Senate Candidate Launches Issues Campaign, Calls On Legislators To Weigh In

RENO — State senate candidate Todd “Taxpayer” Bailey has introduced an issues campaign called the “The Top 10 In 2010″ in Nevada, launching a new website that explains the agenda and lists candidates who support some or all of the platforms.

“”The Top 10 In 2010″ is an agenda that will make Nevada stronger, right now.  It is something every taxpaying voter can appreciate, even if they do not agree with every single position. In 2010, it’s important to understand where every candidate for every public office stands on the issues that effect all of us,” said Bailey.

“All candidates, regardless of political party, are welcome to endorse all or part of “The Top 10 In 2010.”  It’s about common sense, not party politics. It’s about taking positions that voters can understand and rely on,” he said.

Included in Bailey’s “Top 10″ is a call to end the payroll tax in Nevada.

“In a recent interview with Jon Ralston, even gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid called for an end to the payroll tax.  He said it’s a “bad idea,” and I agree,” said Bailey.

“Getting an opinion on this and other key issues from every legislator and candidate is important,” he said.

Other issues in Bailey’s “Top 10″ include making the SAGE Commission permanent and granting it greater authority, STAR bond equalization reform and constitutional ethics reform centered on applying open meeting laws to the state legislature.

“I will be traveling the state of Nevada for the next 12 months speaking on behalf of those candidates who are ready to tell the voters what they intend to do when elected, and who are ready to put it in writing. Candidates must have a plan they are willing to discuss that goes beyond the usual political slogans,” Bailey said.

A resident of Washoe County and South Reno for over 40 years, Todd “Taxpayer” Bailey is a candidate for Nevada Senate District 4.  He claims he is running Nevada’s most efficient political campaign with contributions of $25 or less.

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