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Halseth Announces Run for Assembly 13

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 11:33 am September 29th, 2009

Republican Elizabeth Halseth announced today as a candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 13 in Las Vegas. The seat is currently held by GOP Assemblyman Chad Christensen, who has told people he will be running for the Nevada State Senate seat in District 9 next year against fellow Republican and incumbent Sen. Dennis Nolan.

Halseth’s top issues, according to her website (, are education, taxes and spending, economic growth, public safety and health care.

“Everyday we see the failures of the liberal Democrat’s tax and spend policies,” Halseth said in a press release announcing her candidacy. “I have decided to run for this seat because I want to restore Nevada to a government that applies traditional common sense approaches to the issues we face as a state; a government that gets out of the way of hard working Nevadans and allows them to achieve their dreams.”

Halseth is a mother of three and finishing up her college degree in adult and family studies. She plans a campaign kick-off this Saturday at 10:00 am at Exploration Park in Las Vegas.

Heck Mulls Jump Into CD 3 Race

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 4:53 pm September 28th, 2009

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Joe Heck says he is “seriously considering” leaving the governor’s race and entering the race for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nevada).

Heck attended a meeting in Las Vegas today called by former Republican CD 3 candidate John Guedry – who withdrew from the race for family reasons last Friday – and a number of Republican Party leaders who told Heck that his experience and expertise on health care and military issues would make him a formidable candidate for Congress against Titus, a former university professor.

The former state senator told those at the meeting that he has become increasingly concerned with the direction the Obama administration has taken over the last six months, especially on health care issues and the war in Afghanistan, and promised to seriously consider the suggestion that he switch gears and take up the congressional race.

Heck said he would discuss the matter with his family and announce a decision soon, perhaps as early as the end of this week.

Gustavson Eyes Senate Seat

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 3:59 pm September 26th, 2009

Five-term Assemblyman Don Gustavson has announced that he will seek the Nevada State Senate seat in District 2 overseeing portions of Lyon, Storey, and Washoe Counties. The seat is being vacated by Republican Senator Maurice Washington due to term limits. Gustavson, a Republican, currently represents Assembly District 32.

Gustavson is well known as a fighter for lower taxes and smaller government. During the 2003 legislative session, Gustavson helped lead the fight to defeat the Gross Receipts Tax and the creation of a Nevada-style IRS.

“If we want to stimulate Nevada’s economy we must start by lowering the taxes on existing businesses, thereby allowing them to hire more employees and provide better benefits,” Gustavson said in a written statement announcing his candidacy. “Creating a friendlier tax environment would also encourage other businesses and home-buyers to want to come to Nevada.”

As a state senator, Gustavson says one of his top priorities will be to protect taxpayers from overbearing and wasteful government programs by passing into law a Tax & Spending Control law during the 2011 legislative session. Such a bill would limit government spending to population growth plus inflation.

The veteran assemblyman also said legislators need to get serious about illegal immigration.

“Nevada’s state, county and city governments are finding it difficult to sustain their budgets, and hospitals are struggling to stay open,” Gustavson wrote. “One solution to help resolve this circumstance is to create legislation that would remove all non-emergency benefits to those persons who are in our state illegally.”

Gustavson is a retired truck driver who has resided in Nevada for over 40 years. He has three children and eight grandchildren, including a granddaughter who is presently serving on the USS Ronald Reagan.

McNaught Announces State Senate Candidacy

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 1:08 pm September 26th, 2009

Republican businessman Patrick McNaught has announced his candidacy for Nevada State Senate District 12 in Clark County. The seat is currently vacant due to the resignation of GOP Sen. Warren Hardy shortly after the 2009 legislative session.

“I plan on offering voters a real choice between the status-quo of supporting nearly every spending budget, every tax increase and with little effort to reform our broken education system and other important essential programs,” McNaught said in a written statement.

“Like so many other District 12 voters, I’ve sat back long enough, wondering if Carson City will change its ways, only to come to the conclusion that it is impossible if we have keep sending the same people there to run our government.”

According to his press release, McNaught moved to southern Nevada after graduating from high school in Cedar City, Utah. He attended UNLV and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Advertising. He later obtained a license from the Arizona real estate division and worked with Victoria Properties, a property management company specializing in commercial real estate and management.

McNaught moved back to Las Vegas in 1995 and opened a small residential real estate firm with his wife. In 1997, he co-founded Greystone Financial Group, a local mortgage bank. In 2002, he pursued a career in commercial real estate and joined Colliers in Las Vegas. There, he specialized in the sale of land and acquisitions for development.

Today, Patrick and Christine live in Henderson, Nevada, with their two children, Jace and Kai.

Ellis Announces Run for Assembly

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 12:38 pm September 26th, 2009

Republican Tibi Ellis, a healthcare professional who immigrated to the United States from Venezuela as a young teenager, has announced her candidacy for Nevada State Assembly District 5 in Las Vegas. The seat is currently held by Democrat Assemblywoman Marilyn Dondero-Loop.

“I’ve grown increasingly frustrated and alarmed at politicians putting more and more of the financial burden on Nevada’s families and small businesses” said Ellis in a written statement. “Raising taxes on those that create jobs is no way to fix an economic downturn. Billion dollar tax increases are not going to bring jobs back to Nevada.”

Ellis currently operates her own home care company which assists the elderly, disabled and infirm with care in their own homes. In addition, Ellis is currently chairman of the Nevada Republican National Hispanic Assembly, immediate past chair of Latinas in Politics, and is a member of the Latin Chamber of Commerce.

She and her husband have lived in Nevada for nearly 10 years, is a mother of five and a grandmother of two.

Heck to Sign Tax Pledge

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 6:29 pm September 16th, 2009
Republican gubernatorial candidate Joe Heck will sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) at a private event on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Las Vegas.

Karri Bragg, Executive Vice President of Citizen Outreach and former ATR staffer, will serve as an official witness of the signing ceremony.

Heck will join Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons in pledging to the voters of Nevada to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

The decision to sign the Tax Pledge comes less than 48 hours after fellow Republican Brian Sandoval entered the gubernatorial race and declared that he would not sign the Pledge.

The fourth Republican in the GOP primary race, former Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon, has not signed the Tax Pledge.

Amodei to Announce Senate Run

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 9:48 pm September 6th, 2009

Sources report that Nevada state Sen. Mark Amodei, Carson City Republican, will announce his decision to enter the GOP primary for Democrat U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s seat on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

Amodei is scheduled to make his announcement at 9:30 am at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, and again at 3:00 pm at the Airport Plaza Hotel in Reno.