvalues.com Beck

    The first two comments to this post reek of Sock Puppetry. I bet you could learn some interesting things from their respective IP addresses.

  • Donald E Giannatti

    Well, Dirty Harry’s gotta be sleepin’ better now. Thanks third party idiots. Haven’t learned yet, eh.

    Ross Perot.
    Ross Perot.
    Ross Perot.
    Ross… oh, why the hell bother.

  • http://gripernews.blogspot.com Wisco

    Isn’t ‘sane Tea Partiers’ a contradiction in terms?

  • meester w

    Are the Democrats kidding with this?

    I would have thought that they would be less obvious than this, of course it would be hard to be more obvious.

    The first two comments confirm my opinion that even Harry Reid’s sock-puppets are stupid.

  • http://www.houblog.com ubu roi

    Ross, Ross, Ross. You’re taking the wrong lesson. What did we get just 2 years after Ross? The Contract with America.

    Why? Ross scared the bejabbers out of the GOP.

    What are we getting this time?

    Nada, not a single promise — no Ross, and they’ll pile on Palin (again) if she looks like she might bolt.

  • A mom

    Obviously sock puppets, comments 1, 2, and 6! (“is a hero”!??… LMAO!!

    Yes, follow up on those IPs.

    I’m going to tell everybody I know in NV to not vote for this idiot. I’m sure they won’t; they’re smart enough to know the difference.

  • hoads

    Looks like its all systems go for the Dems plan to sabotage as many Republicans as possible in Nov.

  • Mark Noonan

    What to watch for:

    If they actually put out a candidate, see who donates and compare it to Reid donors past, present and affiliated with. If there’s even a 25% correspondence, then we know we’ve got a false flag which, if not erected by Reid, is in place to help Reid.

    There are two things we have to be careful about: Insane people (like 9/11 “truthers”) and people who are using the TEA Party to advance a non-TEA agenda. The establishment – which does include a portion of the GOP leadership, by the way – is scared to death of the TEA Party. They will do everything they can to derail and discredit it. They are determined to hang on to their wealth and power and are not about to allow a of ill-bred, kuckledragging Bible-clingers (ie, you and me) to take over.

  • Yat

    If Levinson is involved in anyway, be suspicious!

  • Durk Pearson

    Thank you very much for your research. I look forward to learning more.

  • Jenny

    James, Barry Levinson is no kind of lawyer.

  • alley-oop

    Dear Comments from ic, No. 8 — Wish you had heard KLIF.com on radio tonight. They played back an old audio by Glenn Beck in which he basically said about the same thing that Medina said. He implied that no one knows for sure whether 9/11 was insider planned. He also said, stand up and question your leaders. Speak up, America, as he says repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Glenn Beck. In fact have tickets to his live show in Tyler, TX on Apr. 24th. Just thought you would like to know what I heard.

  • NoMoreGrapeKoolAid

    Don’t fall for this…expect lots of these phonies to pop up with Democratic fingerprints all over them…..

    Your going down Harry and all the sock puppets in the world will not help you!

  • Ace Tomato

    I’m a Tea Party girl and I really have no use for an organized Tea Party candidate. There are common issues for everyone who went to the Tea Parties, but there are plenty of other issues where we have no common ground. The zeitgeist is anger about a bloated federal government trying to spend its way out of debt. We don’t need a party or to be organized. Organize what? The point is to check the governmen.

  • Ron

    It should probably be a policy among Tea Partiers that they do not vote for new “registered Tea Party” candidates. Dem , GOP or Independent is a sufficient number of ways for a candidate to register. Dems lie.

  • Heidi

    Wonder where Geo Soros is in all of this.. This is what OReilly was going on and on about yesterday on his show, the looney’s of the tea party…

  • SA

    Who is the Republican? It can’t be anyone very exciting or all the talk wouldn’t be about this guy.

    Republicans should be able to just win because they are Republicans. They need to stand for something!

    If this guy is an immigrant maybe he is still figuring out the system. Bring people together don’t knee jerk oppose people.

    Reid is not returning to the Senate… but the election is months away. A challenge to the Republican status quo is not a bad thing.

    Let the Republican candidate stand up and tell us what TEA party values they will stand for in the senate.

    Nevada is not going to send Reid back. No way. So it is really a fight on the right and the message needs honed and we need to know who is honest and who is pretending. You only find that out with a challenge.

  • SA

    I meant Republicans should NOT win just because they are Republicans.

  • SA

    alley-oop says:
    February 16, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    Send it to Beck let’s see if he has an answer. I like Beck too. But NO DOUBLE STANDARD! That has got to be the mantra of America from now on. Everyone is held to the same degree of scrutiny! Letting doubts pass is how we got Obama.

  • http://jkskiba@aol.com frank skiba

    The people behind this ploy to save Harry Reid must believe conservatives are as dumb as democrats. It won’t work. It is more likely to pull some dumb voters from Harry Reid.

  • Chisten

    This “Tea Party Candidate” is a spoiler. Plain and simple. Might I suggest that a true tea party protest be held on this clowns doorstep? I’m predicting that the “Tea Party Candidate” will talk a good line, but not have the history to back it up. This “Tea Party Candidate” will be so full of it, his eyes will be brown!

  • http://changingwind.org Toddy Littman

    Sounds like we have a glimpse at the next Progressive tactic to do all they can to force us to organize, force us to be a party so the drive by lamestream media has a target.

    You all realize that this completely admits they are more scared of the American people than ever before.

    Just a few suggestions….

    Progressives push on in the midst of this kind of thing, bullying to achieve their gain in every instance. However I think that is our opportunity here. Protesting his Ashjian and his lawyers office, along with the Secretary of State’s office to get this looked into ASAP, sounds good as the people in Nevada deserve to know the truth.

    One more thing, let’s get off the worry about 9/11 Truthers too, I am seeing that particular question showing up at various sites. One was citing information from Prison Planet, the ultimate in 9/11 truther squad rhetoric.

    It appears a variety of organized tactics is being employed against us by those who want to find a way to break our bond of “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honour.”

    For love of country, may we all succeed to take America back!

  • Rambling Rick

    The Tea Partiers and sincere Tea Party supporters are not looking to be a third political party. Instead the Tea Partiers are looking to promugating consitutional conservatism’s principles and directing existing parties to return to the original republic’s constitutional principles.

  • http://toptenartbytammy.intuitwebsites.com Evilcan’toverpowertruth

    Throw all the bums out! Meaning all the incumbants on both sides. Why? Because they are tainted. THEY ALL BELIEVE IN PORK FOR THEIR SIDE, THEY BELIEVE IN BILLS THAT ARE MASSIVE TO HIDE THEIR EAR MARKS(PORK) They believe we CAN SPEND OUR WAY OUT OF ALL PROBLEMS.
    We don’t believe in ANY of them.
    We need new people who aren’t career politicans…think of what it would do to the special interest groups when they have to influence new people each year and find they can’t BUY everyone….WE THE PEOPLE will clean up congress on both side….VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  • http://www.teaparty.com Diane Winkler

    Replying to Christen:
    You are right. Someone in NV needs to get on this and ask him to take a test on a lie detector. Of course that is not going to happen, but the main thing is warn your fellow tea party members in NV of third party candidates and what they can do to our cause. I wished I lived in NV and could get involved with confronting this guy and do some research on him.

    One thing TP can do is work with GOP to get the RIGHT candidate in. I am involved in my state and our county chairs do not usually endorse a candidate if there are more than one in a primary.

    If any TP person stays involved with the DEMO, they need to realize all Demos are LIBERAL! The core of their principles cannot align with what we want. One clue is their Santa complex.

    One thing for sure, our foes are the leaders of the Chicago Political Machine, so don’t put anything past them.

  • Reggie, NV

    Diane, you really don’t want to live in NV but we would welcome you with open arms! A liar with no conscience can pass a lie detector test but we can read between the lines and judge one by their associates. Momma always said “Birds of a feather…”).

    The left really thinks we are stupid which is fine with me. 1st rule: Know your enemy. We will do our research about this guy and those like him and they will be exposed for what they truly are.

  • cj

    A simple recipe to beat the liberal socialist democra-tics (LSDs) at their own game — all “Tea Partiers” and conservatives should register and vote in their primaries. The “cross over” voters should vote for the most conservative Democratic candidate in the primary, and for whomever is most conservative in the general election, i.e. Rep or Dem. If we do this nation wide, we could move the congress more conservative in one election, while driving the lame stream media and the LSDs NUTS because their polls will be tainted and they know it.

  • http://sjironworks@gmail.com Payback


  • Wayne White

    I’m surprised the American People are so scared of a “third party”. I voted for Ross Perot, he was a political idiot but a honest, level headed American. If you check history, you will find there have been all kind of “runs” to get a third party started. For some reason, probably because the plurality are like cattle following the lead cow, it always gets back down to democrat or republican. Folks, it’s like the criminal defense and the prosecution lawyers, they act like they would kill each other in court, at lunch, they slap each other on the back and talk about their golf games. They are professionals, actors in the stage of life. My problem with the current parties are they are both progressive, socialist on the way to communist. Dummie down everyone, make society better. I for one, would love to see the democrats or republicans beat out of existence. Then we could work on the surviving party and work on getting rid of their sorry ass too. America is worth fighting for, I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States but not to the idiots currently running it.


    Yeah, this is an obvious front for the Dem’s. Anyone reading this site will be aware of this, however I fear that our impact may be similar to the impact of man made CO2 on the climate.. NONE.

    Get out and spread the word…

  • Hawk Eye

    The bells, whistles and red flags went up when they would not discuss their platform until they filed.

    I also agree that someone who is genuinely interested in running for office should have some experience with politics (outside of a courtroom) to strengthen their record, as well as let the people know where they stand on the issues.

    A candidate who sincerely wants reid out of office would be biting at the bit, and get their agenda out there, instead of secret meetings behind closed doors. Oh my! where have I heard that one before! LOL

    You would think, someone with a law degree would at least know that much.

    While i wont commit to saying these guys are being subversive, there’s too many bells and whistles going off to give them any credibility.

    I look forward to hearing more about the ip addresses tho lol! IS there a “rainbow” address in Vegas? LOL And is there a company called bada bing? ROFL Sorry, that reminds me too much of Acorn registering Mickey Mouse as a legitimate voter.

    As I said when I called NYC about giving Zazi’s father a 50,000 bail and letting him return to Colorado, “Have you cut the lock off of the Insane Asylum and let all the lunatics out, too?”

  • Hmmm?

    A Legit 3rd party would be great in Nevada.

    But, Scott Ashjian from A & A Asphalt??

    He’s notorious (with a capital “N”) on the local construction circuit for writing bad checks and not paying his subs.

    I’ve heard its so bad, that his people don’t even answer the phone at A & A.

    It’s a leave a message business and maybe they’ll call you back.Depending if they owe you money or not! (lol) Ive heard companies like envision concrete, and Las Vegas Paving are on his long list of subs that have ben screwed over by him and his company??

    Not sure how much truth there is to the rumors,(And I hope theres no truth to it all.) but if there is…he’s just going to make his party look silly.

  • Don

    Maybe this Ashjian is real, but I doubt it. Tons of debts to Nevada that could be made to vanish, at a price. So far he is stateing typical “tea partyish” views, if there is anything even typical, and I agree with many of those views. But anyone who reads can see that such a candidate would make the incumbent’s win almost a no-brainer. To me, it stinks.

  • Robert

    Good or bad, Jon Scott Ashjian needs to get OUT of the race. We need to unseat Reid first and foremost.

    Change takes time, and a new party cannot make a run on major political seats this quickly. Tea party candidates need to run for lower offices first. Get some state level positions, and prove themselves.

    This country cannot afford to have extra candidates running for senate/house seats right now.

    The democrats have abandoned most of their base principles and have taken on a marxist socialist agenda.

    The republicans are not much better, but they are the only party that can successfully run and get enough votes right now.

    Little steps… get the damn democrats out first, then make damn good and sure the republicans know that they had better take this chance to reform their party back to conservative ideals. Tea party candidates need to get into lower levels of government, close to the people, and start making a difference.

    There could be a place for the tea party, and they can get to the senate and house in time.

    Maybe a good place to focus some effort would be in forming a sort of conservative cooperative (dont want to use the word union). The blue dog dems claim conservative values, republicans claim conservatism. Tea party is conservative. The cooperation of these 3 groups could have a major impact, and get this country back to the constitution.

  • Jack

    Sorry but in doing some very basic research with those surrounding this fraud, i find numerous ties to labor unions. That would explain where his backing is coming from. He needs to remove himself from the race. If he doesn’t he will be a spoiler for Reid.

  • Peter

    Seems like a lot of Republicans are scared of the Tea Party people actually turning talk into action, and are trying to co-opt them by saying Tea-Party candidates are Democrats. Is that what happened in New York or in MA? Besides, do we really want republicans in power too? The vast majority of our current deficit get run up during 10 years of republican power in congress and the bank bailout was done by Bush!